Shark in Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

Posing with Sipadan sharks

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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I dreamed, I'm there! I had a dazzling memory of my dives in Sipadan, three years ago. Today's ones amaze me just as much. Turtles, sharks and barracudas are still here! It's spectacular. And so beautiful!

Turtles and sharks everywhere

Ah, Sipadan! A dive spot located in Malaysia, off Borneo, truly unique, extraordinary. It's very simple: every dive is a quasi-guaranteed meeting with sharks and turtles ...

This is my second trip here. And, as during the first stayI marvel!

Turtle in Sipadan. (Borneo, Malaysia, July 2009.)

White tip shark. Sipadan, Malaysia. July 2009.

I'm lucky, I still very well, binomial question, like three years ago with Sabrina.

My new buddy for these dives in Sipadan is Linda. She and I soon became very good friends, during this short stay - before, during and after our fabulous dives in Sipadan.

Linda and me in Sipadan ... Turtles and sharks galore !!! (Borneo, Malaysia, July 2009)
Linda and me in Sipadan ... Turtles and sharks galore! ! ! (Borneo, Malaysia, July 2009)

Linda is an experienced diver, who has long been an instructor in the Red Sea. She also knows very well the funds of Mauritius because she has family there.

We were delighted to dive together, after finding that we were "paired" under the water. We were able to make our dives last quietly, to the end, independently, without having to worry about the air consumption of the rest of the team.

Because on a site as fabulous, nothing is more frustrating than having to cut underwater time because of more novice divers who "suck" their air too quickly. Today, for example, I am each time up with 90-100 bars still in the tank ... Frustrating, I tell you! ! ! (For those who do not know anything about diving, I had only used up half of my bottle, which was filled at 200 bars.)

In short, I really fell with Linda as a pair. On this subject, read my little mood ticket for Magazine, published in 2010:
The diving buddy lottery


Sipadan, it's amazing!

Linda did not know Sipadan. She hallucinated.

Even before the launch, several turtles come to greet us on the surface. When we go down in a garland of bubbles on Barracuda Point, we do not know where to turn.

Banks of fish-drivers and butterfly fish flutter at shallow depths. A huge batfish turns me around a bit to inspect me, then moves away.

Underwater, in Sipadan ... Borneo, Malaysia, July 2009.

Hafiz, our guide, beckons us to lift our noses. Dozens of humpback parrots stand out in shadow over our heads.

And then we come across a first turtle, which is nestling on the reef, the nose in the coral. Another comes to graze us, light, graceful, with a gentle movement of a fin. In the blue, close, file the gray silhouette of a shark.

Linda points to the beast to be sure I have seen it. It is a white tip shark, the most widespread species here.

You say I saw him. I'm already filming it, my camera at arm's length.

In Sipadan, sharks are everywhere! Borneo, Malaysia, July 2009.

But Linda is still pointing in my direction. I turn around. Ah, here! Here's another one. That's good, that, very good! I have it, my "counter field"!

A few minutes later, we come across a school of jacks. A huge bench! ! ! A cloud of fish that waves around us, envelops us, then moves away ...


But the best of diving in Barracuda Point is ... barracudas.

We fall midway on a large bench of large cattle. They really have an ugly face, with their pointed muzzle full of teeth. The wall of scales scrolls, no end ... Bigre.

And how do I, for my "counter-field", in the current?

Barracuda Point, Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

The bench goes away in the blue, leaving us dumbfounded, amazed.

Linda turns her head back, performs a small dance of joy.

Shark cleaning station

A little further, we arrive at a cleaning station. It is a plateau of debris of coral and sand mixed, which contrasts with the rich life of the reef. Small fish cleaners and other needy shrimp are at work.

The sharks come to rest there, on the bottom, to be made a beauty. If they do not feel disturbed, they stay there, quiet, without moving.

Sharks in Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

Shark in Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

The opportunity is too beautiful. We approach gently, not to scare the critters ... And we go the camera.

To pose next to a shark, I adore!

Shark in Sipadan. Borneo, Malaysia. July 2009.

Linda, as if in prayer, observes one of the sharks with her hands joined ...


Small update: I returned to Sipadan in 2013, four years after this stay in 2009 ... And the sites remained exceptional, with always sharks, turtles, barracudas and trevallies in shambles! But I was also better equipped for underwater photography, with my Canon Eos 7D in its box, acquired in 2010 and I brought some more spectacular images, like the ones below ... And I still managed to get a picture taken with a shark! : lol: All my articles on this new trip to Borneo of 2013 can be found here:

→ Indonesia + Malaysia 2013: return to Borneo 

Spectacular, the school of jacks! (Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013)
Spectacular, the school of jacks! (Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013)
Shark and jacks. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia. July 2013.
It's tea time for this shark that pops up in the middle of the bench! (Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2013)

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009