Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranches and quirks in Maumere

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  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

I take you back to the east of Flores, Indonesia, for a special "nudibranch" sequence. In the bay of Maumerethese small sea slugs abound. I discovered species that I had never met before!

The classics

For starters, a small series of relatively common nudibranchs in the Asia Pacific area. I do not know them all by their small scientific name (I would have to take the time to look in the books of identification), but I have great pleasure to draw the portrait under water.

Here is a first bouquet, colorful, bristly or pustular, depending on the species.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Small rarities

I also had the opportunity to meet rare slugs. Not new, but they are rarities, compared to those above.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Unpublished and unknown

Finally, the height of excitement, for amateur macro divers, like me: to fall on an unknown nudibranch! Unprecedented, never seen, as far as I'm concerned. If some of you have already met these creatures and even know their name, do not hesitate to let me know.

There is this one, which, although rather big and fleshy, in the 4-5 cm long, is rather difficult to locate on the gray-brown sand, of which it is hardly detached:

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

The small pink and pale green thing with spots, below, should be less than 5 millimeters long. I had a hard time achieving a vaguely drinkable photo, where we can distinguish something:

Nudibranch. Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Finally, the thing below. Maybe 4-5 centimeters, too. A small gelatinous and translucent heap, armed with two whips bristling with filaments on the back, which seem to serve him to move (and probably to feed?). The dark red lines of the dress can only be seen in the light of the flash. My guide explained that it was not a nudibranch, it was more like a "jelly fish", a jellyfish, so ... Sacred oddness of nature, anyway. I put you two pictures that you can better appreciate the beast ...

But what is it ? Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

But what is it ? Maumere Bay, Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.


  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. 💡 and one, finally, I think 😕 The pink and green I would say the psychadelic slug & #8211; Sagaminopteron psychedelicum.
    Last, I would say a discodoris maybe Discodoris boholiensis?
    The translucent, there is the Melibe japonica, but what makes us doubt is the size of the beast! 😯
    The 1st, I think that given the shape, we must look in the dories ...

    Does anyone have an opinion on the subject? 🙄

  2. @Laurence: Wow, you're too strong !!!
    Yes, for the pink and green, that's it, no doubt:

    For the last, no, it's not a discodoris (I've already seen). By the way, it's not a nudibranch, I think, this thing.

    As for Melibe Japonica, I doubt ... I do not feel that it is that.

    A thousand thanks, anyway !!!!

  3. Hello,

    For the translucent: Melibe viridis
    For the last: flatworm? There is nothing (rhinophores or gills) to tell us that it is a nudibanche.

    For the other two: no info

    That's 8)

  4. What is very funny is when we first discover these little beings via macro photos ... It seems enormously! Then diving, it's another experience. As and when my dives, I really began to scan the rocks to flush out.
    Very beautiful shots 🙂


  5. @ Toffe25: Yep, thank you !!! It must be the Melibe Viridis, indeed, I searched the internet a bit. For the last one, indeed, it's not a nudi, it's the only thing I'm sure of ...

    @Statik: Oh, but it's nice to be there and even put a word! Soon on vacation, you too, I hope!

    @NowMadNow: That, I must say that the little one, we quickly taste, when we start to take the picture under water. Non-divers do not realize, but you must have a lynx eye to flush out these tiny creatures. With the habit, I begin to know better to locate them. But nothing beats a guide who knows the site thoroughly to help you find them ... Thank you for the compliment and good bubbles to you too !!!

  6. Hi Corinne, are you back from your cruise?
    there is a trick not bad to identify the funny creatures we meet under water is the DORIS site of the FFESSM.
    You post your photo on the mystery photo forum and there are plenty of specialists to give you answers 😉
    Did you meet other strange things during your last dives ❓

  7. @Laurence: Yes, the Komodo cruise is over! I am still in Bali for a few days. I encountered less strange things in Komodo, but a lot of nice big beasts instead, mantas and sharks, among others ... 😉
    I will follow your advice, and go to submit the beasts not trivial on the site that you indicate.
    I'm going to redo some muck-dives, here, enough to find, no doubt, little amazing things ...

  8. Me who wanted to move beyond Asia, to read your posts, I envision one thing, go back ... well, it will be after Madagascar!
    You did well to take advantage of the low prices Air Asia valid for those who get up early, a little like to see the crater lakes at sunrise before the clouds cover the volcanoes.
    FYI, how much did you cost the Komodo-Bali diving cruise?
    Here in France in July to the weather rotten, I envy you a lot, yesterday in the RER I met a nice girl (mixed Laotian / Vietnamese and French), we talked about Bali, the beautiful and singular island of Indonesia where I spent my most zen and serene holidays! @ +

  9. @Lise: Madagascar, it should be fantastic too !!! 🙂
    I did not cruise Komodo-Bali, I flew Flores from Bali. I first asked myself a little in Maumere, where I dived and photographed, among others, the little animals above. Then I crossed Flores from east to west to visit the island.
    Then, once in Labuan Bajo, I went on a 5N / 6J cruise on the Pascha, in the Komodo National Park, with a dozen dives. This cruise cost me 800 euros. UPDATE : the website Komodo Adventure and the boat Pascha no longer exist ...

  10. bjr
    I come back from Indonesia where I spent 3 weeks including one in the sea of Flores on an island near Alor called 'Little Kepa'.
    I confirm for those who love nudibranchs, the tranquility and beauty of Indo is the best. I have not sorted my photos yet, but it's underway. I'm waiting for my next trip to Indonesia. If you have links for nice flights and not too expensive, thank you for the info.

  11. @ Marcopolo8356: Hey, hey, you know I almost went to La P'tite Képa, but the length of my stay was a bit too short, so I gave up for this year. But this is only part of the discount: I intend to go there in the summer of 2012 ..
    To find cheap flights, I regularly monitor the specials of the various airlines that serve a large Asian hub (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore ...), including Emirates companies and Arab countries, often very competitive (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad ), and in general after I manage to find a cheap domestic flight on Air Asia or other to reach my final destination. I also use the excellent search engine, and after I visit the sites of airlines identified through this. I mention it here on this post that I published on my other blog:
    Good sort of photos, and good preparations for the next start!