Fish soup ! (Maldives, February 2014)
Fish soup ! (Maldives, February 2014)

Diving Trip: All My Adventures

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Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Polynesia, Mexico... All the trips and dives I have written about on the blog since 2006 are here.

This is already a good little list to pick up ideas, if you are looking for inspiration or information for a future diving trip. Or simply to escape behind the screen...

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Current or upcoming articles

I still have a lot of dive trips to tell about... Here are the ones that are not yet on the blog, but on which I will surely post some articles one of these days:

  • EGYPT 2019 → Red Sea. SEASON: November - DURATION: one week. Departure from Hurghada, northern cruise "Longitude 34" (Ras Mohamed, Shaab El Erg, Abu Nahas wrecks, etc.) on board theExocet (Diving Attitude).
  • INDONESIA 2019 → Bangka (North Sulawesi) + Rao (Halmahera) + Raja Ampat (West Papua). SEASON: July - DURATION: 1 month. On the program: Bangka, my favorite island in North Sulawesi (one week); then the discovery of the bottom of the small island of Rao, in front of Morotai, in the North of Halmahera (one week); and finally ten days in Raja Ampat, on the island of Kri, which I never tire of.
  • INDONESIA 2018 → Raja Ampat (West Papua). SEASON: December - DURATION: 2 weeks. Staying on Kri Island and diving every day on the beautiful sites of the Dampier Strait... No specific post on this trip, but for Raja Ampat, you can always check this reference article that I update regularly every year when I go back → Raja Ampat: information to organize your trip
  • INDONESIA 2018 → Pulau Weh (Sumatra). SEASON: March - DURATION: 2 weeks. On the agenda: mainly freediving, to pass the Aïda 2 certification and some scuba diving... No post about this particular trip yet, but I had already talked about my freediving debut (it was in 2014) at Pulau Weh, already, and also at Hyères, see here → Freediving means freedom underwater. My very first stay in Pulau Weh dates back to 2010, you can find all my previously published articles about this island located on the western tip of Sumatra (it is the westernmost point of Indonesia) at the end of this link → Pulau Weh.

Diving trip : my previous articles

Find below, the list of trips (since 2006) on which I already posted a lot of articles... Click on the pictures or the blue links to access the posts corresponding to each diving trip:


  Sogod Bay (Leyte) + Moalboal(Cebu) + Pangatalan (Palawan)

Ian, one of our guides, prepares his equipment at the front of the bankga. (Sogod Bay, Leyte, Philippines, March 2020)

SEASON: March. DURATION: 2 weeks

My first and last diving trip of the year 2020, just before the borders close because of the Covid-19 pandemic..

SOGOD BAY (LEYTE). Dives on the splendid reefs of marine protected areas in Napantao and Limasawas, observation of whale sharks snorkelingIntroduction to acanthaster hunting and discovery of a coral nursery. With Sogod Bay Scuba Resort and the associations Plongeurs du Monde and Green Inc.

MOALBOAL (CEBU). Immersion in the middle of the spectacular sardine bank in front of the village, exploration of the magnificent drop offs of Pescador Island, macro diving on the house-reef of the Dolphin House Eco Resort.

PANGATALAN (PALAWAN). Underwater photo on the artificial and natural reefs of the island, protected by the Sulubaaï Foundation, discovery of the environmental project Sea Academy.


  Visayas (Cabilao + Panglao-Bohol)

For this second trip to Balicasag, visibility is good and allows you to take a step back to photograph the school of trevallies. (Philippines, Balicasag, March 2019)

SEASON: February-March. DURATION: 2 weeks

CABILAO. A small quiet island with, under water, magnificent drop offsThe coral is in great shape (giant gorgonians, huge colonies of acropora) and there are many turtles.

BALICASAG. A marine protected area, where you can admire the spectacular swirl of a school of jacks, off Panglao-Bohol and the very touristy Alona Beach.

PANGLAO. Other interesting dive sites, including the superb Doljo (post to come)...


  Alor + Halmahera + Sumbawa

Snorkeling for the surface interval, in a sheltered Sangeang Cove. (Sumbawa, Indonesia, July 2018)

SEASON: July. DURATION: 1 month

ALOR. A diving trip marked by an extraordinary encounter with a dugong and the exploration of splendid coral reefs.

SALI KECIL [HALMAHERA]. A little explored diving destination, in the southwest of Halmahera island. Magnificent reefs full of life, swept by impressive currents.

EAST SUMBAWA. In front of Komodo Park, near the island-volcano of Sangeang, an exceptional variety of dives, mantas to nudibranchs, far from the usual tourist routes.


