Shark in Sipadan.

Sipadan flashback

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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In July, during my stay in Sipadan (Borneo, Malaysia), I had prepared two short underwater videos, thinking to post them in the same time. But the wifi of the resort where I was connecting broke down, and the videos remained on Vimeo. So I forgot about them! Here they are.

These are two short "raw" sequences. I give them to you below, just to wait for the little underwater montages I'm preparing for future posts...

1) Shark Prayer

The first one shows my buddy Linda, hands clasped over a shark. This was her way of swimming. Always very still, as if in prayer, with her palms together.

2) Express tortoise

In the second one, I film a turtle, not at all shy, swimming straight on me and almost jostling me to go on its way! In Sipadan, turtles are everywhere.

A breath of nostalgia invades me by seeing these images again.

I dived there for a whole week, staying on the nearby island of Mabul. I would have liked to stay there for another week. Sipadan is, by far, the most extraordinary dive spot I have seen among all the sites I have dived in Asia.


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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009