I like hanging out in the markets in Asia. During my stay in Sulawesi (Indonesia), last summer, I went for a ride in that of Rantepao, in the heart of the Toraja country. Here are some atmospheric photos ...
Des gamins filent à scooter sur la route devant moi. (Pays Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonésie, juillet 2010)
Batutumonga. This strange and beautiful name is synonymous for me with a fantastic scooter trip in the heart of Toraja Country, in the center of Sulawesi. Sublime rice fields ... but rotten roads! I almost stayed sleeping in the mountains, because of a flat tire.
Le terminal de la compagnie Litha, à Makassar, d'où partent les bus pour le pays Toraja.
The Toraja country, it deserves! From Manado (north Sulawesi), you must first reach Makassar in the south, an hour and a half by plane. Then it's 8-10 hours by bus to Rantepao.