  Tubbataha cruise + dives in Panglao and Balicasag (Visayas)

This whale shark must have been 5 to 6 meters long. He was probably still quite young. The largest can reach a dozen meters. (Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines, May 2018)

SEASON: May. DURATION: 2 weeks

TUBBATAHA. A one week diving cruise to discover the magnificent Tubbataha Marine Parkbetween Palawan and Negros, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unforgettable encounter with whale sharks

PANGLAO & BALICASAG. Departing from Panglao (peninsula extending Bohol), a few days of relaxation and diving, discovering the surrounding reefs and the reserve of Balicasag Island just opposite.


  Tara Pacific Expedition: from Pangatalan (Palawan) to Vietnam

Tara at anchor at Palawan. (Philippines, February 2018)

SEASON: February. DURATION: 10 days

PANGATALAN (PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES). Report on board the oceanographic sailboat Tara, for Ouest-France and the magazine Dive! during the "Tara Pacific" coral expedition. Stopover at Pangatalan Island near Palawan, to find out about biodiversity restoration projects launched by the Sulubaaï Foundation.

FROM PANGATALAN (PHILIPPINES) TO NHA TRANG (VIETNAM). Four days crossing the South China Sea to Nha Trang, Vietnam, sharing the daily life of the sailors and scientists on board.

EGYPT 2017

  Red Sea : St-John's Reef diving cruise

There, no doubt, it's me he comes to see! (Red Sea, Egypt, November 2017)

SEASON: November. DURATION: 1 week

ST-JOHN'S REEF ROUTE. After having tested the formula last year, I'm doing it again on board theExocet (Diving Attitude), for a great "three-in-one" cruise in the Red Sea, gathering on the same boat scuba divers, snorkelers and underwater photographers... Itinerary "Saint-John's Reef", marked by a striking encounter with a longiman shark that I was able to film very closely.


  Sulawesi & Raja Ampat

Opo the hero poses with the survivor rescued from the waters ... (Ondoliang Beach, Center-Sulawesi, Indonesia, July 2017)

SEASON: July. DURATION: 1 month

KAMPANAR. This quiet village on the eastern peninsula of Central Sulawesi is the ideal base for exploring the beautiful and little-known dive spots just across the beach, away from the crowds.

LEMBEH. In North Sulawesi, a week of underwater macro-photography, dedicated to the strange little creatures that inhabit the Lembeh Strait. Another world, absolutely fascinating. I didn't post an article specifically about this trip, but I've been to Lembeh several times before, you can find the articles here → Diving in Lembeh

RAJA AMPAT. I find West Papua and the magnificent little island of Kri, in the heart of the Dampier Strait, for sumptuous dives, in the heart of the Coral Triangle


  Anilao & Romblon

Here he is standing up and seems to take off, raising his funny face. (Romblon, Philippines, March 2017)

SEASON: March. DURATION: 2 weeks

ANILAO. The Mecca of macro photography in the Philippines, 3 hours drive south of Manila, near Batangas. On the menu: rare nudibranchs, shrimps, tiny crabs, mini cuttlefish?

ROMBLON. The island, south of Batangas, is the marble capital of the Philippines. And the paradise of the "super-macro" divers. A paradise of biodiversity for the very small underwater fauna. 

EGYPT 2016

  Red Sea : diving cruise North & Brothers

The bow of Giannis D, huge. (Abu Nuhas, Red Sea, Egypt)

SEASON: October. DURATION: 1 week

NORTH & BROTHERS ROUTE. A one week diving trip in the Egyptian waters, in the Red Sea, on board theExocet (Diving Attitude) for a "three in one" cruise, mixing scuba diving, snorkeling and underwater photography. On the menu: magnificent bottoms and spectacular wrecks (Thistlegorm, Giannis D, CarnaticNumidia)as well as my first encounter with the impressive and beautiful longfin shark... 


  Komodo & Raja Ampat

Masta flies reveal stains on their belly and scars ... (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2016)

SEASON: July. DURATION: 1 month

KOMODO. A week of diving cruise on a traditional Indonesian boat, meeting manta rays and the famous Komodo dragons.

RAJA AMPAT. Two weeks of relaxation and diving on the island of Kri, in this remote archipelago of West Papua, one of the richest in biodiversity.

BALI. Luxury, calm and pleasure on the island of the gods, in Ubud and Seminyak, for a few days of rest between two planes. 

