Mount Agung seen from the sea. (Amed, Bali, Indonesia, July 2008.)

Good bye Amed

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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My stay in Amed, in the north of Bali, is coming to an end (sigh). How I love this place!!!

I'm going to make this short tonight, because I have all my bardas to put back in the bags, I haven't had dinner yet and at the time I'm writing this post it's already late to eat, here...

I leave Amed tomorrow morning, for the island of Nusa Lembongan. I leave early, at dawn: direction SanurFrom there, boats leave for the Nusa Islands (Lembongan, Ceningan, Penida), south of Bali.

I still have a lot of dives to tell you (the Liberty, of course, but also the many other sites in the area), the work of the salt workers to show you (harvesting salt in the middle of a drought on the black sand), but I'll just offer you, today, my two joys of the day in pictures.

Sunset on the Gunung Agung

Starting with the wonderful sunset on the Gunung Agung... Each evening different, always as bewitching. Sometimes the volcano disappears under the clouds, at other times, it just wears a small cottony ruff. Other evenings, it has the grace to appear naked, and its enormous silhouette is cut out on the gold of the sky...

Another sunset on Agung volcano and Jemeluk bay ... I do not get tired! (Bali, Indonesia, July 2008.)
Sunset on the Agung volcano and the Jemeluk bay... I never get tired of it! (Bali, Indonesia, July 2008.)

In order not to miss the last rays of the sunset, you must come around 5:30 pm, at the top of the promontory which dominates the bay of Jemeluksit there, on a rock, facing the volcano, and wait.

The landscape and the sky change from minute to minute, it's magical!

Frog-fish red on black sand

Finally, I was told by Kadek, my eagle-eyed guide, near the wreck of the Liberty, in the sand, this cute little frog-fish (antenna or fish-toad).

Frog-fish (toad fish or red antennae) photographed in Tulamben, near the wreck of the Liberty. (Bali, Indonesia, July 2008.)
Frog-fish (red antennae) photographed in Tulamben, near the Liberty wreck (Bali, Indonesia, July 2008.)

I photographed it endlessly, for long minutes, just before an army of Japanese divers arrived... Bad mouths, coral shakers and sand lifters. I am glad I got there before them!

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July 2012. Small addition: I went back to Bali several times since 2008, and I dived again on the fabulous wreck of the LibertyBut with a guide for me alone and at the right time (when there are less people)... I would like to point out this real good plan of resort for divers, which is also an excellent address, especially if you are a sub photographer, and you want to discover the wreck in the best possible conditions:
→  Liberty Dive Resort

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. Yo Corinne,
    It's good to be able to relax a bit! Can't wait for your new diving photos. Well, I've been in LA since Saturday and I'm staying in Santa Monica in a five-star hotel on the beach!!!! A bit too classy for me but I'm not going to spit in the soup. The show is interesting even if the pace of interviews is dense. Well, I'm off to the Apple Store on 3rd Avenue. If you need anything.
    Biz 🙄

  2. @ Marie-Julie:
    Thank you for your little message! It's been a long time since I've been following your peregrinations, because of internet connections too leeeeeeeeentes, but I will catch up on my return. Have a nice trip!

    @ Funny World:
    Yo Sam!
    Mdr!!!! 😆 "Too classy"... Stop complaining and get yourself a Mac! If ever there are iPhone brades, it'd be nice to think of the girlfriends...
    Bizzz and enjoy it!

  3. Hello!!!
    And yes,here I am,connected with my mac.....I can't do without it,but you'd think that on the Greek islands,they still have trouble with the internet.....I've been away for over 15 days and this is the first time I've found an internet connection!But right now, it's great, I'm in a little bar in Koufounissi where there's wifi, so here I am with my mac!!!!Well, I'm a bit of a flamer with my brand-new macbook pro, but it's so much faster than their old hyper-slow PCs....
    We've been here in Koufounissi for 5 days now,and we've come to know this pretty little island where you can do everything on foot,and it's still just as magnificent!!!The water is blue,blue,just like in the caribbean,impressive!!!The only small shadow on the picture is that,unlike 2 years ago,it seems that this little-known island is becoming more and more well-known....Ci fait,that the big Greek tourists are starting to take it over.....and that's a shame....Finally, there are still a few quiet spots and coves!!!!!Before, we were in Anafi, and there, it was great!!!!Unknown island, with just a few tourists as we like them, looking for calm, beauty and peace, without snowshoes, mattresses and all the paraphernalia of the perfect little beach-goer! In short, I recommend....Finally.....not too many either, otherwise, it's going to be an invasion!!!!!
    So a lot of rest, lazing around, reading, swimming.
    We spent 2 evenings with friends met in Koufounissi, very nice.
    Tomorrow, we'll take the boat to Katapola (Amorgos) for a one-night stopover on the way to Folegandros; I hope it'll be less jarring than the last transfer, when I thought I was going to vomit my breakfast...... It was hell, a chick was handing out little paper bags, everyone was sick!Fortunately, Greg got out the famous little Thai camphor "stick" that all Thais have in their pockets, and that gave me a lot of relief and kept me going until we arrived!!!!
    So there you have it,the latest news from Greece!!!!!I've enjoyed reading you and looking at your photos,as usual,bravo!!!!!
    I do not know when I will be able to connect again ... .. In all the cases, I wish you a very good continuation, I kiss you very much !!!! 8)