In the lagoon of Maupiti, Polynesia, October 2012. (Photo by Marie Toumit)
In the lagoon of Maupiti, Polynesia, October 2012. (Photo by Marie Toumit)

Who is behind this blog ?

  Between Two Journeys

Bubbles Underwater & Beyond is the blog where I tell about my travels and dives. I publish my underwater photos and videos, my land and underwater impressions. And advice, too, for those who, like me, travel to put their heads underwater and make bubbles with the fish ! Above all, I try to share my amazement at the beauty of this other world under the surface of the ocean, so fragile and unknown…

Bubbles Underwater & Beyond in a Nutshell

  • Blog created in: 2006
  • Author & #160 ;: Corinne Bourbeillon
  • Topics: travel and scuba diving
  • Destinations: most likely where the water is warm

Who Is Running This Blog?

My name is Corinne Bourbeillon. I live and work in Rennes, Brittany, France, where I am a journalist at the Internet desk of the daily newspaper and media group Ouest-France for l’édition du soir (the digital evening edition). Before that, I worked for various magazines and publishing houses in Paris. I was also a literary translator for several years (a total of fifteen English and American novels translated into French).

At my office in West-France. December 2012. © Jean-Michel Niester
At my desk in Ouest-France newsroom. (Photo by Jean-Michel Niester)

Travel blogger

I created this blog in 2006. Initially, a simple holiday hobby, to give news to my family and my friends during my travels and my dives at the end of the world. Since then, the hearing Bubbles Underwater & Beyond took a lot of scale! I thus became without realizing it "blogging trip and diving" ... But this blog is not my livelihood, although it allowed me to publish articles, reports and underwater photos in other media than the newspaper I work for. Note, moreover, that I always look better in the water than at the office.

→ See all my trips

In the lagoon of Maupiti, in Polynesia. October 2012.
In the lagoon of Maupiti, Polynesia (October 2012). (Photo by Marie Toumit)


My first bubbles under water go back to a holiday in Thailand, in 1999. A revelation! Every time I go back under the surface, it is a renewed happiness, immense, intense! I am often asked if I am a diving instructor, but not at all, I am a simple "recreational" diver! I have the level Rescue Diver + Deep Diver of the training Padi and more than 1,000 dives to date. Great chilly, I much prefer the warm seas to the waters of Brittany. My favorite spots? The archipelagos of the Indo-Pacific zone (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) in the heart of the fabulous Coral Triangle. I dream of going further east in Oceania and the Pacific.

I passed my camera to my guide, and for once, I'm taking the pose!
I passed my camera to my guide, and for once, I'm taking the pose! (Indonesia, 2015)

Underwater Photographer

I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the ocean and underwater photography has become my great passion. I started in 2005, as a self-taught person, during my trips in Southeast Asia, with a small compact digital camera. In 2010, I switched to a DSLR, the Canon Eos 7D, that I take underwater in a waterproof housing. It is now my faithful companion in all my dives!

→ My portfolio site [still under development]

Yes, I do not really look like a mermaid with all my photographic bazaar under water! (Philippines, May 2018 - Photo by Steven Weinberg)
Yes, I don't exactly look like a mermaid with all my photographic stuff underwater! (Philippines, May 2018 - Photo by Steven Weinberg)

Protect The Ocean

"We love what has amazed us, we protect what we love ..." This quote attributed to Cousteau sums up what should animate the divers tourists. Through my images and my reports underwater, I try to educate people about the beauty and fragility of the ocean, on which all life on Earth depends. 50% of the oxygen that we breathe comes from the ocean ... I say to myself that I am lucky to have been able to admire so many marine species in their natural environment, that it may not be the case next generations. In the space of a few years, I am already observing my modest scale of diving tourists, the impact of overfishing, pollution and global warming on the density of fish and the coral ecosystem. The impact of tourism, too. Which brings me back to my own contradictions in each of my distant travels. I am well aware of my excessive carbon footprint when I fly ...

(Tubbataha, Philippines, May 2018)
The splendor of the reefs of Tubbataha. (Philippines, May 2018)

Independent Traveler

I'm no longer the backpacker I was in my 20's, but I still organize most of my little expeditions on my own, without using the services of any travel agency or tour operator. I like my independence and the internet makes it easy. Usually, a few e-mails exchanges with the operations on-site are enough to hold my accommodation and diving bookings. And then, preparing a trip is already traveling…

→ Solo travel

A Garuda plane, on the tarmac of Makassar airport. (Sulawesi, Indonesia, January 2015)
A Garuda plane, on the tarmac of Makassar airport. (Sulawesi, Indonesia, January 2015)

My Breakaway Bubble

I publish articles on Bubbles Underwater & Beyond on my free time, without constraint, according to my inspiration, my desires, my destinations… This blog is my freedom bubble, my breakaway bubble! I enjoy sharing here my trips around the world, live or recorded. Having nice exchanges with those of you who leave me a comment. As I continue to blog between two trips, even under the drizzle in Brittany, a myth has arisen: people think I am a perpetual traveler. I love this idea and I maintain the myth.