Diving trip to Triton Bay, Papua, Indonesia. March 2016.
TRITON BAY. A diving trip in the middle of nature in West Papua, on the beautiful island of Aiduma, in the heart of a "hot spot" of underwater biodiversity: the fascinating Triton Bay. 

Diving Cruise aboard the Waow - Oct-Nov 2015
LIVEABOARD. Secrets of Seram" itinerary on board the Waow. Departure from Ambon (Moluccas), arrival at Sorong (Raja Ampat), through the Banda and Seram seas. 

Indonesia Travel 2015
LOMBOK. Dives in Sekotong Bay, from the peaceful Gili Asahan, then off Belongas Bay, in the southwest of the island.
BALI. Back to Tulamben, in the north-east of the island of the Gods, to dive on the still superb wreck of the Liberty.
BANGKA. Cape on North Sulawesi, to reach the charming island of Bangka and its splendid seabed. 

Travel Indonesia: Raja Ampat - January 2015
KRI. Diving trip in the Raja Ampat archipelago, in West Papua. An extraordinary stay in the middle of the Dampier Strait, on the island of Kri, in one of the richest places in the world in marine biodiversity. 

Travel to Indonesia: Aceh [Sumatra] - December 2014
BANDA ACEH. Press trip organized by the NGO Plan International, for the 10th anniversary of the tsunami of December 26, 2004. On this occasion, I made several reports for Ouest-France

Apnea training with Blue Addiction in Hyères - July 2014
HYÈRES. Snorkeling course with Blue Addiction and a small exploration trip by bottle diving. Discovery of the Giens peninsula, Port-Cros and Porquerolles. Visit of the villa Noailles.
MONACO. Express visit to the Rock and the oceanographic museum. 

Travel Mexico: July 2014
 It is a very touristy resort. But it is a good base to go diving in the surrounding cenotes, these incredible caves filled with fresh water in the jungle.
COZUMEL. The island is large and you can escape the tourist pressure by walking in the village or on the east coast. Nice dives on the reef explored by Cousteau in his time.
TULUM. Beautiful beaches, Mayan temple perched on the cliff facing the sea. For a one day break.
VALLADOLID. Old small colonial city in the interior of Yucatán. Beautiful and very pleasant. Perfect for exploring nearby Mayan sites: Cobá and Chichen Itzá.
ISLA MUJERES. Nice little island, provided that you settle down outside the tourist "village" of the north. Ideal starting point for whale-shark excursions in July and August. 

Travel Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - May 2014
GAPANG BEACH. I had already come to Pulau Weh four years earlier, in 2010. It is the most western island of the Indonesian archipelago, off the coast of Banda Aceh, in Sumatra. The beach of Gapang and the diving center Lumba Lumba will again be my stop for a week of break. Peaceful and authentic atmosphere, fantastic dives. And then a new experience, really fascinating: I learn to snorkel. 

Travel to Maldives: February 2014
MALÉ AND HULUMALÉ. The capital island and its artificial neighbor, extension of the airport island. A world apart, right on the water. It is from here that all the tourists leave and arrive on diving trips.
HANIMAADHOO. Stay in a guesthouse on a "local" island as they say there, in other words an inhabited island, not an island-hotel for tourists. We live in the village, with the Maldivians. Unique atmosphere.
LIVEABOARD. From Malé to Ari Atoll, on board theOcean Divine, my first discovery of dives in the Maldives. Fabulous shark passes and sites full of surprises. 

Travel to Indonesia and Malaysia: Borneo - July 2013
DERAWAN. This is my second stay in the Derawan archipelago, on the Indonesian east coast of Borneo. Dives in Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki.
MABUL / SIPADAN. One of the most famous diving spots in Southeast Asia, on the Malaysian side of Borneo. Sharks and turtles everywhere, swirls of barracudas and jacks...
KOTA KINABALU. The big city on the northern coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Opposite, the archipelago of Pulau Gaya, where you can dive.
KUCHING. In the Malaysian state of Sarawak, a beautiful city crossed by a peaceful river, starting point for visitors to the Bako National Park.
KUALA LUMPUR. Ultimate urban stage in Peninsular Malaysia, at the foot of the Petronas Towers. 

Travel to Indonesia: Weda and Bangka - March 2013
WEDA BAY. My drop-off point for a few days on the large island of Halmahera, in the Moluccas. Diving and relaxing between the jungle and the sea, far from everything. Reefs of exceptional beauty.
BANGKA ISLAND. A small corner of paradise, for the second part of this diving trip, off Manado in North Sulawesi. Bangka is a beautiful and not very well known island, not far from Bunaken and the Lembeh Strait. The dives are superb, the islanders very friendly, the nature still preserved. The inhabitants are trying to prevent a Chinese mining project. 

