Manta Ray, Komodo. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

The Manta Ray Who Cuckoo

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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I can't stand it anymore! Before continuing to tell you more about Flores, I MUST show you this video: a charming manta ray and its friends, met in the Komodo Marine Park... A fabulous corner of Indonesia for divers, the ultimate goal of my crossing of Flores from east to west.

Diving with the mantas in Komodo

Manta Ray, Komodo. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.
Face to face with a manta ray. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)

The short video that you will find a little bit below was made at Canon 7Dby my little hands a little feverish, in the archipelago of Komodo. At the site called Karang Makassar, exactly.

There, the mantas do not stop to tumble, often in groups of three, four or five ... All in a water at 28 ° C, less than 10 meters deep. And (it's rare in the area), there was not too much power for once.

An hour of non-stop show. (Sigh…)

The video

Besides, they're not shy, the Komodo mantas. One of them, more curious than the others, came to greet me with a graceful unrolling of wrist, uh... horn, uh... what's that thing called again?

Ah, yes, it's a horn. A cephalic horn, even, according to Wikipedia. Or a rostrum, as reported me Johanne, a reader of the blog.

Come on, I let you admire (re-sigh) ...


  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011