Bangka Island sous l'eau.

Underwater walk in Bangka

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, the original and correct version can be found here:

Indonesia, sea of Celebes. Under the surface, life abounds! The proof in pictures, with this small underwater video, made around the island of Bangka, in the north of Sulawesi.

Bangka under the water

More than four months have passed since these dives, which date from July 2010 (already!). But by rediscovering my little sequences for editing, I am rather impressed, with hindsight, by the wealth of the seabed.

I had forgotten how beautiful it was ...

Let go
The little people of the reef

My Eos 7D, with which I filmed under the water, did rather a good job, I think. And then I start to have better in hand. But I'll talk about it in a next post ...

Finally, I will also have to write a word about the diving resorts located in Bangka, three in number, Murex, Mimpi Indah and Blue Bay: I tested the first two, during my stay!

Une rascasse volante (lion-fish) me surveille du coin de l'œil... (Bangka Island, Sulawesi, Indonésie. Juillet 2010.)

: roll:

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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  1. Despite the small technical disadvantages that you know, I was able to watch the video, superb! And as in any good soap opera, the sequel to the next "number" 🙂 😉

  2. All these fish! It's true, it's beautiful ... I look forward to your ticket to the two Bangka resorts, because I wonder if I would not go there a few days before or after Lembeh in May ...

  3. @Ysbilia: Very happy that you managed to launch the video anyway! 😉

    @Fabrice: Yes, I remained taped, rediscovering my little films, long after ... 🙄

    @ Marie-Julie: Merki, merki !!! 😀

    @Malene: Yes, I recommend a tour by Bangka, before or after Lembeh. It completes well ... 🙂

    @Manta: Ah, ah! A fine connoisseur of places ... 😉 Yes, absolutely, most of these images come from Sahaung.

  4. What a pleasure to watch this video between two rehearsals !!! It feels good, it relaxes, it changes the ideas, in short, that happiness !!!!

  5. Manta beat me & #8230; 😆 I saw Sahaung too 😉 with the end of the dive, once the schools of fish passed, the little sharks under the coral tables. 8)

  6. Hello Corinne,

    I post my first comment, so let me join everyone to congratulate you for this blog that I saw appear in the magazine GEO (subscribed), but I already knew from other forums.

    I see that you start to master the 7D gun and I look forward to your feedback on the Ikelite case because I now have this 7D gun. Can you tell me what lens you use for underwater photography?

    As you will see on my photo gallery, I enjoy taking underwater photos as an amateur during my many trips to Asia.


  7. @ Helen: Your sign is fish, right?
    @ Wet & Sea / Ludovic: Absolutely. I see that this blog is well attended, by connoisseurs who know how to appreciate ...

    @Alimata: In fact, I did not delete it, I just ran out of battery at that time ... No bowl.

    @Safe: Thank you for this first comment very nice! I promise to post a ticket very soon on the 7D, the Ikelite box and everything. And I run to see your photo galleries.
    First answer to your questions about my goals under water:
    - for the macro, I use the EF-S 60mm f / 2.8 Macro USM.
    - in wide angle, I keep the lens of my kit at the time of purchase, the EF-S 15-8 mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS USM (which supposedly was not made to enter the porthole the box provided for the macro lens, but in fact it comes anyway, it's just that we can not use the zoom).