Feet in the sand. Paradise Beach, Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia. July 2009.

Feet in the sand

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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And here I am, on my island in Malaysia! Perhentian Besar, "the great". Who faces Perhentian Kecil, "the little one", where I had already spent ten days, three years ago.

Paradise Beach, Perhentian Besar, Malaysia. July 2009.
Paradise Beach, Perhentian Besar, Malaysia. July 2009.

Feet in the sand. Paradise Beach, Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia. July 2009.Easy arrival. The diving center Watercolors with whom I made contact by e-mail, arranged everything in advance: crossing speedboat, bungalow. I will test the dives tomorrow!

Tonight, I'll just post some pictures. I spent the day with my feet in the sand, not to do much, except to rave about the translucent azure water.

On my way to the beach behind mine, the aptly named Paradise Beach, I came across a shoot for Malaysian TV. One of these series with rose water, where the actors overplay thoroughly. Very funny.

The title: Biru Cinta Delaguna, which could be translated as "The Blue Lagoon of Love", if I believe the explanations given to me by the guys on the film crew ...

On the set of Biru Cinta Delaguna. Perhentian Besar, Malaysia, July 2009.

On the set of Biru Cinta Delaguna. Perhentian Besar, Malaysia, July 2009.

The cameraman was happy to take the pose. Another guy on the team invited me to the party with fireshow they were organizing in the evening. But I'm too tired, not the courage to move, especially since the dinner was extended ...

Yes, as I said before, it's hard to stay alone when we travel solo!

I ate with Bettina, a German girl with whom I'd dive Bunaken in ... 2007.

We are staying in the same place! It is she who recognized me and hailed on the beach ... We stared at each other with round, incredulous eyes. The world of divers is definitely small!

Like me, she travels alone and carries around her dive bag. It's funny, all the same, that we found ourselves, two years later, by the purest chance, in Asia again.

The beach at Perhentian Resort, after Coral View, on Perhentian Besar. Malaysia, July 2009.
The beach at Perhentian Resort, after Coral View, on Perhentian Besar. Malaysia, July 2009.

Short. These small holidays start well. The photos are self-explanatory, are not they?

The height of luxury for the geeky traveler: there's even wi-fi on my beach!

On the other hand, no electric socket in my bungalow, it will not be convenient to recharge the batteries of the camera. I left the charger tonight at the reception desk. We'll see tomorrow if they thought to leave him plugged!

The beach at Perhentian Resort, after Coral View, on Perhentian Besar. Malaysia, July 2009.

Finally, I will not start complaining ...


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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. @Yves: Yes, I know, it's done on purpose. Just to make those who are in the office ...

    @Flo: it starts no better. Quiet relaxation to keep pace with the country. And in a few days, I leave the Perhentian to attack the serious things: Sipadan !!!

    @benteslatoi: Well, your name is Funnyworld, you? As I said above to Yves, it's pictures that I chose on purpose to annoy you, hey, hey !!!

  2. Ça fait rêver tout ça …. 🙄
    I can not wait to read the stories and see the photos to make us travel.

  3. @Franck S: I admit, I deliberately posted images to make dream in this post ... New stories and photos arrive very soon!

  4. Excellent, I dipped with watercolors a few years ago, the little restaurant next to the club is excellent.
    Pay attention to the triggerfish, there is one who has eaten the palms and another has sniffed the ear of the divemaster ... well, Julet it is perhaps not yet the breeding season!
    Make the best of it !

  5. Hi Corinne!
    Here we are back (unfortunately!) In Marseille, and I think we will continue a little holiday through your blog, we count on you! It was very hard to leave the Perhentians, so that we canceled Tioman to stay longer! It will be for next time!
    Have fun in this little paradise, and if you think about it, say hello to the Watercolors team (Nadine was my guide).
    See you soon, to see your dives !!!

  6. What? Did you prefer to sleep rather than going to a party with an au-then-tick soap crew? The "curious bibitte" that I am would not have resisted, even leached! lol
    It looks beautiful, this island ... Wi-fi on the beach, the DREAM!

  7. @ Marie-net: Yes, the restaurant at Mama's is fabulous. Last night, I enjoyed king prawns on the barbecue with spicy coconut sauce ... Fabulous, this sauce !!! The few trigger-fishes crossed did not bother us. We had to go far from the nest.

    @Anthony: Not crossed Nadine, here. Maybe she's on leave? But I will ask and say hello to the team from you!

    @ Marie-Julie: Yeah, I know, I felt, but I was really HS ... It was my first day, I had just arrived: jet lag, accumulated tiredness of the trip, need to be roughly fit for the morning diving ... I preferred to ensure the ploufs, too bad for the evening "soap on the beach" !!!

  8. We must close this blog !!!!!
    It is scandalous these images, there are some who work anyway.
    Profite veinarde. 😆

  9. @Blue Lagoon: Je sais, je sais… 😛
    But I do not promise not to reoffend with new images.

    @Paskle: Crazy! I was far from imagining that you would tripperais especially on my flip flops ...

  10. Oh! la la! This sea! Too beautiful, too sweet. That's not what will make me envy to go to work ... Are you going to local TV?
    But all this makes me think that I have not yet posted my visa application. Your blog is a booster shot. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  11. Hello Corinne,
    Hé ben, pour une fois je ne vous envie pas! 😈
    In a week to the day, we will also be in Bali for three weeks with, in the program, dives, unusual and unforgettable meetings, change of scenery guaranteed! 8)
    Otherwise, we will put a little blog online story to give some news to the family and friends (a little history to share with them these wonderful moments).
    💡 Vous qui êtes « The » spécialiste des posts aux quatre coins du monde, quel moyen utilisez-vous sur place ; le mail envoyé sur votre blog ou vous vous connectez directement en mode admin wordpress dans les cybercafés ❓
    Sinon profitez bien (je n’en ai aucun doute) de ces moments privilégiés et inoubliables 😉
    Happy holidays ❗

  12. @Nono: Go to local TV? You do not think so. I just watched quietly filming scenes ...
    For the rest, I enjoy! See you soon!!!

    @ N @ me: Hello Alain,
    For sending comments, I do not know why WordPress has decided alone to put you in "Junk". But do not panic, even if the messages do not appear, they are not lost, and I will put them back in the right place.
    So yes, to answer your question: I connect directly to the WordPress admin, it allows to fine-tune things more finely, and to moderate as appropriate comments. I'm lucky, here on Paradise Beach, Perhentian Kecil, I have wifi gratos and connects me directly on my own computer ... Otherwise, when there is no wifi, I go through the internet centers and other cyber-cafes, indeed.
    I wish you a very nice trip to Bali !!!

  13. Merci pour ces petits tuyaux 😉
    Never had a problem hacking your computer or your app's mdp or you're connecting ❓
    Chui pt’être un peu parano 😆

  14. @ N @ me: No, never had a problem for the moment. This is only the second time that I am embarking my little "travel netbook", so my experience is modest in this matter. Otherwise, in cybercafés and other Internet centers, I think to disconnect the sessions that I open in my e-mail, before leaving the computer self-service. For my part, I'm not so paranoid ...

  15. Hello
    voilà un moment que je ne suis pas passée sur ton blog ( ben j’suis pas en vacances moi!je bosse 😥 )et je vois que tu es déjà partie, j’ai vraiment un train de retard ❗ en tout cas quand je vois ce bleu ça me donne envie de partir 🙄 bon je vais lire la suite et suivre ton périple de plus près… profite bien et envoie plein de photos…

  16. @Laurence: I just sent some pictures of the funds of Sipadan ... As soon as I have an easier access to the internet, I will post other photos!