Diving on the wreck of Liberty. (Tulamben, Bali, July 2008)
Diving on the wreck of Liberty. (Tulamben, Bali, July 2008)

Dive without getting wet in Bali

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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Yes, I bring you (again) under the surface ... To finish with the wreck of Liberty in Bali, I propose below a small series of underwater photos.

Tulamben, Amed, Jemeluk

The first images were made on the wreck of the Liberty or nearby, others on nearby sites, in Tulamben, Amed, Jemeluk.

Diving on the wreck of Liberty. Tulamben, Bali. July 2008.

Diving on the wreck of Liberty. Tulamben, Bali. July 2008.

But you will not have any images of Bunutan. It is a superb dive, very rich, where we meet big beasts (turtles, white tip sharks). Only, there was a furious current the day I was there!

As a result, it's impossible to stop to immortalize the slightest bug. Not even a magnificent leopard moray eel, encountered in shallow water. What a pity! But that's the charm of diving in Amed: they are very varied, mixing coral and artificial reefs, drift dives, muck-dive...

The Liberty As if you were there

Finally, I invite you to discover this spectacular panoramic of Liberty, unearthed on the site Panoramas.dk.

Tulamben Wreck Panoramic

A 360° immersion in the wreck, in the middle of the divers, without getting wet! Click on the picture and walk around with your mouse. The atmosphere is there. You'd think you were there!

Good plan for accommodation and diving in Tulamben

July 2012. Small addition: I have been back to Bali several times since July 2008, and I dived again on the fabulous wreck of the LibertyBut with a guide for me alone and at the right time ... I point out this really good map of a diving resort, which is also an excellent address, especially if you are a sub photographer, and you want to discover the wreck in the best possible conditions:
→  Liberty Dive Resort

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. Thank you for this impressive panoramic! and for your photos of Amed where I was last year and that made me dream my old age only allowing me to snorkel! :)

  2. Yes, this panoramic is really nice. I fell on it a little by chance the day before yesterday and I stayed long minutes on it, to turn in all directions, fascinated. I thought it would appeal to both divers and non-divers.

    In another genre, on this panoramic site, you can even visit the different rooms of the Elysée Palace in 360 ° ...

    For my part, I have not done any snorkeling at Amed, but I imagine there must be corners where we can see many critters and admire the corals without needing anything other than a mask and a snorkel.