Surface interval in front of Kri Island, green triangle on azure water. (Raja Ampat, July 2017)
Surface interval in front of Kri Island, green triangle on azure water. (Raja Ampat, July 2017)

Photos and Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, I am the author of the photos published on Bubbles Underwater & Beyond. These images are not free of rights and it is forbidden to use them without my consent. I authorize however the resumption of an image for a mention or a short quotation, provided that my name, Corinne Bourbeillon, is in credit, with a link to the source. For any other request for the use of photos do not hesitate to contact me!

→ Contact page

Not a little proud & #8230; My photo of a freediver facing the Komodo mantas (right) was published in this National Geographic book, titled 100 Dives of A Lifetime (2019).


Corinne has been to: Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Guernsey, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Jersey, Cambodia, Laos, Morocco, Monaco, Maldives, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, French Polynesia, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Vietnam.
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  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Hello Philippe,
    I love the scenes of daily life in Bangkok that you publish on your blog ... Thank you for the link exchange. And for these last photos on Loi Kratong, we have the impression of being there!

  2. Hi to you !

    First of all, congratulations for your blog !!!
    Southeast Asia + spirit backpack + diving, we do not do better 🙂

    thank you for these few bubbles of escapes that I found by chance on the net, you are now part of my bookmark!

  3. Thank you for this nice little comment, Akway! I am flattered that Little Bubbles Elsewhere is in your bookmarks. I went for a ride on your blog, which I liked too ... And that I put likewise in my favorites. I see you have discovered the many facets of Thailand that make me love this country so much!

    (PS I answer very quickly your email on the management of the blog with WordPress ... Moreover, this is a question that I must address in my section "Blogging with WordPress" remained stale.)

  4. And then one day I discovered your passion ...!

    Hello Corinne,

    at random from my immaterial wanderings on the Internet, I stop on a link that bears your name and rushes to it. I am extraordinarily surprised by what I can read. You will understand ...

    About four or five years ago, we met for a single day, a day in December, in a train that took us to Paris to ask two questions (more or less welcome) to Amelie Nothomb! Story of an interview, story of a meeting between an author and his readers. That's not my point; I just wanted to tell you my pleasant surprise at reading this blog that you devote to a passion which, it seems to me, you had not told us during this distant meeting. I am happy to hear that you are well and that you are having good times.

    I am now studying in Rennes & #8211; a Master of letters (it was to be expected) and now read quite different books Amelie Nothomb.

    I could not go without leaving a few words.

    I can not go without wishing you other sublime discoveries.

    Bastien C.

  5. Hello Bastien,

    That's it ... What a nice surprise! 🙂

    I remember very well this meeting that we organized with Amélie Nothomb for readers of "Ouest-France". I have a very good memory of that, by the way. It was nice as a day, and I found the experience very stimulating: for us, journalists, it renewed the classic exercise of the interview, and it was really interesting to discover the questions that you, readers, had want to ask the novelist.

    Anyway, I'm glad you left a note on my blog. Ah! the magic of the web ... (I allow myself to use the familiarity, it is the use, on the blogs, and do not hesitate to do the same if you come back to leave comments.)

    Of course, at the time, the important thing was you, the readers: your expectations, your impressions, your emotions ... I was not going to start telling you my asian escapades and my underwater joys in the sea tropical.

    Bravo to have chosen studies of letters. Contrary to what one would have us believe in this era of "working more to earn more", it is very useful, the letters and the humanities.
    It opens the mind, it stimulates curiosity, it forges judgment. And literature can lead to everything, the proof: I am today at the same time translator, journalist, blogger, globe-trotter, diver, technophile and web-addict ...

    I wish you too many beautiful discoveries! See you soon.

  6. Hello Corinne,
    I sent you a comment with a very important question for me: Bali, Thailand or Malaysia ... After reading and re-reading your blog, your message and having informed me on the Tashi Delek website, we are heading to Bali at the end of April for 15 days.

    I wanted to thank you for your response and also for your beautiful blog, it really makes you want to go explore all these wonders. I hope that once I returned to France, I would go back a few months in Asia ... It's crazy, I'm not back yet that I want to go discover something else, I think it's the magic of travel! In any case, thank you again for sharing your experiences. I keep your favorite blog 😛

  7. @Violaine: Thank you for your note, Violaine. Your compliments touch me a lot. I wish you an excellent stay in Bali !!! See you soon on Little Bubbles Elsewhere!

