Nudibranch. Alor, Indonesia. July 2012.

Bunch of nudibranchs


  Indonesia: Alor + Raja Ampat - July 2012

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Sea slugs, called nudibranchs, are abundant in Indonesia, especially in Alor. Small photo gallery.

Under water, slugs ... photogenic

Nudibranch. Alor, Indonesia. July 2012.Hey, hey... this blog is full of nudibranchs! If, like me, you love those bugs, I invite you to click on the link below...

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When I started taking pictures underwater, these pretty little sea slugs (much sexier than our gray and sluggish slugs) became my favorite subject.

Their incredible palette of colors and patterns, their delicate toupee of serrated gills are a treat for macro lovers. But you must have the eye, to locate them, on the wall of a reef or between two tufts of coral ...

Some nudibranchs are tiny, smaller than a fingernail. Others are "giants" that can grow to 10 to 15 centimetres. On average, they are about the same size as land slugs. But they are so much more photogenic!!!


The nudibranchs of Alor

I had another great time during my stay in Alor last July. Indonesia really is a fabulous playground for sub photographers!!

Here is a new bouquet of nudibranchs, just for the pleasure of the eyes, encountered during my dives in Alor. Click on the thumbnails to discover them ...

  Indonesia: Alor + Raja Ampat - July 2012