Trip to Polynesia - October 2012
TAHITI. I only had time for a brief glimpse of the capital, Papeete.
MAUPITI. Neighbor of Bora Bora, a beautiful little island, authentic and preserved. Mantas in season in the lagoon, whales on the ocean side.
RANGIROA. This immense atoll has two passes that are world-renowned diving spots. On the program: dolphins and sharks. Spectacular.
MOOREA. Located in front of Tahiti, the island is perfect for a few days of idleness, in the middle of amazingly beautiful landscapes. 

Travel Indonesia: Alor and Raja Ampat - July 2012
ALOR. Superb but sometimes sporty dives in this remote archipelago of the small Sunda islands.
RAJA AMPAT. In the Dampier Strait, there are islands and splendid underwater bottoms, still preserved. An exceptional destination for a diving trip! 

Indonesia Travel: Raja Ampat + Bali - March 2012
RAJA AMPAT. Dive into this fabulous archipelago of West Papua, still wild and preserved, rich of an exceptional biodiversity, under water as on land.
BALI. A few days in Tulamben, to enjoy the splendid wreck of the Liberty. Always a pleasure. The site remained full of life in spite of the affluence of divers during the day. 

Red Sea Travel - November 2011
HAMATA. A one week diving trip, totally dedicated to underwater photography, in the south of Egypt, on the Red Sea, at the Wadi Lahami Resort. I am with a group of other diver-photographers from Photo Forum sub. This is my first trip dedicated to diving in Egypt. On the program: coral reefs, wrecks, dolphins... Unforgettable! 


→ Flores + Komodo + Bali

Photo pose in front of the Kelimutu craters. (Flores, Indonesia, July 2011)

July 2011 (1 month)

FLORES. Crossing from east to west from Maumere to Labuan Bajo. The diving trip starts with a week in Maumere; then direction Moni to discover the three craters of Mount Kelimutu; then the traditional villages of Bajawa; a walk in the spider web rice fields around Ruteng; a stop on the blue pebble beach near Ende; then arrival in Labuan Bajo.

KOMODO. Embarkation at Labuan Bajo to dive in the mythical Komodo archipelago, where the "dragons" of the same name live. Spectacular reefs and encounters with manta rays.

BALI. Heading for Tulamben, to conclude this diving trip with the magnificent wreck of the Liberty.

Cambodia + Thailand 2011

Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

February - 3 weeks
SIEM REAP. It is my third stay in these places, to visit, again, the fabulous temples of the site of Angkor.
KRABI. Farniente in Railay and Phra Nang Beach, the "Princess Beach".
KOH PHI PHI. A very (too) touristy island, but so beautiful despite everything!
SIMILAN ISLANDS. Cruise-diving on the most beautiful spots of Thailand, including the magnificent Richelieu Rock.

Indonesia 2010: Return to Sulawesi

Murex resort beach. Bangka Island. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

July - 3 weeks
BANGKA. A little-known island in the Sulawesi Sea, perfect to start this diving trip, with unspoiled sites far from the tourist crowds.
TANA TORAJA. Walking from Rantepao in the rice fields and mountains of the Toraja country, in Central Sulawesi. Funeral ceremony in Bori, visit of Lemo, Londa, Ket'e Kesu, Batutumonga.
LEMBEH. Back to North Sulawesi, for dives in the Lembeh Strait, to meet amazing little underwater monsters.  

2010 - Indonesia: Pulau Weh (Sumatra)

Pulau Weh (Sumatra) 2010

March - 2 weeks
PULAU WEH. I just acquired my Canon Eos 7D SLR and its underwater housing. I decided to dedicate this diving trip to Pulau Weh, to quietly tame the beast underwater. This small peaceful island is located on the northern tip of Sumatra, in the region of Banda Aceh (which was devastated by the tsunami of December 26, 2004. It is the northernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago.

2009 - Malaysia + Indonesia to Borneo

The children of Derawan. Borneo, Indonesia. July 2009.

July - 1 month
PERHENTIAN BESAR. Dream beaches and peaceful dives, in Penisular Malaysia, for an arrival all in "farniente".
MABUL / SIPADAN. On the Malaysian side, the most spectacular dive sites in Borneo. Turtles, sharks and barracudas galore!
DERAWAN / SANGALAKI / KAKABAN. On the Indonesian side, treasures to be discovered in this archipelago of East Kalimantan, in Borneo to conclude this diving trip: turtles, manta rays and an incredible jellyfish lake.