  8. Hello,

    I am preparing my 5th trip to Bali with so much anticipation, this year plunged to Amed and Gili. Do you have a recommendation for the dive center? Amed dive Center?

    Super Blog, I almost spent my night, I'll come back! Highly the moment when I will be able to do as you ... spend my time in the water! 😀

  9. Hello Sonia, and welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere! Hey, hey, I love it when I'm told to have spent the night on my blog ...

    I would love to spend my time in the water. But in fact, it is only during the holidays ... Vivement les prochain!

    For Amed, I do not have any particular recommendation regarding a dive center. I had dive with Eco Dive: big club (maybe a little too crowded, for my taste), very nice welcome, management francophone, super Indonesian guides. There is also Euro Dive, and a whole bunch of other centers ... The best is to rummage through the internet.

    Good preparations for Bali! If you have other questions, do not hesitate. You can write to me directly by e-mail:

  10. Hello, I discover your (your) blog via Twitter.
    Incidentally, I hope that your editor has understood the incredible potential of Twitter 😉
    "Small bubbles ..." is really excellent, I appreciated: well written, with a fine use of multimedia tools (it's my look of trainer). I also use the theme Arthémia on my site, in short I feel like home ... I'll come again 🙂 A +

  11. @Phil: Oh well, thank you for this little word very nice! It's nice ... 🙂
    I realize from my side that I already read on your blog Univermedias this exciting article on " Mojos". Nice to see you on Twitter!

    I love Arthemia too. In addition, it is an Indonesian who did it. Completely fitting with my Asian theme ... I have gradually adapted to my needs, shelling one by one its clever functions. I think I will soon again "lifter" a little to purify. I'm starting to find my homepage a little too "busy".
    As for my editor, we'll see if he starts Twitter next day ...

    See you soon, then, on Little Bubbles Elsewhere or Univermedias!

  12. Hello Corinne,

    It's a girlfriend who found this link. I am not a diver (a little mask and snorkel only), but I am very attached to the sea.

    Do you know the site of Marie-Ange Ostré? another diving enthusiast.

    Go see, it's a marvel to read and grind. I do not know anyone who has gone to so many places in the world.
    Right now she is in the Maldives, and has just dipped with the gray sharks on Maya Thila. before she was in the Seychelles ... She does not stop. Must also say that she travels a lot in the course of his work, she is a photographer. Photographer and diver ...

  13. @Joce: Marie-Ange and I know each other. A few years ago I checked his site for our Multimedia pages at "Ouest-France", then we met, with great pleasure, at the 2008 Salon de la Plongee, where I also had to do an interview with Francis Le Guen who then released "Carnets d'expédition" on DVD. You will notice that Marie-Ange sometimes intervenes here, and that I regularly leave comments on A World Elsewhere ... Finally, if you look in the column on the right, you will see that One World Elsewhere is in my list of blogs "Favorites", "Friends", "Divers" and "Travelers" ...

  14. Hello Corinne,

    Just a little line to tell you that I find your site superb. I just discovered it and it's a real invitation to travel, bravo! `

    See you soon on Twitter,

    Astrid D.

  15. @Astrid: Welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere! The goal of this blog is "the invitation to travel" ... Delighted that you are sensitive. See you soon!

  16. Hello Corinne,

    I am planning a long trip to Asia and link to link, I just landed here and I must say that all this convinces me even more on the choice of my trip.
    I have not yet had time to cover everything but I will not fail to take it.

    Thank you and continue like this !!

  17. @ Mylene: Welcome to "Little Bubbles Elsewhere", I hope that the visit will continue to give you the desire to travel. Asia has conquered me, I am sure you will fall in love too !!!

  18. @Laurent: Welcome to "Little Bubbles Elsewhere". Hoping to continue to oxygenate over my articles. One day, maybe, would I have the chance to discover Reunion too ...

  19. Hi Corinne,

    It's via Sabrina's blog (Odyssea Dive in Mozambique) that I discovered this world of dreams that you share in a very lively way and rich in emotion. Of course, after my next diving trip in Africa, it will be South East Asia that I do not know yet.

    A big thank you for this great blog. 🙂


  20. @ Jean-Luc: Welcome to "Little Bubbles Elsewhere" !!! Southeast Asia is truly a fabulous area of the world for diving. But I will also have to discover, for my part, Mozambique. The Sabrina's stories give you want!

  21. Hello Corinne,

    Do you know some interesting places in the Philippines for diving?
    For my part, I dive in Boracay, it's really great.
    Congratulations for your blog! 🙂


  22. @Mimi: Hello Michel, and welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere. I dived in the Visayas archipelago in the Philippines. My favorite spots: Dauin and Apo Island, near Dumaguete, on the island of Negros. I do not know Boracay. But I intend to return there to explore other corners ... You will find all my ploufs in the Philippines by following this link:
    »My dives in the Philippines
    Good bubbles!

