Komodo: poiscaille galore

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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Diving in Komodo, I dreamed! The reality was beyond the dream ... First video preview, at the fabulous Batu Bolong site.

Batu Bolong: the video

Welcome to Batu Bolong. A rock planted in the sea, in the heart of the Komodo Archipelago, Indonesia.

At each end, disturbing whirlpools and whirlpools. Between the two, in front of the pebble, a surprisingly calm and smooth water. That's where the divers are dropped ...

Under the surface, we do not know where to turn. Shoals of fish are moving in all directions, hunting jacks are spinning under your nose, imposing napoleons look at you without fear ...

It's spectacular! The concentration of pigeon per cubic meter of water is truly hallucinating. I put a little video, so you can see:


Contrary to what I feared, diving is not too physical. Jerome, my guide, who knows the site by heart, watches over our trajectory so that we remain protected from the current.

We go back and forth from one end to the other of the reef, going up a little to each length. Jerome beckons me to go back in the other direction as soon as he feels the juice, a little before the tip of the rock.

All the subtlety of this dive is to stay in the shelter, in the area least exposed to the "wind" underwater, near the wall, to enjoy the show serenely.

I do not see the time pass. Even at shallow depth, when we finish the dive, the show continues. Banks of small fish are made and disintegrated tirelessly under the rays of sun that cross the surface.

A rock surrounded by currents

With Crystal Rock, where we dive the day before, Batu Bolong is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive sites of Komodo. At sea, seen from afar, it looks like nothing, this pebble. But under the surface, we take full eyes.

Jerome confides to me, once we are back in the annex, that this rock also has a sinister reputation: there were dead here ... 😱

Brrr. He did well to tell me after, not before diving! One thing is certain: we do not dive in Batu Bolong without a serious guide, who knows the tides, the currents and the site.

Batu Bolong, Komodo. Indonésie, juillet 2011.

The schedule goes back to the Pascha by tacking between two whirlpools.

I cast one last wondering look at Batu Bolong. I'm not about to forget this piece of rock surrounded by currents.

😮 👌

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. Even though the outside swirls were very impressive, it was really great ... Batu Bolong remains one of the most beautiful dives ever made. I have an amazing memory, as well as dives from Castle Rock and Crystal Rock ...
    Strongly that you post other photos or videos, we are still not equipped to make pictures & #8230; You must always have a "little bubble elsewhere" in the boat next !!! 🙂 😉

  2. Very nice video! 8)

    Two questions from a geek-who-hesitates-to-go-to-video-of-his-7D 😳: What's your balance from 0:40 & #8211; I find her very pretty? What did you use as an objo, the Tok 10-17?

    For BB I did not know that there were deaths, but I knew there were lost people, whose dive center I used was a specialty & #8230; and forgotten & #8211; including myself and 4 other divers 😯 & #8211; picked up after half an hour by another center that passed by there & #8230; 😮

  3. @LoL: Do not worry, I have Crystal Rock and Castle Rock a mess in the hard drive ... I will soon put new photos and videos.

    @ Ludovic / Wet & Sea: Arfff ... What a mess, that damned white balance! In fact, I recorded a manual white balance, made during a previous dive, on a background of clear and plain sand, within 15 meters ... I use this scale prerecorded for sites where it does not. there is no "white" background on which to manually reset the scale.

    The problem is that the conditions (sun, depth, vision) vary enormously from one dive to another, and even during the same dive (like this one). I often have to do it again, said balance, if the background is suitable. There, we see: when you start to find the colors more beautiful, it's because the sun is back ...

    I admit: on this video, to recover the white balance that was too pink at times, with changing conditions over the course of the dive, I reworked the colors a little post-prod, at the time of editing video, to rebalance the best. But it's difficult to get exactly the same result on each sequence ...

    Question objo, for now, I manage with my basic investment (while waiting to put under a wide angle worthy of the name as the Tokina 10-17). In other words, it's my goal 15-85mm delivered in kit with the 7D. I can not zoom in, because I use it with the flat window designed for the macro lens (the 15-85 fits just in width and length). In short, it's a bit of DIY for now. But I hope to equip myself a next day with the dome and the objective that go well.

    Finally, yes, divers "lost" is a classic in the area. Do not laugh, currents, in Komodo. We ourselves helped the guy from another boat, who was not looking at all in the right direction, to spot his drifting, carried away far away #8230; 😯

  4. Ok thank you for the explanations Corinne, your balance recorded on a sandy bottom for when there is no white, without being indiscreet, you find yourself at what temperature expressed in K?

