Air Batang Beach, also called ABC Beach. Tioman Island, Malaysia.
In Tioman, there is jungle, mountains and beaches not yet domesticated ... I love! Here, the beach of Air Batang, also called ABC Beach.

Tioman, the beautiful and wild island

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation of an article originally written in French. I apologise for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have resulted. If you read French, click on the French flag below to access the original, correct text: 

As we approach the island of Tioman (or Pulau Tioman in Malaysian), I feel that I will like the place. It is big, immense! In the sea mist of the early morning, a sloping profile emerges, covered with a dense and humid vegetation, where still cling to shreds of clouds.

There is jungle everywhere, mountains, beaches still not built too much.

Air Batang Beach (ABC Beach)

I get dropped off at the beach ofAir Batang, also called ABC Beachin the northwest of the island. It's the quiet beach for budget travelers and as soon as I take the first steps on the path along the narrow sandy strip, I'm thrilled.

It is quiet, green, charming. We are far from the overpopulation of Perhentian Kecil and its alignment of bars, restaurants and cottages.

Air Batang Beach, also called ABC Beach. Tioman Island, Malaysia.
In Tioman, there is jungle, mountain and untamed beaches... I love it! Here, the beach of Air Batang, also called ABC Beach.
Air Batang beach. Some blond sand and some waves on this windy day. And not a cat ...
Air Batang beach. Some blond sand and some waves on this windy day. And not a cat ...

A Malaysian, noticing my diving bag, escorts me nicely, with the usual litany of questions (Where do you come from ? How long are you staying ? etc. etc.) to the diving center located shortly after the pontoon.

A young guy is rinsing regulators (the mouthpiece that attaches to the tank and "relaxes" the air underwater, which allows you to breathe). He greets me in English with that inimitable local accent.


We immediately go to French ... "It's definitely the week of the French! he told me. There's plenty of them right now." To accommodate me, he advises me the first series of bungalows, the Mawar Chalets.

In front of the dive center, trees grow in the sea. (Air Batang Beach, Tioman, Malaysia)
In front of the dive center, trees grow in the sea. (Air Batang Beach, Tioman, Malaysia)

I go there and put my bag without hesitation. I visit the chalet 6, which has just become available. A bargain, for only 20RM (about 4,50€), whereas I had to pay three times more on Perhentian Kecil to have the equivalent.

A basic bungalow (bed, mosquito net, fan, shower), all made of wood, facing the sea, with a small veranda, where I can hang my hammock. It's the first thing I do.

I arrived very early and I have the whole day ahead of me to explore the surroundings. I will also register for the next day's dives...

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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  1. How I love these three beach photos! Atmosphere! Atmosphere!
    I rest in thought in the hammock ...
    Biz, Lydia

  2. Athens is not as nice as the beaches you show us, but hey... I was going there to work... It was very hot, but it was great and gave me a taste of vacation!!!

    The public seemed happy, we danced in the open air, a colleague fell into the apples at the end of the show, too hot, disgusting and tiny boxes, smell of fuel oil ... Fortunately, after, there was a good ouzo to put us back on our feet ... And it hits the ouzo!!!!

    I did not go to the Acropolis, I had already seen, but we walked a little in the city, there are plenty of stores, but a little expensive ... too bad.

    Back to Geneva, and tomorrow again... only one week left before I fly back and enjoy the farniente!!!! Kisses.

  3. Hi the mop!

    I wonder how you will have the strength to return to Rennes, after having passed through such nice and welcoming places. I'm amazed by the simplicity of things, but it must also have a lot to do with you. It's good to travel solo, and to be able to stay wherever you want, whenever you want, and for as long as you want.
    Your pictures are nice and apparently Frenchies are popular. Good for you. And what about the food, did you find any good stuff? As usual, I'm waiting for the rest.

    Here, in Rennes, it's a furnace, between 32 and 34°C and no pristine white beaches. I'm waiting to read you.
    Kisses. FW

    PS: I bought a 30Gb Ipod... But for my brother who will celebrate his birthday. I still can't believe I fell for Apple...

  4. So, I'm sawed !!!!
    A lot of funny things are happening while I'm away. The Air Catapult phobic decides to take the plane (incredible), the one who doesn't like computers knows how to fill his iPod (amazing), and now, the one who swears by PCs and Windaube buys the apple brand (unheard of)...

  5. Hello Corinne,
    I come to make a jump, since Francis' blog, and I discover this magnificent blog full of dreams! I'm going to visit Malaysia in June with my other half, and of course to do a lot of diving (scuba and snorkeling), we'll spend a few days on Tioman.
    I've added you to my blogroll.
    see you soon! 😀

  6. Hello Anthony, and welcome to "Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs" 🙂

    Thank you for your complimentary words. After a long day of work, it's a real pleasure for me to find such a comment here... Thank you also for the link in the blog. I'm off to discover your site and I wish you a great stay in Malaysia. If you have specific questions about places I've been, don't hesitate!

  7. Redang looks nice (I only saw it from a distance, during a diving trip). The "problem" seems to be that it is less easy to stay there "freely", in an autonomous way, than on one of the two Perhentian (Perhentian Besar is less "invaded" than Perhentian Kecil where I was, this said). In Redang, everything works with packages, at least if I believe the information I found at the time. But the dives on the Perhentian-Redang side are very good.

    I really liked Tioman for the atmosphere, at least on the beach where I was. But the best Malaysian dives I did are, by far, those of Sipadan, off Borneo...

    Good preparations!

  8. Thank you Corinne, I will not hesitate! For the moment our route is slowly taking shape. We will of course visit the capital, what there is around, and spend several days on Tioman... maybe a small tour also on Redang. Perhentians looks magical too, but too touristy from what I understand.
    Thanks also for the link!

  9. Hi Corinne!
    that's it, we bought the tickets... there is more to do! 😆 great deal too, we found them at 530€!
    I was wondering something, I saw that the domestic flights are at really low prices... is it easy to move like that?
    This is definitely only the first of the questions I'll have to ask you I think... 😛
    @ soon, and good mop!