Dans les rues de Kuala Lumpur, impossible d'échapper aux panneaux publicitaires géants. (Malaisie, février 2006)
To kill time while waiting for the big departure, I test the posting of a blog. Takeoff Friday, June 23, 2006: J-89 ... It's not so far!
Tableau des vols à la gare TGV de l'aéroport Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle.
I will leave again. At the end of June, I fly again towards the Orient. It was enough for me to receive the e-ticket on my mail to feel wings.
Learning Indonesian, par Cici et Shaun.
Here is Learning Indonesian: podcasts to learn the basics of bahasa indonesia, the Indonesian language, close to bahasa melayu, spoken in Malaysia.
Un Airbus de la compagnie lowcost malaisienne AirAsia, à l'aéroport LCCT de Kuala Lumpur.
This is probably the company that I took most often, with all my travels in Southeast Asia! In October 2009, Air Asia, the Malaysian lowcost, has just filed an application for authorization to practice in France.