Excursion to Sangalaki

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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

A new little film for lovers of manta rays ... I finally got down to editing my videos, brought back from Sangalaki! This small Indonesian island, located off Borneo, is part of the archipelago of Derawan, where I stayed for ten days last July.

Video: Sangalaki mantas rays

Mantas are easy to observe and almost guaranteed to Sangalaki! Both on the surface with fins-mask-snorkel, and underwater diving.

They are the big attraction of the area, with the turtles of Derawan and non-irritating jellyfish from Kakaban.

Excursion to Sangalaki

Well, obviously, Sangalaki is a bit of a world away. To have the chance to observe these wonders, it is better to have time in front of you ...

The easiest way is to stay on the neighboring island of Derawan, as I did (there are a lot of guesthouses at a cheap price in the village), and organize a day trip to Sangalaki, renting a boat.

Sangalaki seen from the sea. (Borneo, Indonesia)

Map of Sangalaki (Borneo, Indonesia, July 2009).

There was a very chic and expensive resort before, on Sangalaki itself, but it is closed and abandoned.

On the island, there are nothing but dragons hiding in the bushes, and some guards, who take your name in their register when you disembark to picnic, between two plouffs. They live in a building at the back of the resort and look after a small WWF turtle conservation center. as in Derawan.

Sangalaki maps

To locate Sangalaki, some maps below. Starting with a Google Map for a global view:

Display Sangalaki on a larger map

The location of islands and dive sites, found on LombokMarine.com (attention, on this site, the information concerning the accommodations are not up to date, in particular on the resort of Sangalaki, now closed):

The archipelago of Derawan. Source: Lombokmarine.com

And this one, very precise, for the different islands of the archipelago, borrowed from the excellent site Starfish.ch :

The archipelago of Derawan. Source: Starfish.ch

Sangalaki on Small Bubbles Elsewhere

Finally, on this blog, the different posts where I already talked about Sangalaki:
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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

  1. @Guilhem: The beginning of the video is the PMT images. Then, these are sub images. The black line, we crossed it in diving, so. A little too far, alas ... She was huge! 😮
    I tried to palmer thoroughly to get closer, but you think it was downright faster than me ... 😡

  2. Hi Corinne,

    Here is another beautiful video, what talent ... ❗

    Thank you for this moment of contemplation 🙄
    It's good, once again you won, I want to see Mantas in real life now.

    Really cool your video, thanks again 😉

    See you soon Corinne, 8)

  3. Sawadee krap Corinne,
    What beautiful relaxing images, moments of serenity.
    Always a pleasure to visit your place of expression

  4. Ahh yes it's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and stories that go with it. I do not get tired of visiting your site. Quick question: did you make the mantas video with your canon powershot A95 camera? Do you use a filter?
    Good bubbles ...

  5. @Audrey: Delighted that my underwater wonders have an antistress effect! What is more soothing than the "flight" of mantas ... To see and see again without moderation!

    @Alain: In addition, when we saw mantas once, we have only one desire: to see again! This little video is just a preview. I sincerely wish you the opportunity, one day, to admire these gracious giants "in real" ...

    @ Voyageurasie / Obeo: Sawatdi kaaaah! "Serenity", yes, it is a word that sticks well with the spectacle of mantas. It is also a pleasure for me to share these underwater emotions.

    @ Helen from Mauritius: I will come back to talk about Derawan Island itself in a future post ... I love the islands too. I wanted to discover this small archipelago at a time for diving, knowing that there were exceptional things to admire (turtles in Derawan, mantas in Sangalaki, jellyfish in Kakaban), but also because these islands are little known, off the beaten track. The few stories of travelers that I could read on this subject had me mouth watering ... In general, I like to combine diving with discoveries "terrestrial".

    @Chianti: Yes, I still shoot my underwater videos with my little Powershot A95 ... I do not use an orange filter, so the images are very blue. I should try to tinker a filter, to see. But I risk losing a lot in brightness. When I have the budget, I will equip myself better ... In the meantime, I am very happy to succeed anyway to share my underwater discoveries. Thank you for your note, I hope you continue to browse my little bubbles with the same pleasure over the next posts!

  6. I confirm, a manta it goes very very fast!

    incidentally, I often see people asking questions about the material used. Personally, for the video of manta of the other topik, I used a Sanyo HD2000 with a box "Era" and without any filter. The color band is automatic. The box is 250 € on the internet looking for good. The rendering is not too bad for something "quick".
    The caisson has a positive buoyancy, so we walk the camera at the end of a rope and two carabiners like a small helium balloon at the carnival 😀

  7. @Guilhem: 😉
    @Alimata: Well, the mantas are completely overrated, you know ... 😆
    Otherwise, the white balance under water, I do not like too much ... as soon as you change depth or the light conditions change, it gives funny results with zarbis colors ... I do not think we can make white balance for video mode on the A95. I will recheck ...

  8. After the world festival of underwater image, it makes me a good transition. The turn of the fish followed by the duck (the first seconds) is a graceful and hydrodynamic sequence!

  9. These are beautiful pictures that remind me of my dives in the Malaysian islands ... the mantas in less ... what luck!

    Do not forget to find the latest Water Researchers these days ... your slug is superb! And I checked personally ... there's no fault in your name! 😆

    marco lepoulpe: : Mrgreen: well what are you doing here !!! you desert my blog ??? ah ah ah

    Corinne ... I present you my "often" binomial and "master" dive ... he loves slugs too !!! 😆

  10. @marco lepoulpe: Yes, I placed it at the very beginning expressly, this volte graceful ... Ravie that you liked it!

    @Anthony: This blog is well attended, what I see ... 🙄
    Otherwise, it annoys me, I can not find "researchers of water" in Rennes. I will have to wait for the PDF digital version ...

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