A "shrimp manicure", what do you think?

Shrimp manicure

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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You liked the fish pedicure ? You will love the shrimp manicure ! Be careful, this privilege is reserved for the rather aquatic travellers, who are not afraid to entrust their nails to the good care of the delicate cleaning shrimps.

Getting your nails done... underwater!

I kept this picture for later. For the end of the story of my Indonesian trip to Flores and Bali

But in solidarity with the travel bloggers who are taking up the challenge Adventure, manicure and pedicure, on the initiative of Adeline, the blog Travel etc.I've decided to publish it today!

How do I put this... we're right on topic!!!! No ?


A "shrimp manicure", what do you think?
How about a shrimp manicure?

Admire this cute shrimp, who looks at me bravely, right in the eye, to make sure it does a good job on my cuticles, softened by a long immersion in tropical salt water at 28 ° C ...

I photographed her during one of my dives in Bali, near Tulamben. A dive for the "little one", at a cleaning station, as we say in our diving jargon.

Cleaning station

The fish - especially moray eels and big red groupers, during this dive - come to this type of site to get rid of their parasites and dirt by the nice shrimp, hard to the task.

These brave little crustaceans are not too attentive on the scales that are presented to them. Cleaner shrimp come willingly to work on the nails of humans ...

Just reach out your hand, put your fingers on the sand and don't move. Hop, the shrimp dance begins! They run their tiny paws all over the surface of your nails, insisting in the corners, spotting and erasing the tiniest imperfections. High-precision work...

A "shrimp manicure", what do you think?

The most motivated divers take off even a few seconds their regulator (the thing that puts in the mouth and which is used to breathe) to present their mouth wide open, like the groupers, to the needy shrimp. There are often one or two, more adventurous, who then embark on an underwater descaling, comical enough to observe ... And who stops immediately the regulator put back in place (we must start breathing again).

Ladies adventurers, I can not recommend too much to try the shrimp manicure during your next swim in the tropical sea ...


  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011