    If you ever opt for a dome and the 10-17, my ABSOLUTE advice after testing this summer, is to take the minidome 4 "Zen: lightweight travel, very good optically, -it's glass- and it you will make the close up wide angle (GPF or frogfish example 😮 ❗) .. if you see what I mean ... it now exists in Ikelite mount, however it is a bit expensive (700 €).

  5. @ Ludovic / Wet & Sea: Oh, well, it's not indiscreet. The trouble is that I emptied my memory cards, so I can not inspect the footage directly via the 7D, and this data is not recorded with the .MOV video files unloaded on the hard drive . And in the Exif data that I watched for the few .JPG images taken with this mode, it's only marked: "White balance: manual temperature" (here we are well advanced).

    So I can not tell you the equivalent in K (if I find the way to retrieve this indication, I'll tell you ...), since I do not do the balance by setting myself the temperature in K, but in taking a "white equivalent" image that the software then interprets to its sauce.

    It's a little random, my white balance under water on a solid sand background: sometimes it's good, sometimes it's too pink, or even too red at the end of the dive (more light at shallow depth) . The rendering on the screen in live-view is misleading for the eye, impossible to gauge whether the colors are balanced or not.

    Thank you very much for the advice regarding the porthole. I admit that I started to look at the site of Ikelite, but I am a little lost. Ouch, the price hurts, though ... 😡

  6. Superb your site.
    Thank you for all the info.
    I would also like to share my travels because I draw tons of info on these beautiful blog.
    Can you advise me to choose a site to create a travel blog and is it easy to use.

    Thank you

    Have a nice trip and have a good dives

  7. @Melissa: Thank you ! As for diving, I highly recommend the experience. For my part, I became addicted, as you see ...

    @Lolo: Thank you so much ! For this blog, I use the "engine" of WordPress blog (you will find a small link to click at the bottom, in the black part of the blog), all installed on a personal accommodation rented at OVH.
    But if you're not used to it, start with "ready-made" blogging solutions where there is nothing to install. These are online blogging platforms, where you just have to sign up to start posting. There are some well known: Blogger-Blogspot (by Google), Overblog, Canalblog, etc. WordPress also offers an online version at the following address: http://fr.wordpress.com/
    Experiment, and see which system you find most convenient for the use you want to make. After, when you want to evolve for more personalized systems, you will notice ... Before migrating to WordPress, I started this blog, in 2006, on Blogger-Blogspot:

  8. Thank you for your valuable advice. 😀
    I am in full preparations for a departure in April to Bali, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, it is only happiness to prepare this trip.
    Well, back to you: thanks to your blog, I travel and I dive away.

    Good continuation in Asia


  9. Hello Corinne!

    I wanted to congratulate you for your blog and the valuable information you give. It is well explained, well expressed and it puts a good mood!

    We "follow" a little, because in February I was also in Thailand, and September Komodos too (beautiful!). Besides, I'm talking about you as a girlfriend: "Corinne did it, she visited such a place ..." 😀

    In short, I'm waiting to see your next destination!
    (Papua and Australia what do you think?)

    Have a good day


  10. @Fabrice: Thank you !!!

    @Lolo: Ah, the preparations, it's always a pleasure ... We travel already, before the trip!

    @Clara: Very touched by your comment ... Do you know that it happens regularly, on a trip, to meet people, who, like you, tell me that they know me through this blog?
    I would dream to go diving in Papua and Australia, of course. But for these destinations, it takes a budget and a lot of time ahead. In the meantime, before going back to Asia, I have other small projects: a trip to Barcelona, and a photo-sub internship in Egypt ... far, far, so, from Indonesia. I have not stopped anything for next summer, but I might go to Alor. To follow, therefore!

  11. great video, very beautiful colors!
    when I film with my camera without lighting, everything is a little blue-green ...

    For many of us, unplanned expenses were right for our 2012 Bali travel project 🙁 (keenly 2013)

    So, I look to Egypt or Cuba ....

  12. It's crazy all these fish ... there is even the big blue I forgot the name (I have a memory of goldfish) and I met a few days ago in Australia! I take the opportunity to congratulate you for your site, I fully validate the overall philosophy. Bravo!


  13. @Laurence: Try to do a white balance under water before shooting with your camera, if it allows it. It can arrange the colors. Too bad for the cancellation of the trip ... And strongly 2013 !!!

    @JMB: Very nice, thank you for the link!

    @Julian: The big blue is a Napoleon, so called because of the bump on his forehead, reminiscent of Napoleon's hat ... Delighted that you like your Little Bubbles Elsewhere. Enjoy!