2009 - Thailand: The South Islands

Long-tail boat ride in Phang Nga Bay. (Thailand, February 2009)

February-March - 3 weeks
KOH YAO NOI. A peaceful and unknown island in the heart of Phang Nga Bay.
SIMILAN ISLANDS. Cruise-diving in a splendid archipelago, renowned for the beauty of its seabed and sandy beaches.
KOH LIPE. I end this diving trip at the edge of the Malayan border, in the very south, a tiny island with superb beaches.

2009 - Dominican Republic [press trip]

The little guys make the pitches and show off their biscotos for the photo.

January - 1 week
PUNTA CANA. Beach and idleness.
SAMANA. Transfer to the airplane for a superb flight over the island, Los Haïtises national park, horseback riding to the El Limón waterfall buried in the jungle, quad bike rides along the beaches.
SANTO DOMINGO. Visit of the colonial district of the capital.
BAYAHIBE. Lazing under the coconut trees of Saona Island, excursion on the Chavon River.

2008 - Indonesia: Bali


June-July - 1 month
KUTA-LEGIAN-Seminyak. Nice stops, on the way out and on the way back, on this immense and splendid beach, but very touristy.
LOVINA BEACH. The "dolphin beach", invaded by street vendors, is cruelly lacking in atmosphere. To be avoided for a diving trip...
PEMUTERAN / MENJANGAN ISLAND. Warm welcome and superb dives. An entire village mobilized for the protection of the underwater environment.
AMED / TULAMBEN. A superb region, dominated by the Agung volcano, where you can dive on the wreck of the Liberty.
NUSA LEMBONGAN. In the south-east of Bali, an island that I liked very much, with its seaweed fishermen and its sunfish. Authentic atmosphere, wild coast and sporty dives.

2008 - Philippines: the Visayas

Alona Beach is much more beautiful from the sea ... (Visayas, Philippines, February 2008)

January-February - 3 weeks
LEYTE. This diving trip starts in Sogod Bay, near Padre Burgos. Beautiful bottoms, but the whale sharks expected are not there.
PANGLAO (BOHOL). Short one-day stopover in Alona Beach, crowded.
SIQUIJOR. Relaxation, walks and bubbles on this quiet island, off the beaten track... my favorite in the Visayas!
NEGROS. Excursion to the back country of Dumaguete and splendid dives at Dauin and Apo Island.
CEBU. Overnight in Cebu City for the return flight.

2007 - Indonesia: Sulawesi


July - 1 month

NORTH SULAWESI. Arrival in Manado. Rice fields, villages, lakes and volcanoes in the hinterland around Tomohon. Diving in Bunaken and Lembeh.
TANA TORAJA. Stroll from Rantepao to the rice fields and traditional villages. Visit of Lemo, Ke'te Kesu, Londa, Tilonga and Batutumonga sites. Funeral ceremony in Rembon.
LAKE POSO. Swimming in Siuri Beach and junglesque trip to the Saluopa waterfall.
TOGIAN ISLANDS. The diving trip continues in this small tropical paradise far from everything, from Bomba, on the island of Batu Daka.

2007 - Thailand: Koh Phi Phi & Lanta

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

January - 2 weeks
KOH PHI PHI. Back to the pearl of the Andaman Sea, south of Phuket for this new diving trip. The island has become very (too?) touristic again, one year and a half after the tsunami.
KOH LANTA. Prolongation of the farniente on the neighboring island, a little further south. Beach, walks and diving.

2006 - Malaysia: the East Coast & Borneo

The pontoon of Mabul. (Borneo, Malaysia. July 2006)

July - 1 month

KOH TAO. Thai stage to start this diving trip. Then train trip south to the Malaysian border.
KOTA BAHRU. Small stop in the very Muslim capital of the state of Kelantan.
PERHENTIAN / REDANG. Cute islands, ideal for relaxation and diving.
TIOMAN. Head south to discover this vast and wild island, with beaches still peaceful. Relaxation, walks and bubbles.
JOHOR BAHRU. Step to the border town facing Singapore, before the flight to Borneo.
SANDAKAN. Visit the center of the orangutans of Sepilok.
SEMPORNA / SIPADAN / MABUL. Sharks, turtles and barracudas everywhere! Among the most beautiful of all my dives in Asia.

Before 2006

2006 is the year I started blogging about dive trips... My trips before 2006 (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, for the most important ones) are not on Small Bubbles of Elsewhere. But I had put some pictures of Asia online (including scans of "silver" photos for the oldest ones from 1997 and 1999), on my very first site :
Notebooks of Southeast Asia

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