  23. Hello Corinne,

    A year ago, I discovered your blog via a link from the site of Valérie (Mantaleau). I was vaguely planning a trip to Thailand at the time. His reading not only fascinated me, but also taught me a lot of useful stuff and motivated me. So I left 8 weeks. This year it will be much longer & #8230;

    I regret not having taken the time to pay tribute to you: you deserve it. Here it is repaired !!!

    Thank you again and good luck.

    Denis (diver, traveler and also administrator of the BMPP)

  24. @Denis: Hello, Mr. BMPP! And a thousand thanks for this comment, which touches me a lot. It makes me happy that my Little Bubbles elsewhere helped to give you the taste of Asia and Thailand in particular. Good luck too and congratulations for the remarkable job on the site Good Deals Bad Plans Diving !!!

  25. Selamat Sorre Corinne,

    A delight in surfing on google to find your videos of manta rays and your blog that I would discover more! Thank you for these bubbles of escape, pleasure ...

    I love Indonesia where I have been going for more than ten years and what a pleasure to see and fondle stingrays in the Togian Islands last winters and my first nudibranchs, I hope this winter "to taste" manta rays some part in Indonesian territory ...
    Do you know if it is possible to observe it in Cendrawasih Bay in Irian Jaya, also being bitten by Art Premier?

    Good writes before new dives!
    K 🙄

  26. @Kalamity K: Selamat sore, or pagi, depending on when you will read this!
    Thank you for that little word. I really like Indonesia too. But I still do not know it, in fact, just a few islands and diving spots. And I totally do not know if we find mantas in Irian Jaya in Cendrawasih Bay ... Well, a little research on the internet is needed. You pique my curiosity!
    See you soon on Little Bubbles Elsewhere!

  27. Hello, I look at your site already being in Bali. Actually, I'm in Kuta and I do not intend to stay there long ... I planned a trip of 3 months and feel a little alone in this big island ... I do not meet big-world. It is true that this is my first big trip alone, and after my first big blues, I go looking for a meeting to travel a little ... You are currently in Indonesia ??

  28. Hello Marion, good morning to Valérie and Corinne,

    Reading this message moves me. I myself was gone nine months ago in Southeast Asia as a result of Marion's "big blues" but probably not so young it was not the first 😉
    A friend of mine told me to travel is also a return to you ... It's true but that's not all .... It is true that the first days can be difficult: there are so many new things to manage and it can happen that you feel alone But persevere .... Especially look before you, do not plan (or a minimum ...) let yourself be guided by your desires. If you like a place to stay a day longer, try to go one morning in a bus station and choose a destination that makes you dream, like that, without reserving, without planning ... Everything ends up being put in place. Do not try to meet people. look up and look ahead, leave behind what you left for, it will be time to return .... Just look at those you see in your eyes, smile and talk and the meetings will come alone ..

    You will see, well I wish you because for me it worked like this, the causes of the blues will not disappear miraculously, but you will discover other centers
    interest and you'll be stronger then to face the old ghosts.

    One day, it may be one evening, walking along a river, the sea, maybe visiting a temple, you will feel serenity ... So you'll know that you won ... There will still be difficult times, but you will face. For me it was the third week on the Mekong, I wish it was faster for you, but whatever it is it will come.

    Raise your head and advance !!!

    And sorry Corinne if I hacked your blog, but it seemed important to send (what you can be done elsewhere) a little affectionate and encouraging hello to Marion ....

    For me right now travel in very near suburbs: the Gulf of Morbihan 😉

    Kisses to all

  29. @Marion: Welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere! I'm not traveling, right now, alas (I'm in Rennes, Brittany). Three months is probably a lot for Bali only. I would be you, I would spend a month maximum in Bali, and the rest to other Indonesian islands or neighboring countries.
    One thing is certain, it is better not to stay in Kuta, especially if you are going through a period of big blues ... Since you have the time, I can not advise you too much to push to Pemuteran, in the north-west of the island, to spend at least a week in Amed, in the north-east, to discover Padangbai (I do not know, but lots of people have found the atmosphere nice) and to spend a little time too on the island of Nusa Lembongan, which I had loved so much.
    The story of my last trip to Bali may be able to help you:
    As well as my thoughts and those of other netizens in comments, on the solo trip:
    And then, of course, the excellent advice provided by Denis above (I would not have said better!).

    @Denis: You did very well to leave this beautiful message. Marion's comment touches me a lot too, and I hope your words will help! A thousand thanks, then, for coming here to put your "grain of salt" here.

