Nudibranch. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

Nudibranchs forever

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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This is one of the treasures of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, to discover underwater. The delicate beauty of nudibranchs, these small sea slugs with shimmering colors, is an enchantment!

Lembeh to Bangka

After my trip to the rice paddies of the country TorajaLast July, I returned to North Sulawesi to dive.

From Lembeh Strait to Bangka Island, I happily walked my Canon Eos 7D and its macro lens along the sand and coral, with many immersions in "muck-dive"This is a dive where we closely examine the substrate in order to observe the amazing small fauna that lives there.

Nudibranch. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

Nudibranchs on black sand

A black sand, the most beautiful effect for underwater photography and macro ...

As usual, just click on an image to open it wide. Then, use the arrows on the keyboard to switch from one to the other. Enjoy!


Nudibranch. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

Nudibranch. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.


  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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  1. Congratulations Corinne!

    You've made the right choice, your photos are so hot with the EOS 7D!
    I love making nudibranch macros too...but for the moment, with my little IXUS750 digital compact 😉

    see you soon... 😀

    Corinne N

  2. Of course I applaud with both hands... What a delight this avalanche of nudibranchs is! It's true that Sulawesi really is a nudibranchophile's paradise... Thanks for these superb photos.

  3. Very nice macro photos. Yes I enjoy!
    Nudis of all colors, flat or with original shapes.
    I've already been served in Bali, but I hear it's a strange year for underwater fauna...
    Kisses to you

  4. Now you're getting to me... I love it!
    And I love it even more, in 1 week I'll be there! 😉 I also followed your advice for Bangka, thank you!
    ➡ PS: I voted!

  5. Great pictures! Congratulations to the photographer!
    My favorite, the one where the white nudibranch looks like a Sevillian fan! 😉 🙂

  6. @Corinne: Thank you! I too started out with a modest compact. I explored all the possibilities of this first camera before moving on to the 7D. But I don't think I'd have got where I am today if I hadn't first tried my hand at a simpler camera.

    @ Malene: "Avalanche of nudibranchs", that would have made an excellent title! Thank you !!!

    @Fabrice: Many thanks for the compliment and the vote (but I'm not really involved in this contest, actually... I just signed up to see how it was going, because this time I don't have the time or the courage to go on a mad dash for clicks).

    @LiseMet: I'm glad you like it! It's true, Bali is a small man's paradise.

    @Manta: It's nice of you to have voted, but as I was saying above to Fabrice, I'm going to remain modest about this contest, for once... You're leaving again in a few days? I'm jealous !!!!

    @Ysbilia: Then you'll love this other nudibranch, known as the "Spanish dancer". I've never photographed it before, and only met it once. It swims, undulating its scarlet dress edged in white, reminiscent of the ruffles worn by Andalusian dancers... Superb!!! To see it, visit this link :

    @isaetmarco: I knew that connoisseurs like you would appreciate this little sample... I saw your gallery, very impressive, when we see that in addition you have found all the names of these charming babies!!!! Hats off to you!

  7. Just a quick hello to let you know that I'm writing to you from the Divers Lodge terrace... after 4 dives and a nice evening meal... I'm sure you can feel how biiiieeennnnnn!!! 😀

  8. yippee, nudibranchs !!!! 😀
    great your photos!
    I'm missing 6 in your gallery, which gives me hope of enlarging my collection in April ...... 😉

  9. @Laurence: Thanks Laurence! Hey, hey, once you start collecting, you never stop... 😉
    To vote, click on the Golden Blog Awards logo below the little planet in the top left-hand corner of my posts. But voting is closed now. I'm going to remove the logo. You can follow the results on November 17 on the Golden Blog Awards website. There are loads of cool travel blogs in the running.

  10. What a fabulous fantasy of shapes and colors ... Thank you really and congratulations for this dream trip that you give us to do!

  11. Hello !
    Unfortunately, I'm back and say hello to Divers Lodge (I'm sure you love Belgis as well), but also Aswar.
    Lots of photos, lots of nudis... but alas, my search for your last photo turned up nothing...
    I didn't go home disappointed, far from it, as I discovered two new ones that I'd never seen before, and I'm extremely happy!

  12. Gorgeous, your slugs, Corinne! You have quickly tamed your car... 😀
    Say, we'll finally see you at the Salon this year ??? LOL
    A +!

    PS: and congratulations on your "Thailand" article on Scuba-People!

  13. @Anthony: Thank you so much, I'm starting to master underwater macro much better. And with subjects like these, I've really enjoyed myself...
    For the diving show, I do not know yet if I can go ... See you soon, anyway, at least by blogs and screens interposed!

  14. @Manta: I was luckier than you, I met him twice, that one... He's a huge nudi, compared to the others. Aswar had an eye for spotting!
    I still have some very funny photos of Belgis and me visiting a fishing boat during the Fête de la mer (she in high heels and a fancy dress). We were the attraction of the day... 😆
    Lembeh Strait is truly a nudibranch paradise. This is my second diving trip there, and each time, it's happiness for me too!!!!