Bangka, Sulawesi, juillet 2015
Bangka, Sulawesi, July 2015

Bangka, happiness under the water

  Indonesia: Lombok + Bali + Bangka - July 2015

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Another Indonesian island I love: the beautiful and peaceful Bangka. I take you first under the surface, among the fish, on video.

My treasure island

Le ponton de Coral Eye, à Bangka Island. (Sulawesi, juillet 2015.)
The Coral Eye pontoon at Bangka Island. (Sulawesi, July 2015.)

See and see again ... The little island of BangkaIn North Sulawesi, I love each other a little more. I discovered it in 2010. I went back in 2013. I have recidivated in July 2015, after my incursions in Lombok and Bali. I do not get tired ... 😉

I take you directly under the water, on video, to the wonderful site of Sahaung. The huge schools of yellow snappers with blue stripes are still there. Dense, abundant, spectacular. Everywhere on the reef, life abounds. I love this site!

The island of Bangka is less known to the divers than the very popular Bunaken, not far away ... So much the better. We are underwater, there are not many people to scare the fish. 😝

It is still a small paradise relatively quiet and preserved, where, really, the quality of the underwater walks does not cease to delight me, from one year on the other. In 2010, I shot very similar images ... It is a pleasure to see, five years apart, that the seabed is in excellent health.

Back to Coral Eye

I went back to my Italian friends, Clara and Marco, who are the Coral Eye Center, which I mentioned here in 2013 (the link to their website → Coral Eye). Warm welcome, simple but impeccable comfort, atmosphere "marine biologists", exceptional location on a beautiful beach, with a pontoon as I love them, just above the coral.

My conception of happiness ... 😎

Sous le ponton, le corail. Le ponton de Coral Eye, à Bangka Island. (Bangka, Sulawesi, juillet 2015.)
Under the pontoon, the coral. (Bangka, Sulawesi, July 2015.)
À peine plus hauts que les bouteilles des plongeurs ! (Bangka, Sulawesi, juillet 2015.)
Only slightly higher than the bottles of the divers! (Bangka, Sulawesi, July 2015.)
La plage de Coral Eye. (Bangka, Sulawesi, juillet 2015.)
The beach of Coral Eye. (Bangka, Sulawesi, July 2015.)
Le retour du bateau est délicat, à marée basse, à cause du corail à fleur d'eau. (Bangka, Sulawesi, juillet 2015.)
The return of the boat is delicate, at low tide, because of the coral at the water's edge. (Bangka, Sulawesi, July 2015.)

I will come back to tell you the rest of this stay "lazy and dive" in Bangka very soon ...

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