Underwater volcanic sources. Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia, March 2010.

Volcanic bubbles

  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010

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Bubble Buddies, here's a little video just for you... I'm taking you to the underwater hot springs of Pulau Weh. Volcanic hot springs, which release a profusion of bubbles, a few meters below the surface !

A Jacuzzi... underwater!

You may have seen such sources on earth, with the characteristic smell of sulfur (it smells like rotten eggs). There are many in the volcanic regions.

Indonesia, located on the famous "belt of fire" of the earth's crust, is in fact a long string of volcanic islands. I remember seeing springs similar to the lake Danau Linownear Manado, in the north of Sulawesi, as well as near Lovina Beach, in the north of Bali.

But underwater, it's much more fun!

From the boat, we can just see big broths on the surface, big packets of bubbles coming up. Moreover, even before seeing them, we already perceive the smell, this funny smell that reminds of chemistry classes and stinky balls ...

Some of the Indonesian guides prefer not to put on their suits for this short dive. They say that the suits are still soaked with it. I'm not very keen on checking the concentration of stinging bugs in the water on my skin, so I kept my 5 mm. But I didn't notice anything special when I rinsed it off, phew!

Water temperature: 33°C

Under water, it is a delight to wallow in the heat of these bubbles that never cease to spring from the bottom, in the middle of crevasses larger or smaller, fringed with a whitish deposit.

The game is to raise as high as possible the thermometer of the dive computer that is on the wrist, placing his hands in front of a large release of hot water and bubbles.

Last record, during our outing on Wednesday: 33°C.


  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010