Manta ray. Komodo, Indonesia. July 2011.

Manta rays of Komodo

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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The deeper I dive, the better! I've never seen as many manta rays as I did last year. The proof, with this new video, brought back from Komodo National Park (Indonesia), where I was in July 2011.

A dose of mantas against the cold

You remember my princess boat ? And the Manta Ray Who Cuckoo ? Are you tired of the cold and the snow?

Come on, I'll take you back to Indonesia, in 27 ° C water, in the heart of Komodo National Park. Over there, mantas rays whirl gracefully and forget everything ...

Here are pictures brought back from Karang Makassar's website:



  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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    1. Oui, c’est ce qui me fascine le plus avec les raies mantas. Cette nage qui ressemble au vol d’un oiseau… Leurs mouvements paraissent lents, mais en réalité, chaque « battement d’aile » est très puissant et les propulse vraiment rapidement. Impossible de les suivre en palmant. 🙄

    1. Not at all. This is the site of Karang Makassar, a true expressway to Mantas ... We were lucky, I must say. For an hour, they kept going back and forth.

      Manta rays are totally harmless, they have no poisonous sting, they do not sting. Unlike their little cousins the "sting-rays" or "stingrays", which burrow in the sand and can inflict bites that hurt a lot. I had also made the painful experience in the archipelago of Derawan, near Borneo, in 2009 (after, just, a swim with manta rays). I tell that at the end of this post:

    1. Oui, c’est fantastique, magique, incroyable… Je n’en reviens toujours pas d’avoir eu la chance d’avoir été là, au bon moment !!! 🙂

    1. Brrrr ... Delighted to have managed to thwart a little the tumble of the thermometer of the East with my mantas !!!

  1. Sigh, sigh .. We also compensate for the lack of sun, heat and travel by watching videos and continuing (tirelessly) to sort and classify photos (mantas among others). Addicted? do not see ...

    1. I was really lucky then. I was able to see it twice during this dive cruise in Komodo, on two different sites. But the most spectacular was Karang Makassar, where I shot the footage of this video.

  2. Chez les autres, je ne sais pas, mais moi, j’ai quelques petits problèmes de connexion avec le système Viméo….Regarder la vidéo nécessite un petit peu plus de temps et de patience, et l’impression de reposante lenteur indolente que donne ce ballet de mantas est perturbée par ces interruptions de son et d’image. 🙁
    Néanmoins, c’est très beau, j’aime beaucoup! 😉

    1. The Vimeo server is not the fastest, and if you have an internet connection is a little slow, the video can be slow to load. In this case, you have to press the pause button, then wait for the gray charging bar to come to the end, and then only restart the playback by pressing the "play" button again.

    2. J’ai suivi le conseil; barre très longue à charger, et au bout du bout, rien! Autant regarder la vidéo fractionnée! 😆

  3. Okay your video is just great and leaves me dreamy. I also stumbled on your blog looking for dives on Koh Lipe. So you answer my question. Of course, after Sulawesi, komodo and many others, it's going to be difficult to compete but do you know if Bulon Lae has some nice dives? With what do you make your videos?
    Merci encore pour ce formidable blog anti stress !!! 🙄

    1. I believe that Koh Bulon itself is worth it, but for the dive sites nearby, I do not know at all, I admit ...

      I realize my videos, since 2010, with my SLR, the Canon Eos 7D. Je progresse, peu à peu… 😉

      I promised, for ages, to take a little report of my impressions of the 7D, but I still have not done anything ... Anyway, I love it! If in addition it plays the anti-stress, it's perfect!

  4. Since you're going back to Bali soon, it makes me think that on Ceningan Island, there is a super spot full of manta rays near Jumping Rock. I did not have the chance to dive but seeing a line at 20m height is still quite magical!

  5. I dedicate this magnificent piece of paradise that you offer us to my brother, who left too early. The word is superfluous ...
    The vibrations are magical, do not stop, thank you.