Turtle Tomb Cave. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013.

Sipadan Turtle Tomb Cave

  Borneo: Indonesia + Malaysia - July 2013

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Hop! Back to Borneo. Here is my little video shot in July 2013, at the entrance of the famous underwater cave of Sipadan called "Turtle Tomb".

I confess, I oversold the thing ... In fact turtle grave, I visited only the entrance to the cave, where there is not a skeleton to see.

Where's the turtle graveyard?

My group has only made the classic little loop that all the tourists-divers make inside the vast hall of the entrance, located between -17m and -23 m deep, where we keep in sight the reassuring triangle blue that overlooks the outside.

Turtle Tomb Cave. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013.

I didn't go as far as the "turtle graveyard", popularized by Cousteau's film (I was talking about the "turtle graveyard"). in a previous post), where we can see whitish skulls and shells on a sandy bottom. To access it, it is necessary to sink in casings at the bottom of the cave. The unfortunate turtles foolishly lost their lives and died there, asphyxiated because they could not find the way to the surface to breathe ...


The panel adorned with a skull at the entrance of the cavern and seen at the beginning of my video is there to remind the intrepid tempted to improvise speleologists underwater, that some humans too have already perished at the inside ...

To explore the Sipadan Cave further down to the turtle cemetery, you have to plan things in advance, with a serious guide who knows the place. And then, of course, feel attack for an underground dive.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, I put below a video of another diver, found on YouTube :

I admit, it did not tempt me too much. I already do not like land caves. So I do not think it's my thing, to go bubble in casings where we can not see the surface anymore ...

Turtle Tomb Cave. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013.Me, the entrance hall is already enough to impress me.

We went there several times. And always, my pulse accelerates, when I plunge into the shadows, then into the intimidating darkness of this rather vast cave whose bottom we do not see.

A few small fish sometimes pop up in the light beam of our lamps and headlights, but the most beautiful, the most spectacular - and the most comforting - is when we turn around to return to the entrance.

There, there is often a small school of jacks, which turns without haste, indifferent to the divers who come and go. Divers and fish are shaded in Chinese shadows on the blue mouth of the cave.

That's how I like caves. With a huge photogenic opening to the light!!!


At the exit, a solitary barracuda watches over and shows the latecomers the way to continue the dive, along the reef, on the right.

Solitary Barracuda. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia. July 2013.

Nice barracuda. That's my buddy, that one!


  Borneo: Indonesia + Malaysia - July 2013