Night bus: Cape on Mersing and Tioman

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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Night bus ride to Mersing without history, even if my neighbor has a tendency to overflow from his seat and spread over mine ...

-Fortunately, he goes down at the wee hours of the night in a big city that I have not identified, with a lot of other passengers, so that I find myself with two seats for myself alone. There, I fall asleep for good and no longer see the miles scroll.

At the beginning of the trip, during a stop in a dive bar, I could catch a glimpse of the final on a rotten old TV. The score was already 1-1... The rest we know!

When I opened my eyes, it was daytime, the bus was stopped on a parking lot in front of the mouth of a river and we were only two passengers. Mersing. Finally.

The following was easy. A charming lady in a green scarf approached me to get a ticket from his agency, for the first time speed boat of the day. It suited me well, except that I had to change money at all costs before.

At that moment, it is 7:15 and the boat is supposed to leave at the half. Never mind, the lady calls the captain of the said speed boat so that he does not leave without me, and her husband takes me in his car to take me to the nearest Chinese jeweler.

Again, excellent exchange rate. The deal done, the guy takes me back to the pier and I get together with twenty other people, a majority of Asian tourists and some Westerners, in the boat.

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006