Wreck of Liberty - Tulamben

The Liberty wreck in video

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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The Liberty is the most famous (and most popular) wreck in Bali. It is located in Tulamben, near Amed, on the northeast coast of the island.

Atmosphere dives

The dives on this huge cargo ship are full of atmosphere. Here is a small underwater video, to give you a little of the atmosphere of this exceptional site.


You often come across a huge school of jacks and sometimes a big solitary barracuda...with the patibular mine. Not to mention the pygmy seahorses! In the video, we see my guide Kadek inspecting a gorgonian seahorse to find one for us.

The wreck is so vast, so rich in fauna, that one can go back several times without getting bored! For the amateurs of underwater bugs, I will post in a few days new photos.

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July 2012. Small addition: I went back to Bali several times since 2008, and I dived again on the fabulous wreck of the LibertyBut with a guide for me alone and at the right time (when there are less people)... I would like to point out this real good plan of resort for divers, which is also an excellent address, especially if you are a sub photographer, and you want to discover the wreck in the best possible conditions:
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  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008