Mantas and nudibranchs

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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

Guilhem, my dive buddy in Derawan (Borneo), was kind enough to send me two underwater videos he made this summer in the sea of Celebes.

On the program: nudibranchs and manta rays. Remember, he was the one who had an expander problem

By the way, on the nudibranch video, when the image "dives" at the end, that's where he drinks the cup the first time. 😯

Nudibranchs - Derawan

Manta rays - Sangalaki

Many thanks to Guilhem, for these images, which recall so many good underwater memories! Ah ... the ballet of mantas, still captivating!


On Small Bubbles Elsewhere

So, I realize that I still have not found the time to mount my own underwater videos of stingrays in Sangalaki ... I had only posted two sequences "raw" here:
→ The mantas rays of Sangalaki

As for lovers of nudibranchs, these charming little sea slugs, a click on my tag nudibranchs will lead them to all of my articles where are found in photos. Otherwise, I put a nice series in this post:
→ Nudibranch Festival

These extraordinary underwater encounters seem so far, already ... And I still have so much to tell about Derawan! What to occupy the long winter evenings, waiting for the next departure.

: roll:

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. @ Ja1951: Me too, I am always fascinated by the underwater "flight" of these graceful giants ... I never tire of admiring them. 🙄

    @Denis: Idem. Many more thanks to Guilhem !!! 🙂

    @Guilhem: I must say that I had a very nice material to stage ... 😉

    @ Helen: Really? From you, it's surprising. But you are right, yes. But readers "bubblers" surely want to return a little underwater. 😀

    @Manta: Once again, thank Guilhem for this nice gift he gives me !!! 🙂

  2. Superb these rays ... What a sight! I have not yet had the opportunity to attend ... But with the arrival of Air Asia in France it will be easier, lol!
    For the nudists, a pity that there is not a little lighting, the colors do not stand out ... but what happiness to see the species of Phyllidia that I met in June!
    By the way, talking about nudibranchs ... you'll be fine in the next issue of Water Investigators !!! It will appear at the end of the month, on the occasion of the Underwater Image Festival in Marseille 😉

  3. @ Marie-Julie: Thanks again to Guilhem ... 😆

    @Guilhem: The postman left me a yellow paper in my absence at the beginning of the week ... That must be it? I must be able to pass to the Post Office (which obviously has not practical schedules compared to my own schedule). I tell you this again as soon as I get the shipment ... 😉

    @Anthony: Sure that the lines are necessarily more spectacular, in video, than the nudists, who need additional lighting to reveal all their colors. Well, well, I can not wait to discover this issue and read your article! 😀

  4. @ Vorga T-1339: Ghost in the Shell, do not know ... But Guilhem may know?
    @lislandais: Thank you for this glowing comment & #8230; topissime! 😉

  5. @Corinne: Vorga is a connoisseur & #8230; 🙂 impressed that he recognizes! 😀 Ghost in the Shell is one of the 90's Manga masterpieces!

  6. A rainy night and I wonder how much will have to wait for a new trip from Corinne & #8212; I registered on twitter to know it live 😯 I look forward to its reports and photos, and the winter will be long, without dives or tropical sun until June. I was told it's the best time to go on a dive cruise to the Komodo Islands, so I'm waiting and sad months under the Parisian greyness are also waiting for me ... Too bad luck, I just watched once again Corinne's nudibranch photos and I want to throw all my underwater photo equipment and ... put me in the fishing. 😥

  7. @Guilhem: My friend Google allowed me to find information ... it's not my department, the manga, I do not know anything, I admit.
    @Max: Courage! Winter will not last forever ... And then, I still have lots of movies and photos, brought back from my getaway to Borneo, to show, to wait while waiting for the next departure! I'm a little overwhelmed by the job, so I left the blog a little this week. But I intend to put the weekend that benefits to virtually transport me to Sipadan or Derawan with a new article ... 🙄
    As for the next trip, it will probably not be until March. Exactly, Komodo, I'm thinking about it. Unless I return to the Philippines?
    If you throw your stuff, tell me where, I'll get it ... 😀 I like the fish on my plate too, so no problem, if you want to go fishing! 😆