The beautiful, the wonderful clouds ...
The beautiful, the wonderful clouds ...

Head in the clouds

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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The Perhentians are over. Set course for Sipadan! I'm investigating two robberies Air Asia...this Monday to go to Borneo. At last!

Today, I will have my head in the clouds ...

The beautiful, the wonderful clouds ...
The beautiful, the wonderful clouds ...

I, who was not too hilarious until then, I apprehend more and more air travel. Psychological effect of the two recent air disasters, no doubt.

Good. It seems that Air Asia's planes are new. No problem.

Immediate boarding on Air Asia!
Immediate boarding on Air Asia!

Come on, it's going to be a tiring day, but tonight I'll sleep in Semporna, the port from where we're embarking for Mabul and Sipadan!


  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. @ Marie-Julie: Whew, I arrived and arrived well !!! Here I am in Semporna for the night.

    As for my aerial anxieties, they calmed down on the 2nd flight, visibly piloted by a more competent commander, and finer in his maneuvers. In the Kota Bahru-Kuala Lumpur, it was pretty shaken, and the landing was not so comfortable or totally reassuring (and I adjusted the shot a shot to the left, and then a shot to the right, and bing , here is the track). While the Kuala Lumpur-Tawau, despite a big rain cloud for the arrival, it was nickel, few jolts, take off and landing smoothly, without adjustments last minute ... ace this pilot!

    But hey, forget those damn planes for now. From tomorrow, I attack the really serious things: dives in Mabul, then a few days later in Sipadan. I probably will not be able to connect as often since Mabul, but I will try to give news! See you soon!

  2. Hello Corinne,

    il est clair que les crashs juste avant les vacances ne sont pas fait pour rassurer et d’autant plus quand on prend des compagnies exotiques, mais bon si on devait s’arreter à cela on resterait tous en France 🙄
    Et qui nous ferait alors voyager ❓ Comme dans les fims futuristes, des èspeces de lunettes avec paysages et sensations virtuelles 😆
    ( 💡 pour un futur post entre 2 voyages non ❓ , à creuser 😉 ).
    In the meantime, make us dream a little again with lots of beautiful pictures and stories as you have the secrets ❗
    good stay 8)

  3. The naiad,

    Thanks for the sumptuous pictures and the exciting travel diary.
    Welcome to Borneo. I wish you new, surprising dives. And full of pleasure.
    See you soon on the blog.

  4. Sommes au café salud et en profitons pour lire ton blog, que de temps en temps, mais c’est mieux que rien! Te souhaitons de très belles plongées et d »heureuses rencontres subaquatiques. Biz, pap et mam. 😉

  5. @ N @ me: I'm posting new pictures very soon. I found where to connect to Mabul ... Hey, hey !!!

    Coco: ça fait plaisir de trouver ici! 😉
    The funds of Sipadan and Mabul are really above the lot ... The three plouffs investigated today delighted me! I'm here for the week, I'm going to enjoy ... New photos soon!

    @ Lydia & Alain: Bonjour le café salud!!! 🙂
    I am delighted to find a note of you. Underwater pleasures are immense here in Mabul-Sipadan. But I come back to tell that very quickly.

  6. Ah, the road from Tawau to Semporna !!
    How lucky you are to enjoy these beautiful oil palm fields that stretch as far as the eye can see on either side of the road. They reveal all their splendor early in the morning, when the gentle rays of the rising sun caress their broad fan-shaped leaves and give the mist that rises in the opalescent sky these pink reflections that ...

    For Wifi in Mabul, you go to Borneo Divers, you take the central aisle, you enter the big building "sure of you", you pass the door opposite the bar left and there you have the room with 4 PC available and Wifi to send us your tickets
    De rien, Corinne, comme d’hab 😕
    Et puis comptes bien le banc de barracudas de Barakobama Point (ou un nom dans ce genre là, me rappelle plus trop !!), car les prospectus en mentionnent 1000 et la dernière fois j’ai râlé car il n’y en avait que 998… 👿

  7. Hello Corine,

    Well you do not know me at all, but I regularly read your blog, and I must say that I love!

    I'm leaving in 3 weeks in Malaysia, to do about the same route as you ...

    Out of curiosity, where do you sleep in Mabul?
    J’ai hâte de voir tes photos de Sipadan 😉

    Good luck and good bubbles.

  8. Me it's funny, "it's not worse" the fear of planes, despite all the accidents of early summer ... Do not worry! Above all, stay light as a bubble.

  9. @Alimata: If you think I waited for you to find the wifi Borneo Divers! Only, for two days, the thing was down ... Tonight, it works again !!!
    As for Barakobama Point, I am very frustrated, I only counted 996 barracudas !!!

    @Sandra: Thank you for this little word and welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere!
    In Mabul, after testing a night at Billabong, I now live in the longhouse of a guy called Big John (he has a huge flop !!!). It is located right next to Billabong and is called Arung Hayatt. It's a bit cleaner and more comfortable than Billabong, and much less noisy. In addition, there are some piaules on piles with attached bathroom. Prices start at 60RM with all three meals included (and the food is better and less monotonous than Billabong) for rooms with shared bathrooms. Those on stilts are at 80RM.

    @Paskle: Unbelievable! I burst out laughing as I discovered your comment. But basically, it stands: you, you always knew that the planes it could fall!

  10. Hello,

    But how did you go to go there?

    I am trying to organize a trip for February 2013 and I would like to go on Sipadan or Mabul, but I admit that I am a little lost, between the plane, the boat, the bus, ... can you enlighten me on the organization of your trip?

    I wait for your answers with haste


    1. @vasquez / Cathy: the easiest way for Sipadan and Mabul, is to join Kuala Lumpur first. Then book a Kuala Lumpur - Tawau flight on Air Asia (via their website).

      Then everything depends on the structure you have chosen to dive there. There's something for every taste and every budget (do a search on Google, or check out the forums). They will arrange the transfer from Tawau airport to Semporna port, and from there, the boat to Mabul (do not stay on Sipadan).