Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.
Gaterins at the Otdima site. Raja Ampat, Indonesia, July 2012.

Unforgettable dives in Otdima

  Indonesia: Alor + Raja Ampat - July 2012

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Otdima is a beautiful dive site, teeming with life, swept by a current of madness. One of my favorites in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

The Strait of Dampier

Indonesia, July 2012. I am from return to Raja Ampat, in West Papua. I have only one desire, go back to explore the extraordinary underwater world I discovered during my first stay here, in March 2012.

Among my favorite dive sites: Otdima. It is a high coral bottom, in the middle of the Strait of Dampier.

There is always a current of madness on this site. Better to be accompanied by a guide who knows the area, to get into the water at the right place and do not miss the spot that all the underwater photographers love, here: the sweet potato.

We see it well on the photos that I succeed as best as possible by approaching: the fish, the particles, my bubbles ... all that flies in all directions, carried away by this permanent burst of "wind" underwater.

The bench of gaterini

There are no more photogenic than the gaterini, with their livery bright yellow and their taste for the life in group. They gather in a tight bench facing the current.

To shoot them is a real challenge. The current keeps pushing me towards them. Tucked behind a small pile of coral on the sand, I cling as I can with one hand to my stick, that iron rod that I always have with me, and that I plant in the dead sand or coral, when I need a support. With the other hand, I try to maintain the large box of my 7D.

Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.
My favorite photo of the girls in Otdima! (Raja Ampat, Indonesia, July 2012.)

Sometimes, the current throws me straight into the bench, causing the fish to flee in all directions.

I then have to work hard to get back to where I was, in front of the coral potato. The girls, they are not moved by my sudden flight. They immediately reform the bench, and resume the pose.

Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Gaterins. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Drift diving

After a while, you have to resign yourself to leaving the gaterini and their coral potato, to explore the rest of the site ...

Let's go for a long and crazy drift!

Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.We run at full speed, in the middle of schools of small fish that wriggle cheerfully in the current.

Fortunately, we are a small team - only three divers. We make sure we do not lose sight of each other and stay close to each other, in the current that carries us away.

Huge tables of coral pass under our palms. Here and there, other potatoes greet gorgonians, crinoids and thousands of glass fish.

The profusion of fish always amazes me so much. Otdima is really splendid and belongs to these sites, in Raja Ampat, where we do not know where to turn, so there is life everywhere. It's just spectacular, amazing. I widen my eyes behind my mask, subjugated.


No really, even the sites of Alor, very beautiful, where I dived a few days earlier, during this new journey in Indonesia, do not support the comparison. Raja Ampat outclasses, by its richness, its diversity, all the dive sites that I know, in Asia or elsewhere ... It is even better than Komodo, better than Sipadan.

Poisson de verre. Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

To admire the show, and not drift too far, we agree a few stops. It also allows me to do some pictures.

A sign from one of us is enough. Each one then takes out his hook and binds himself to a piece of dead coral. We float like little flags hanging on our ropes.

Otdima, Raja Ampat. Indonésie, juillet 2012.

Otdima ... unforgettable!


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