Gaterins at Crystal Rock. Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011.
Gaterins at Crystal Rock. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)

Underwater happiness in Komodo

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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October. Already. Indonesia and Komodo are far away. And my underwater photos sleep at the bottom of the hard drive for three months! I rediscover them these days with a new eye, astonished. I can not believe it. I saw all that, me? It's crazy.

Hop, to the water!

You remember my princess boat, on which I made this fantastic dive-cruise, last July, in the Komodo National Park? I've already shown you a few videos, some of the critters who frequent the place: manta rays,, napoleons... Ah! And then I have sharks in shambles, too, in video. I just have to find the time to put together my little sequences ... It's coming! ????

In short, what is crazy about Komodo is the profusion and the infinite variety of wildlife under water. Corals explode in color, gorgonians are giant bushes, barrel sponges can hold a man, and the banks of gaterini, so photogenic, are everywhere.

Gaterins at Crystal Rock. Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011.
Gaterins at Crystal Rock. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
The reefs sport giant gorgonians with bright colors. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
The reefs sport giant gorgonians with bright colors. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
A barrel sponge. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
A barrel sponge. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
Gaterins at Crystal Rock. Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011.
Gaterins at Crystal Rock. (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)

I have been diving for a long time in Asia, and Indonesia is by far my favorite destination. This huge string of islands seems inexhaustible. Impossible to be jaded!

And Komodo, where I had never soaked my fins before last summer, has now gone to the top of my little personal top asian dive sites ...

The Komodo National Marine Park is located in what are called the Small Islands of Sunda (it's all the way to the east, near Flores, after Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa). It is further and less accessible than Bali. Diving is not as cheap as in Thailand. There can be currents of madness. But it's really worth it.

I keep a dazzled memory, really. I love going back to the surface, amazed, like a kid, forgetting everything. This happiness, that happiness, seemed to me more intense in Komodo than elsewhere.

Komodo on land and underwater

Three months after this fabulous trip, caught again by the daily, I aspire to find these sensations both exhilarating and soothing that give me diving and photography under water.

But when I talk about this Indonesian journey to my friends or my entourage, it's the part that interests them the least. As they do not dive, it does not tell them anything, it does not stir anything in them. What I conceive pretty well. By the way, I now avoid giving them my pigeon pics when I return ... ????

Nevertheless, diving has become, over the years, my various trips in Asia, something important, essential, which brings me a lot. It's more than just a leisure activity, more than a pleasant tourist activity.

The more I explore it, the more the underwater world fascinates me. The more I feel good too. To those of you who dive, do you do the same thing?

For divers, I still give below some subaquatic images of Komodo ... ???? And for the others, promised: in the next article, I will return on the mainland, on the island of Rinca very exactly, to introduce you the famous Komodo dragons!

Hi Nemo! An adorable clownfish in his anenome ... (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
Hi Nemo! An adorable clownfish in his anenome ... (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
The majestic manta rays are here too! (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
The majestic manta rays are here too! (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)
Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, July 2011.
A profusion of life on the reefs ... (Komodo, Indonesia, July 2011)

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. Hello, NO, NO, especially continues to post notes on the dive ... I did a lot of diving in the Mediterranean and it was still quite frustrating not being able to bring photos (I'm talking about a time that the under 20 can not know ...) and therefore not to be able to fully share these moments. You have this chance today, so keep going. It is even more frustrating to be unable to dive (bp of health) and have to just snorkel and watch the pretty pictures of the lucky ones!

    The line photo is superb, lighting and angle of view, composition, Well Done ❗ ❗


  2. Yes, Corinne! We want our live fishsticks for a long time on your blog !!!
    I do not dive (ear problems) but snorkeling and I must say that the more I do, the more I want to do! It is as if we were evolving in a parallel world!

