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  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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I'm running out of time. But a new journey is coming. To be patient, I invite you to take another little tour here: Sulawesi 2007. Just to get back into the atmosphere, while waiting for... Sulawesi 2010 ! That's right. I'm going back there.


This time, it will be much less "roots" than in 2007. No interminable ass-kicking on the central roads to cross the island. And most of my stay will be in diving resorts. I have a subaquatic photo box to use, me ...


I will arrive in Sulawesi (also called Sulawesi Island) via Manado, as I did three years ago. On the program: two islands of North Sulawesi (Bangka and Lembeh) and the country Toraja. To go there, I will make a round trip Manado-Makassar with Lion Air (Yes, the company where there is a booklet of prayers to read with that of the safety instructions).

I have already planned to make a lot of bubbles. And a lot of pictures under water. With lots of weird bugs on it.



I'll come back to give you details very quickly.


  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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  1. We are also going (I also have a box to test!), For us it will be
    from the end of July to the end of August. We go back to Bunaken and then we go to Togians then the country toraja and we hesitate to finish on Nusa lembongan or Amed (to dive in Tulamben) but we do not know too much ... You who have been in both places would you have a council, a preference ? In any case we wish you a very good trip and good bubbles!

  2. Hello,

    I point out to potential travelers that there were a lot of problems in the Toggian last summer: overbooked housing, many people sleeping on the roof or on the ground, problems with boats leaving Gorontalo in August (1 was no longer his license, the other was repaired for one month, and only a few lucky ones stumbled upon an inter-island cultural festival in July "which was put back into service" and were transported from islands to islands for various events at This led me to discover the Sangir Islands (SANHIG) very accessible by speed boat from Manado in 4 or 8 hours for the largest, still virgin and very pleasant and Corinne, 4 hours from Manado road, there is on one of them an underwater volcano that you might be interested in (MAHATANGAN or something like that because I forgot a bit but I can find).
    On Bunaken, a new Thai resort opened last year but still unfinished, no more expensive but more comfortable than the "Italian" diving center next door.

  3. Cool! 8) alors ce sera Mimpi Indah pour Bangka? Il me semble que le house reef de ces bungalows (ou alors il est pas loin), c’est le spot appelé Alpha & Omega, où l’on trouve des dugongs 😮 …

    C’est vrai que les iles Talaud et Sangihe que propose Sarah, ça a l’air bien tentant, en dehors des sentiers battus… j’en avais vu des affiches à l’aéroport de Manado. Si seulement il y avait des accoms et un centre de plongée…ça me donnerait des idées. 🙄

    For me in August, it will be Flores in Indonesia to begin: first Bidadari off Labuhan Bajo to go dive on the sites of Komodo, and then long trip of 3 days by car to reach Maumere and visit the villages on the road .
    Maumere était l’une des perles de la plongée indonésienne avant le tsunami de 1992 (vague de 20m quand même 😯 ). Je vais aller voir comment les coraux ont repoussé, il parait qu’il y a de la muck très intéressante aussi… 😀

    Et puis, pour assurer le coup, on va se faire une grosse semaine chez Borneo Divers à Mabul 8) (qui devient de plus en plus inaccessible, avec l’Euro qui se casse la g****e… 😡 )

    Y aura de quoi faire, je pense. 😉

  4. In response to Ludovic / Wet and Sea, for diving, it is digging, it exists a little but there are many accommodations in Tahuna (SANGIHE) and other islands or when there is no accmdts (villages), one sleeps at the inhabitant or one addresses the chief of the village.
    On Bunaken, I specify that the "Italian" resort is Bastiano's.

  5. Looking forward to seeing new photos soon (nudibranch, dudong and everything that will fall under the lens).
    Have a nice trip 8)

  6. @Manta: I'm too happy !!! Still a little patience. I will be in Bangka Island from June 28th. But it will be necessary to wait a few days then, the time that I find an internet connection to balance images ...

    @IsaetMarco: I already know where I am going. I share between three resorts, on the length of stay. Murex and Mimpi Indah on Bangka, Various Lodge I already know about Lembeh.

    @Nani: Nice program !!! I'll be you, I'll be aiming for Tulamben anyway. The wreck of Liberty is really worth it. Nusa Lembongan, I loved it too, but for diving, it's sporty running question and full of very cold thermoclines. That said, we are rewarded if we cross mola-molas!

    @Sarah: Thank you for all these little info. I keep the names of Sangihe and Talaud in a corner of my head. I will not go to Bunaken this time, I have already stalled my stay for Bangka and Lembeh. For the Togians, three years ago, there were apparently already comparable concerns on the side of Kadidiri Island. Lots of people came to take refuge in the resort where I was, Island Retreat, near the village of Bomba, so they had been badly received on the other island ...

    @ Wet & Sea / Ludovic: Alluring, all that !!! For my part, I will make two trips to Bangka: first at Murex at the beginning of the trip, then at Mimpi Indah at the end. In the meantime, I would have visited the Toraja and the Lembeh Strait.

    @Karin: Count on me !!!

    @ Marie-Julie: Yes Yes Yes !!! Very soon !!! Takeoff scheduled for June 26th. Arrival in Sulawesi on the 28th.

  7. @Cathy: Exactement!!! 😀
    Today is my last day of work, hey, hey !!! I have to pack my bag tonight when I get home. Saturday-Sunday: Flight Paris-Singapore. Monday: Flight Singapore-Manado. I will be in principle on Bangka Island on Monday! But it will still wait a few days for fresh news, because it will not be possible for me to connect from Bangka itself.