Wayan et moi prenons la pose, au palier, après la rencontre avec le mola-mola à Crystal Bay. (Nusa Penida, Bali, juillet 2008)
Eh yes ! I am a little lucky. I saw a mola-mola today at Crystal Bay again. One time is not customary this morning: excellent visibility and little current, both for this beautiful first dive, and for the second, Toyah Pakeh Bay.
Le mont Agung vu depuis le large. (Amed, Bali, Indonésie, juillet 2008.)
My stay in Amed, in north-east Bali, ends (sigh). I like this place !!! Here are two souvenir images: a sunset over the Agung volcano and a toad fish photographed in Tulamben.
Un hippocampe pygmée jaune, gros comme l'ongle de mon petit doigt. (Bunaken, Nord-Sulawesi, Indonésie, juillet 2007.)
Already my last day in Bunaken! I'm a little sad at the idea of leaving tomorrow ... I'm already starting to take my little habits here. To do with mosquitoes (nyamouk), the fresh and salty shower of mandi, grilled fish-rice of the evening, the fabulous lunch buffet at Froggies, the inexhaustible kindness of the locals.