  30. Thank you all for your messages..
    I looked at the itinerary you did in Bali and it gave me some ideas!
    Thank you for your words that give me hope and I will try to maximize my trip ..

  31. Happy Birthday !! Hey yes, big brother (your facebook page ...) is watching you. To be honest, it's the best too, that's why.

    Well, I will give my impressions of the Andaman Islands, I leave next week for 1 month.



  32. @Marion: I realize that I forgot to wish you a good trip!

    @Rod: Thank you! But now that I know you're leaving for the Andaman Islands, I'm jealous, jealous, jealous ... 😆

  33. Not very original but ...: Your site is bluffing.

    While navigating on it, I am ashamed of not having done the same of my travels which remain selfishly in my head.

    I just bought tickets for the Philippines in February. You help me for the choice of the route, thank you.

    Your section on your return to Cebu Rennes leaves a taste of too little and lets me think that I will also suffer on my return (I'm reindeer) 😥 😉.

    Thanks again

  34. Hello Corinne, I allow you to address this little word for some travel tips, either in Bali or Sulawesi. My trip would be more oriented to hiking (Club Adventure offers one on the island of Sulawesi). If you can, give me some tips and "tips".
    Thanks in advance and have a good day.
    Jean Louis
    Batz-sur-Mer (44) 🙂

  35. @ Alesto44: Not being at all a walker and even less a hiker, it will be difficult for me to advise you on it ... But I see that you have already spotted a tour operator organizing hikes.

    As for the "tips" and "tips", this question is so vague and open that I can not answer it, other than to suggest that you already read my various notes on Bali and Sulawesi, which reflect my personal experience, and to start browse books and travel guides on the subject.
    " Sulawesi 2007
    " Bali 2008

    If after that you have more specific questions about particular places where I stayed and that I can answer, it will be with pleasure. For that, it is better to write to me in private by email than on the public thread of the comments ...
    " Contact Page

  36. Hello, my turn to leave a message that follows your many new fans. Owl, I'm one of them 🙂
    I am from Angers and I was raised in the Courrier de l'Ouest sauce. Now I am based in London but I like to discover online words, photos, elsewhere and little things that make ... so thank you for your posts, real bowls of fresh air. And your blog, zou, in my favorites!

  37. Hello

    I thought I'd already written it somewhere here, but my message probably got lost in the meandering virtual world: your blog is as much fun to read as it is to watch.
    The world of blogs offers only rarely the opportunity to observe our contemporaries manage to conciliate concomitantly the fund and the form.

    I have a question: I use a platform - Blogspot - which offers little possibility of customization.
    Does Wordpress require specific skills or know-how?

    Thanks for your advices.

  38. @Lislandais: Your previous comment is not lost, but present, under another topic, here:
    Mantas and nudibranchs »Comment from Lislandais
    I renew the answer and thank you that I had made you at the time!

    Your questions on WordPress join those recently asked by another reader commenting on another post:
    The bride and groom of Derawan »Comment by Fabrice
    I replied (see the comments below, from this link).

    WordPress does not require special skills and offers lots of features and customizations that are easy to automate.
    That said, to go further, and really be able to do some tweaking in terms of design and functions, have some notions of html, css and php help a lot.

  39. Hello

    I found thailand splendid but too touristy. I did however go north around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan. It's not Pukhet & #8230;

    If you want to go to a really "wild" place, "not touristy" go to the Cantal 8) & #8230;
    on the other hand for the diving is not terrible. 😀

  40. @greg: In France as in Thailand, one can find "wild" and "non-tourist" places ... Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket are part of the traditional Thai "tourist" circuit. So, inevitably, there are structures to welcome tourists, and then tourists ...

  41. Hello Corinne,
    recently registered on, I had a link to your blog, following a question I asked.
    Thank you for the information, and the pleasure of meeting you outside or in the water ... (more difficult to discuss but for adventurous), I am also globe trotter, for some time in Asia, I also have a blog a little special , to have.

  42. @tesmagil: Thank you for this nice little word! I will go browse your blog as soon as it will be easier for me to connect ...

  43. Extraordinary! I put you in link on my Facebook.
    Thank you for these images and these shares of texts and emotions.
    A real pleasure, I'm a fan!
    See you soon. Therie

  44. Hi Corinne,

    Your blog is great - it's Cedric (Pulau Weh) who advised me
    I'm in Mayotte - a little less Asian but nice even when submarine.

    Pass when you want - I invite you on do2bouc; I put qlq nice pictures (only distributor qd one starts).


  45. @mako: Thank you for your little note, I am delighted that you like your Little Bubbles Elsewhere. I spend discovering Mayotte virtually on FB very soon!

  46. Hello Corrine,

    First, excuse my French!

