A manta ray emerges in blue fog. Manta Point, Nusa Penida. Bali.

The ballet of mantas

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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Oh, my God! Not yet had time to tell Amed about all my dives, that already, I'm attacking those of Nusa Lembongan. And no half measures : I'm taking you straight to Manta Point !!!


First splash this morning, early in the morning, in cold water... !!!! Here, terrible thermoclines turn divers into little ice cubes.

Finally, I exaggerate a little, I must be the only one out of the water with purple lips. I left my fine combi in my bag and borrowed a combi from the center World Diving, thicker than mine. But it is a bit wide (it is yet XS) and lets flow of cold water. I think I'll put another shorti under it. Brrr. Here, the water goes down to 20 ° C ...

Manta Point

But ... it's worth getting up at dawn to immerse yourself in cold water in neoprene wetsuit, not even at its size. In Manta Point, a well-known site, south of Nusa Penida, the neighboring island of Lembongan, manta rays were there.

A manta ray emerges in blue fog. Manta Point, Nusa Penida. Bali.

Despite a rotten sight (thermoclines + plankton), we saw them. Mantas so graceful, that seem to fly more than swim, with their slow but powerful flapping of wings, uh ... fins.

However, I'm not very optimistic at the beginning of the dive. We spend the first fifteen minutes in icy water, circling around rocks without much life, and still nothing... After about twenty minutes, we zap on another rock, and the first "ding-ding" of the dive-masters banging on their tanks makes our heads spin.

Yes! There they are, the beautiful, majestic mantas, circling around the rock in a never-ending ballet.

But it's a real thrill because of the lack of visibility. We scan the bluish fog as much as we can, watching for the black triangle of a fin, a long profile... And I must say that we completely forget the cold when a new manta appears. Suddenly the heart beats faster, we find the energy to swim, to get closer, a little closer!

It is always at the last moment that we see them arise, at shallow depth, most often in less than 10 meters. Super show, which leaves me delighted.

Crystal Bay

Relaxation on the sun deck of the World Diving boat, between two dives. Nusa Lembogan, Bali.
Relaxation on the sun deck of the World Diving boat, between two dives.

We are less fortunate Crystal Bay, a pretty white sand cove with coconut palms, still in Penida, supposed to house molas-molas, the famous moonfish.

Crystal Bay

They are surely in the corner, but despite better visibility and a warmer water, you can not find them. My guide Wayan scans the blue, in vain.

We cross a sandy stretch to another portion of the reef, but still nothing ... Too bad, I console myself by photographing a moray eel, on the return, on the reef, within 12 meters. A nice aquarium full of fish. Nice atmosphere, nice walk, but everyone is still a little disappointed.


Never mind, I'll be back!

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008