In the lagoon of Maupiti, Polynesia, October 2012. (Photo by Marie Toumit)
In the lagoon of Maupiti, Polynesia, October 2012. (Photo by Marie Toumit)

But who is behind this blog? About Corinne Bourbeillon

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I am Corinne Bourbeillon and you are here on my personal blog, a diving blog called Small Bubbles of Elsewhere. I publish my underwater photos and videos, I tell my adventures under the surface of the ocean. I hope to make divers (but also people who never put their head under water) aware of the beauty and fragility of marine life...

Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs in brief
Start of the blog : 2006
Author: Corinne Bourbeillon
Subject: scuba diving and travel

1. Who I am in "real life

I live in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) in Brittany, where I am a journalist for Ouest-France. Before that, I also worked for various magazines and publishing houses in Paris. I have also been literary translator (English → French).

When I'm not at work, I take pictures underwater... As a result, some colleagues nicknamed me "the Palm Coco" or, more elegantly, "the naiad". It is this double passion for diving and underwater photography that I share here.

This blog is my personal siteI have a small piece of web that I cultivate for pleasure, in all independence, on my free time. What I publish here has most of the time nothing to do with my "real work" and my "real life". But I always look better in the water than in the office...

Underwater selfie, somewhere in Indonesia...
Underwater selfie, somewhere in Indonesia...

2. How I became a dive blogger

I started publishing my first blog posts in 2006, at first a simple vacation hobby to give news to my family and friends, during my travels and dives at the end of the world. Over the years, the blog has become a bit of a diary for me, and then its audience has grown beyond the private circle and has become incredibly large!

I keep this blog out of passion, I don't make a living with it. Nevertheless, it has become a kind of "showcase" of my underwater adventures, which is why I am regularly solicited by the media, books and magazines, for underwater reports and photos.

Not a little proud... My photo of a snorkeler in front of the mantas of Komodo in Indonesia (above left) has been published in this National Geographic book, entitled 100 Dives of A Lifetime (2019).

Report by Corinne Bourbeillon on the Tara Pacific expedition in the magazine Plongez ! (n°15, May-June 2018)
My story on the Tara Pacific expedition in Plongez ! (a French dive magazine) (n°15, May-June 2018)
In the name of sharks: interview of François Sarano by Corinne Bourbeillon in the evening edition of Ouest-France
My interview with François Sarano in the evening edition d'Ouest-Franceon January 21, 2022, for the release of his new book: In the name of the sharks (Actes Sud).

Above: in 4 columns on the front page in Ouest-FranceOn June 8, 2022, for the World Ocean Day, one of my pictures, taken in the "blue mangrove" of Raja Ampat. The occasion to evoke in an article the work of the association The Sea People.

3. My experience as a diver (with bubbles and sometimes without)

I have been scuba diving (with a tank) for more than twenty years. I made my very first bubbles underwater during a vacation in Thailand... A revelation. Now, every time I go back under the surface, I feel the same immense and intense happiness!

To date, I have more than 1,100 scuba dives and my level is that of a PA40 (autonomous diver to a depth of 40 meters). I did my "recreational diving" training a little bit like FFESSM and a lot with PADI to the level Rescue Diver with the Deep Diver + Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) specialties. I also hold a Hyperbaric aptitude certificate (CAH) Class 1 mention B (up to 30 meters) and I have been initiated to freediving (level AIDA 2).

I am a great chiller and prefer warm intertropical seas to cool Breton waters... But in 2020 (thank you Covid), I started wearing a dry suit, which allowed me to go back to explore the Breton seabed near my home without fearing the cold. Long live the little bubbles from here!!! 😂 Quite a change of atmosphere from the Indo-Pacific archipelagos (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines), in the heart of the fabulous Coral Trianglewhere I had the chance to dive often.

Corinne Bourbeillon, underwater photographer
Me trying to look cool and relaxed with my balaclava and my waterproof suit in the Breton waters, much too cool for my taste... (Caves of Cape Fréhel, Saint-Cast, Côtes-d'Armor, July 2021, photo by Olivier Delorieux)

4. My passion, the underwater image

The beauty of the aquatic world never ceases to amaze me and underwater photography has become my great passion. I started in 2005, self-taught, during my travels with backpack in Southeast Asia, equipped at the time with a modest digital compact camera.

In 2010, I switched to SLR, with the Canon Eos 7D that I took underwater in a suitable watertight container. It then accompanied me on all my dives!

In 2023, I change for a hybrid device, Canon Eos R7. Ditto, I had to find a waterproof case for this new "toy", an indispensable companion for my underwater adventures.

I also talk about it here on my other site:

→ About Corinne Bourbeillon, underwater photographer

Corinne Bourbeillon, underwater photographer
Yes, I don't really look like a mermaid with all my photographic junk underwater! (Philippines, May 2018, photo by Steven Weinberg)

5. Protecting the ocean

I strive to encourage as responsible a practice of scuba diving as possible. I have been diving regularly for a long time, and I tell myself that I am lucky to have been able to observe so many species in their natural environment... This may not be the case for the next generations, who may only see coral and live fish. than in an aquarium.

I am already seeing the impact of overfishing, pollution and climate changeThe impact on fish density and coral ecosystems has changed in only a few years. The impact of tourism, too...

More to read → Diving and protecting the ocean

This brings me back to my own contradictions. I am much more aware than I used to be of the huge carbon footprint of my air travel. Now, after years of travel, I question myselfwith a little help from the Covid pandemicTo continue to make bubbles, I started to dive in France again. But I will certainly not fly as often as before.

Acropora, Tubbataha, Philippines, May 2018
The splendor of Tubbataha Reefs. (Philippines, May 2018, photo by Corinne Bourbeillon)

6. Travelling solo

When I travel, I love to go alone, it's really freedom. Those who have never tried the experience do not realize it, but solo travel is rarely synonymous with solitude. You never meet as many people as when you are unaccompanied. This is even more true when you practice an activity like diving, which allows you to "socialize" easily around a common passion. I already talked about it in this post → Travelling solo.

I like my independence and the internet makes it easy. If I don't travel anymore in "backpack" mode like when I was 20 years old, I still organize most of my small diving expeditions by myself, without necessarily going through an agency or a tour operator. In general, a few e-mails are enough to book my accommodations and dives. And then, preparing a trip is already traveling...

Ondoliang, the perfect beach ... (Center-Sulawesi, Indonesia, July 2017)
Ondoliang, the perfect beach ... (Center-Sulawesi, Indonesia, July 2017)

7. A bubble of freedom and escape

This blog is my bubble of freedom, my bubble of escape!  I feed it on my free time, without constraint, according to my inspiration, my desires, my destinations... I enjoy telling here my escapades for scuba diving, live or recorded. To discuss with those of you who leave me a comment. But I can go long periods without publishing anything too, and the site continues to live its life!

As I often published articles between two tripsEven under the Breton drizzle, some people mistook me for a full-time globe-trotting diver. I confess, I would have loved to travel permanently. But quietly, with a long stay in some places, without flying back and forth at the beginning and at the end of the vacations and without a huge carbon footprint...

Between dives, somewhere off Sumbawa, Indonesia (July 2018).
Between dives, somewhere off Sumbawa, Indonesia (July 2018).

8. Photos and copyrights

Unless otherwise indicated, I am the author of the photos published on Small Bubbles of Elsewhere. These images are not free of rights and it is forbidden to use them without my consent.

I generally authorize the use of an image for a mention or a short quoteI will use the photos as long as my name, Corinne Bourbeillon, appears as a credit, with a link to the source. For any other request of use of photos, do not hesitate to contact me!

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