    I just read your blog on Derawan, and I have a question for you because it is very difficult to have specific information losmens. For the Losmen Reza, there are rooms on the water, and rooms on the beach. Remember if the rooms on the water had private toilets?

    Thank you!!!

  47. @Ryan: Hello ! The rooms on the water of the Losmen Reza were under construction when I was there. I do not know if they have a bathroom or private toilet.

    But do not worry: there are plenty of other guesthouses on the island, many with private bathrooms. Just go from one to another and choose ... Most are not known to Western tourists, in fact. It is the Indonesian tourists who come there, most often to spend the weekend.

  48. Hello, where can I buy Loy Kratong lanterns? I literally fall in love !!!
    I can not wait to burn one with my daughter, she will love it.
    I am in Paris.
    Thank you in advance.

  49. Hello Corinne,

    I am also from Rennes, in the town of Villepot exactly, in the countryside ...

    6 months ago, I made the big departure after a dating, 14 000 km of my family, destination Costa Rica - and for 6 months I enjoy, visit and I wanted to share this beautiful country nature, ecological ... so I set up a little blog 🙂

    Here is my little story,
    Very nice blog and very happy to discover your adventure and your travels ...

    See you soon,

  50. Hello Corinne,

    it is by chance that I came across your blog which is very beautiful, beautiful photos. but I do not see any trip on the south pacific side? especially the Polynesia I come from. is this volunteer?
    I invite you to come dive here at home. on the islands of Fakarava, Rangiroa and Tikehau. soon i hope on our islands


  51. @Thierry: Thank you for that little word! I would love to go to Polynesia, but the rates to get there, to stay, to move and dive are a bit prohibitive, compared to those practiced in Southeast Asia. But I intend to put pennies to discover the Polynesian islands next day!

    1. Hello,
      It is true that the rates are quite high. but you can have a Paris Papeete ticket for 1200 euros and that on the spot is not given. but we can see a lot of big, but also beautiful corals. only missing wrecks ...
      See you soon in our islands

  52. Hello,

    I discovered your site by chance, but it makes me almost want to go to Asia, a continent that does not attract me much ...
    I also try the blog (but "home" in html ...) with much less brilliance!

  53. @ Séverine: Welcome to my Bubbles Elsewhere ... I can only recommend you to try a trip to Asia! In principle, you will come back addicted ... I am glad to have given you the desire to travel, anyway.

    I also started my blogs and sites a few years ago, in "home-made". The first is here and still exists:
    I learned a lot, on the Html, and it continues to serve me, especially to customize my themes and blog features. I use WordPress now, but on my own hosting (not the online version whose customizations are limited).

  54. Hello Corinne
    Several months already that I take pleasure to read your tickets and other stories of diving. Congratulations and thank you for these beautiful pictures. I often travel professionally in Asia (Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam ...) but not yet had the time to put the fins. It must stop ... I console myself with your photos and videos (ah! This 7D !!! ...)

    1. Thank you for this nice little word, which encourages me to continue ... Soon new images brought back from Indonesia (Raja Ampat, Papua). See you soon !

  55. Hello Corinne,

    I fell by chance on your blog.
    Journalist for Ouest France and literary translator? I must say that I envy you!

    I am a translator myself, and I have just created a travel blog for the trip that we will make my partner and I for 7 months across South East Asia and Australia.

    It is therefore with pleasure that I will come to fish tips and other tips on your blog 🙂

    See you soon

    Jess from

    1. @Jess: "Under the Rainbow", what a pretty name !!! I will follow that ...
      I do not translate much lately, my journalistic activities having taken precedence over my literary activities. But it remains the pleasure to work on the words, the text, the language ...

    1. @Edith, Thierry, Thibaud and Vincent: thank you very much for your little message, it touches me a lot, really !!! It gives me great pleasure to learn that my Little Bubbles have been a source of inspiration.

      Welcome back, you must have your head full of incredible memories !!!! I'll go find out about it on your site ...

  56. Hello Corinne,

    Fell by chance on your site, I find it really nice with beautiful pictures. Many things / tips still to read, to look at, I will put it in my favorites.
    I'm going to live in Brunei for three years and plan to enjoy it to visit a maximum of place and unusual place there? I'm thinking of diving too and wondering which place do you like the most, the most magical place for diving in South East Asia?

    thank you in advance,


    "Travels open the mind to the wonders of the world"

    1. @Thib: Brunei? So, you are close to fabulous sites for diving !!! When you are trained to dive (you can do that in the north of Borneo, in the Malaysian part, on the side of Kota Kinabalu, there are a lot of nice islands for relaxation and diving), it is essential that you go to Mabul / Sipadan. Sipadan remains an extraordinary site, with sharks and turtles everywhere !!!

