Underwater in Pulau Weh


  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010

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I finally ironed under the surface, with delight, in the waters of Pulau Weh (Indonesia). The underwater fauna is dense and varied. The two short weeks of my stay here will not be enough to explore everything!

The Big Fancy Camera

A nice moray, who agreed to show me his teeth for the photo ... (Pulau Weh, Gapang Beach).
A nice moray, who agreed to show me his teeth for the photo ... (Pulau Weh, Gapang Beach, March 2010)

To begin with, pictures taken with my new toy: the Canon Eos 7D in the Ikelite waterproof case who's fine. See also:

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I only have a few of them, because I'm still taming the monster, aka "The Big Fancy Camera", as Mike would say, an English instructor working here.


With an SLR camera in a large housing, everything changes underwater compared to my small compact: the weight, the aiming, the lighting, the focusing distance?

I released my new gear this morning, dive from the edge, in front of the beach of Lumba Lumba. I still have trouble correcting the flash light, but it improves, little by little.

My pictures are also a little yellow. I have to check the light temperature settings, I think. And that I am also improving post-treatment. I still have a lot of progress to make, but I learn by doing ...

Nemo's daddy says hello! (Pulau Weh, Gapang Beach)

A mischievous fish-ball, who loves to pose ... (Pulau Weh, Gapang Beach).

A scorpion baby, all wings out (Pulau weh, Gapang Beach).

So much for the very first tryouts this Thursday. Happiness of the day: the meeting with a not very shy turtle, at the end of the dive, in front of the beach...


Small animals

Tomorrow is Friday, no morning dive, we're settling into the Muslim rhythm. But the diving can still resume from 2 pm!

I'm going back to the house-reef, to continue to familiarize myself with my new box. And show me places where there are pretty sights, in the style fish toads (antennas) and harlequin ghost fish ...

That said, Harlequin ghost-fishes, I have already photographed some of them on Wednesday, during our boat trip to Batee Tokong, then on the small wreck of Sabang, in shallow water, near the port ... But with my small compact.

That day was the day I was back on the flippers after long months without bubbles. And then, as there is often current on Batee Tokong, I preferred not to jump into the water right away with the big box for the 7D. In the end, we had no current at all! I was able to photograph quietly, with my small camera, a whole bunch of nice critters, spotted by one of our Indonesian guides, Midi.

Small coral crabs photographed at Batee Tokong (Pulau Weh).

Leaf fish, photographed at Batee Tokong (Pulau Weh).

Harlequin ghost fish, photographed at Batee Tokong (Pulau Weh).


  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010