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I am Corinne Bourbeillon and Bubbles Underwater & Beyond is my personal blog. Through my underwater photos and videos, I try to share my wonder at the beauty of this other world under the surface of the ocean, so fragile and unknown...
The ocean produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe on Earth. Through these reports, I encourage responsible scuba diving practice. Let's protect the ocean!
Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Polynesia, Mexico... All the travels and all the dives I have told on the blog since 2006 are here.
My partner Miyo, fascinated by the life of the coral reef. (Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, March 2012)
The huge Indonesian archipelago is my favorite diving destination. At the heart of the Coral Triangle, its waters are home to the greatest diversity of species in the world!

Tips and Tricks of Travelling Diver...

Sometimes you can choose your seat on the plane. Dilemma : is it better to sit in the front, or in the middle, or at the back of the aircraft?
Hello Steven! (Tubbataha, Philippines, May 2018)
I'm traveling for underwater photography. So in my luggage, in addition to the clothes, I take all my photo and diving equipment. Namely a reflex camera (Canon Eos 7D), its waterproof housing to take it underwater, two underwater flashes, and a complete diving equipment!

My Previous Underwater Adventures

The media in which I have published reports, articles, photos on scuba diving: National Geographic, Dive! Magazine, West-France, Plongeur.com, Scuba-People The Mag ...

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