      After, the most magical place in my eyes is Raja Ampat, but it is far, it is almost no longer Asia, we are in the Papuasian part of Indonesia ...

      From Brunei, you will be able to explore most of the sites I'm talking about here, on my Little Bubbles elsewhere ... All worth it !!!

      Good bubbles!

  57. Hello,

    Happy to get to know each other and to find your blog. I'm a diver / photographer / passionate from SE Asia where I'm going for the 6th year this winter. I wanted to go on Raja Ampat, but I wonder where and what period knowing that my amplitude is from late December to early April. Do you have any tips? Thank you !

    1. @Olivier: welcome to Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs and thank you for leaving a message!

      Raja Ampat is "diving" all year round. During the summer season (June-July-August) there is only more wind, so that cruise ships stop their activity, but we can still dive from a resort (that's what I did in July 2012). The period December-April is perfect, according to your desires, your budget, you will be able to opt for a cruise and / or a resort. In addition February-March, it is the season of mantas rays ...

      Where to go ? In this period, you can combine Raja Ampat North + South with Misool via a cruise, or focus on the North.

      You will find at the end of this link the articles that I put on line during my stay of March 2012 (I made a cruise on Black Manta, followed by a stay at Papua Diving, at Sorido Bay Resort):

      I will post other posts soon, on my stay in July 2012 (I went back to Papua Diving, Sorido), find at the end of this link:

      Good preparations! 🙂

  58. Hello, recently I'm surfing on lots of blogs!
    But the! I do not know what to say ... I love it with this beautiful presentation page
    your simplicity to explain your photos!
    Only that ! Happy and happy continuation to your blog and your travels!
    A Breton from Brest
    Dom! 😀

  59. Hello Corinne, from the south of France ... oups, "selamat pagi"

    Whaouffffff ..BRAVO ... !!!!!!!
    I'm a grandpa of 65 brooms, I started diving in Mexico with Phocea at 59 ...
    Since then, I am making up for lost time. I have just made 4 trips of 8 weeks ... in Bali / Lombok / Gillis, cruise Perama on Komodo, then Sulawesi / Rantepao / Bunaken for diving .... then Flores, diving with ReefSeekers on Komodo .... Then this year, Bali and Lembongan, still manta rays .... but nothing to do with these majestic black mantas of your blog, and I'm not a diver emeritus, but I fell in ecstasy before these ballets of mantas, among others ...

    I am planning a trip in February-March 2012.
    Is Kri a good base?
    How much do you have to count on a 5-day cruise with Black Manta?
    And if you have a good address (s) to stay a few sup on an island ?????
    I'm sorry for all these questions. Many thanks in advance.

    1. @Christian: and congratulations to you, for this incredible "catching up" of bubbles ... 🙂
      For Raja Ampat, in Indonesia, yes, Kri Island and Mansuar Island, are, in my humble opinion an excellent base to enjoy the most beautiful sites. Otherwise, there is indeed the cruise option.

      To find the prices of the cruises-dives with the Black Manta, the best is to go on their site:
      But I see that many of their cruises look more or less complete, already, for the period that interests you. There is also this site to find cruises with a whole lot of other boats:

      For a stay on land, having enjoyed the Sorido Bay of Papua-Diving on Kri Island, I recommend them, of course. They also have the Kri Eco Resort, cheaper. See on their website:

      Other possible resorts:
      Raja Ampat Dive Lodge on Mansuar Island >>>
      Raja4Divers on Pulau Pef >>>
      Papua Paradise on Birie >>>

      To find the posts where I talk about my dives and stays in Raja Ampat:
      March 2012 >>>
      July 2012 (posts yet to come) >>>

  60. hello Corinne

    this year, the Pascha is no longer in service, but like last year, I'll be alone on a boat in this beautiful archipelago 🙂
    as for the beautiful island you know in front of Pura, the dives are beautiful this year, Sphyrna Lewini is back ...
    good bubbles elsewhere!

  61. Dear Corinne,
    thank you for this blog that allows us to travel too and inform us, which is not necessarily obvious simply with guides. We are planning to visit the Raja Ampat Islands this summer in August, we want 2 tips:
    - Do you think that aout is ok to go?
    - we have 1 month in front of us, we will not stay so much, what to do in addition knowing that we leave Singapore and that the movements in Indonesia seem complex ...
    in advance thank you very much

    1. @Lau: thank you for that little word! 🙂 To answer your questions:

      1 - I think August is "not worse" than July in Raja Ampat ... I was there in July 2012 and I enjoyed my stay and my dives. See here :
      However, it is not an ideal month for cruises and boating, the sea is formed and there can be impressive wind gusts. Better to stay in a resort close to dive sites, if you are divers ...
      To read also here, my practical advice to prepare your stay in Raja Ampat (also read the comments of Internet users, who bring interesting information):

      2 - Take advantage of Sulawesi, since you will return by Manado or Makassar from Sorong! See below my different trips or passages in Sulawesi, if it can inspire you:

  62. Thank you very much Corinne,

    It helps us a lot.

