"Geekettes" with wifi on the beach. Perhentian Besar, Malaysia, July 2009.

Geekette on the beach

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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Last night on Perhentian Besar. I'm not the only "geekette" to ship a computer ... Around me, lots of people are tapping on Facebook or unloading photos on their mobile.

At the end of the world but connected!

My dive buddy, Mandy, a German woman settled in Japan for ten years, has just offered herself a beautiful MacBook Pro, which made me regret mine. The night before yesterday, we transferred our photos from one computer to another, while waiting for our dishes.


And I do not know who, of Bettina (another German woman found by chance here, two years after our meeting in Sulawesi) or Aziz, the king of the barbecue at Mama's (the famous little restaurant next to Watercolors), took the picture ...



I recommend the address if you are staying at Paradise Beach. Basic bungalows at Mama's Chalets are cheaper and better damn (no terraced room and there are electrical outlets inside) than those in Watercolours-Paradise. And we eat really well.

Beaches almost deserted

Today was my last day in Perhentian Besar ... Already! Day without diving, since I have to fly to Borneo tomorrow.

I took the opportunity to walk on the other side, all the way south of the island. I courageously crossed a little piece of "jungle", flip-flops and pareo (without harvesting any mosquito bite, I even crossed a lizard on the way!), To reach the beach of Cozy Resort and Abdul Chalets.


Behind (it's "After the last coconut tree, to the left of the rocks", said the waiter from Abdul), there is an old concrete staircase, with a little surreal colonnades, which leads to other beaches. Desert or almost.

No restaurants or resorts, anyway. Just a pontoon where are moored fishing boats, closed wooden houses that sometimes host groups or holiday camps, a wave boui-boui ...

If I rely on the unearned cards, the place is called Teluk KK. At the end, a new cove, even more deserted. Perhentian Besar almost looks like Seychelles, with these big round rocks bathed in the azure waves.


I know, it's provocation. But I assume my geek status at the beach. I feel obliged to transfer these ultimate images ...


  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009