Excursion to Sangalaki

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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A new little film for lovers of manta rays ... I finally got down to editing my videos, brought back from Sangalaki ! This small Indonesian island, located off the coast of Borneo, is part of the Derawan archipelago, where I stayed for about ten days last July.

Video: Sangalaki's manta rays

Mantas are easy to observe and almost guaranteed in Sangalaki! Both on the surface with fins and mask, and underwater when diving.

They are the big attraction of the area, with the turtles of Derawan and non-irritating jellyfish from Kakaban.

Excursion to Sangalaki

Well, obviously, Sangalaki is a bit of a world away. To have the chance to observe these wonders, it is better to have time in front of you ...

The easiest way is to stay on the neighboring island of Derawan, as I did (there are a lot of guesthouses at a cheap price in the village), and organize a day trip to Sangalaki, renting a boat.

Sangalaki seen from the sea. (Borneo, Indonesia)

Map of Sangalaki (Borneo, Indonesia, July 2009).

There was a very chic and expensive resort before, on Sangalaki itself, but it is closed and abandoned.

On the island, there are nothing but dragons hiding in the bushes, and some guards, who take your name in their register when you disembark to picnic, between two plouffs. They live in a building at the back of the resort and look after a small WWF turtle conservation center. as in Derawan.

Sangalaki maps

To locate Sangalaki, some maps below. Starting with a Google Map for a global view:

Display Sangalaki on a larger map

The location of islands and dive sites, found on LombokMarine.com (attention, on this site, the information concerning the accommodations are not up to date, in particular on the resort of Sangalaki, now closed):

The archipelago of Derawan. Source: Lombokmarine.com

And this one, very precise, for the different islands of the archipelago, borrowed from the excellent site Starfish.ch :

The archipelago of Derawan. Source: Starfish.ch

Sangalaki on Small Bubbles Elsewhere

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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009