    Just 2 last questions:
    We do not just dive snorkeling; do you have recommendations of places?

    To do Sorong Bali it seems complicated and expensive what your experience was?

    Thanks and hello from Bunaken!


    1. @Laurence Alvart: For snorkeling, I do not know too much ... in general, there are good snorkeling spots everywhere there are nice dive spots. There is an embarrassment of choice among all the corners of which I speak ... See the «All trips» page:

      For the Bali-Sorong-Bali trip, it's not complicated, it's just a bit long. You have to go through Makassar on Sulawesi. See this post, where I summarize a lot of information about Raja Ampat:


  63. Hello Corinne,

    Congratulations for your excellent blog which is for me, freshly PADI Open Water, a real source of information and escape.

    Continue to make us dream with always so many fish. 😉

  64. Hello, I am a student and your career interests me enormously I just have a small question is what you did journalism studies or have you become a journalist with your assets (namely photography and diving)? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. @Romane Claes: As I explained above, Little Bubbles Elsewhere is my personal blog and this blog has nothing to do with my work as a journalist in real life. I publish here articles, photos and videos, just for fun, to share my passions: travel, underwater photography, scuba diving ... Nobody pays me for it. This blog is my little piece of web to me, it's a bubble of freedom, without professional constraints.

      Question course, I did literary studies, I specialized in publishing, and I started in the workforce with a foot in publishing and a foot in the press ... Before becoming a salaried journalist in West -France, I started working at various publishers in Paris, I was also a literary translator and freelancer for magazines.

      I sincerely believe that none of my employers recruited me for my skills in scuba diving and underwater photography nor for my taste for traveling in Asia & #8230; 😆 The mission of a journalist is to inform. Question skills, so we expect a journalist to be at first curious about everything, able to bring back an info and check it, as well as to carry out a report, to conduct an interview, to cover a fact-miscellaneous, to process a dispatch, to correct a paper, to titrate an article, to stage a subject in the respect of the editorial line of the medium for which it works, etc. etc.

      If one day I decide to exploit professionally my personal passions, it will be another story (but then, that would mean that we should transform the holidays into work !!!).

      For now, so, I dive and I travel during my vacation, as a tourist. But, probably due to professional distortion, because of the trade and the know-how which are mine, I have the taste to tell and to stage my experiences as a traveler-diver.

  65. Hello,

    Congratulations on all your romances and photographs 😉
    Being a diver I greatly appreciate your blog.

    Continue and live the dive

  66. Beautiful site and beautiful pictures! it feels good to discover other worlds, other visions of travel! Although I do not have to complain, living for 8 years in Guadeloupe !!!! It's really nice to share your travels and experiences. I find your site great! In another universe, I would also like to create a blog like yours to share experiences of my travels because it is very pleasant to me, when I planned a destination (lastly 3 weeks in the western US in September and a week in Rome in June & #8211, in preparation NY in September 2014) to pick some addresses and some tips on sites like yours. By cons, could you advise me to create a travel blog in the style of yours (at the idea level but not reports, not being a diver "yes, yes, I'm already drowning in my shower , so !!!). Is it easy to create or have you been through a society? Thank you in advance for your advice.

  67. Hello Corinne, I stumbled on your blog, the photos are beautiful, I envy you! The article about the Derawan archipelago is exceptional, a dream for me to swim with turtles ..

  68. Hello Corinne,
    Leaving for a diving cruise in Raja Ampat (April 2015), I am also looking for the necessary information to prepare my trip. So, your blog has delighted me ... and I feel attack!
    Your article on the buddie-boulet made me smile, because often it's me who feels like a ball: apprentice-photographer, I'm always looking for what I may have missed, and I furious, and I furious ... to the chagrin of the rest of the team or the guide. Well, I promise, I'll make efforts ...
    Thank you for your good mood that is reflected in your articles and your pretty photos.
    Good continuation

  69. Hello !
    Good evening from Belgium where it snows !!!
    I love your site full of stories, photos, colors, desires to leave .......
    Yesterday, I allowed myself to borrow one of your photos for my wallpaper.
    This is a woman who swims in blue and green water, in light blue bikini and we see at the same time the inside and outside of the water.
    I can not find it on your site.
    Do you see what I mean?
    Thank you ! Nadine. 😈

  70. Good evening Corinne
    We are neighbor, Norman in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel
    I just saw a report on Raja Ampat
    I really want to go for a walk there
    Do you have good advice to give me
    Accommodation, diving center ...
    thank you and see you soon