  3. Same feeling of frustration as you Corinne when I have been too long in the dry ... it is so light under the water with this feeling of weightlessness when you do not see the bottom and the ocean reveals its treasures!
    Komodo is dreaming ....
    I returned from 3 weeks in Madagascar is an extraordinary island and I advise you to dip your palms one day, plus the landscapes are great with the tsingy and the forests where hiding lemurs and cameleons!
    I also announce that I will take advantage of the promo Etihad Airways to 599 euros to return to the Philippines and this time pay me the cruise to Tubbataha.
    There are also specials with Qatar Airways to enter at the latest on 31/10 for trips until the end of March 2012. ... it leaves the choice for the winter holidays, will you let yourself embark?
    A +

  4. What memories, like you magic, Komodo ... I would go back well ... I have the impression that once is not enough, there is so much to discover under the water!

  5. @Thiojas: Thank you ! I still have lots of pictures under water to share, and I do not get tired ...

    @Alex: Delighted that you like on my little bubbles elsewhere!

    @Melissa: There will be others and full, promised!

    @Lise: Yes, you can not get tired of diving once you have the virus! I have spotted the specials of Qatar, but my choice is not yet stopped for the winter, we will see ... Madagascar, I will have to discover!

    @Manta: Yes, Komodo seems to me to deserve several cruises. The sites are impressive, really.

  6. 6 months ago I sold my car, my apartment I left my job, I stored all my belongings to live diving for a year, trying to satisfy my need for diving. I became a diving guide for a center in Bali and it's crazy, the more I dive, the more I want to dive ... I do not see myself returning to an office in the cold Montreal and diving like before only during the holidays . I'm leaving Bali in a month for Sulawesi, where I'll be working for a few months, but between the two, you really make me want Komodo! My clients tell me a lot about it and each time it's positive.

  7. @Guillaume: Wow, a real change of life, then! As for Komodo, yes, I can only warmly recommend that you go diving there. It's spectacular, you will not regret. The sites are really exceptional. Enjoy!

  8. Komodo would have exceeded Sipadan in your dive site ranking? The thing is, you did the cruise in princess conditions so it helps beautify the thing! In Madagascar I managed to manage the white balance for my underwater photos thanks to my white fins ... so I clown under the water, it made all laugh limited to 4 divers ....

  9. Très belles photos. Je n’ai jamais réussi à faire une photo correcte avec flash sous l’eau, ça me permet d’apprécier d’autant plus tes clichés 😀

  10. Just like you I went diving in Komodo and came back amazed !!!
    The funny thing is that we dive at the same time;))
    So especially continue to post articles, photos and videos of this little paradise of divers because for me, it's really very memorable memories ...
    Waouhhh… Voilà le seul mot que j’arrivais à articuler en remontant d’une plongée à Komodo 😉
    The comparison will be hard with future dive sites ...
    So no, you're not alone in feeling such things and yes yes yes, for pea shots;)))
    In the next article ...

  11. Magnifique article! Photos splendides! De la “poiscaille” comme celle-là, on ne s’en lasse pas! Même si je ne plonge pas (trop d’appréhension), je comprends très bien tout ce que tu peux ressentir sous l’eau, toi-même redevenue “poisson”, ce que tu étais peut-être dans des temps très antérieurs! 😉 ❓

  12. @Lise: Yes, clearly, in terms of the quality of the dives, Komodo surpasses Sipadan: more variety, more of everything (with the exception of the incredibly numerous turtles in Sipadan). The thing is that the dives are still more difficult, in my humble opinion, Komodo that Sipadan ... Bravo for the white balance! Continue to make others laugh under the water. After they will be happy to see the images that you can do !!!

    @Florent: Take a picture with the flash under water, it can be learned ... Question of experience, and patience, too!

    @Annabel: Yes, yes, yes ... Count on me. There will be plenty of others, fish, big and small, in pictures and videos, on this site. If it is, we will cross one day under water! As you say, when we "made" Komodo, it sets the bar very high for other dive sites ...

    @Ysbilia: Me, fish, in a previous life? Who knows ... One thing is sure, I'm fine, under the water. And I am delighted to be able to share some of my wonder with my little pictures.