Les plages de Malaisie sont juste parfaites... (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
The beaches of Malaysia are just perfect ... (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)

Redang, a little taste of paradise


  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, the original and correct version can be found here:

I offered myself a very nice dive expedition to Redang, about an hour and a half by boat from Perhentian. There, the visibility is exceptional and the three dives that we chained in real decors of postcards are a treat.

Beautiful dives

Here, there are reefs worthy of Nemo, with spectacular schools of fish and an amazing variety of corals.

A lot of turtles cross our path and even some white tip sharks, that I have unfortunately not managed to photograph, only to film ... Too fast for the slow digital autofocus of my small compact!

Sharks are sharp and thin, tapered, they glide in the water flexibly, and watch them evolve around the reef is a spectacle so striking. They have a crazy pace, compared to other fish, we see that they are really cut for hunting.

Un poisson-ange. (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
An angel fish. (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)
Coucou, la tortue ! (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Hello, turtle! (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)
Une murène à la mine patibulaire. (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
A moray eel with a sinister look. (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)

Dream beaches

The day is fun on the boat. Between two dives, we are let loose on small beaches with the taste of paradise.

Bright white sand, translucent blue water. At 30 or even 31 degrees, please ... We all take pictures.

Intervalle de surface sur l'un des îlots proches de Redang. (Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Surface interval on one of the islets near Redang. (Malaysia, July 2006)
Un petit goût de paradis... (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
A little taste of paradise ... (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)
Les plages de Malaisie sont juste parfaites... (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
The beaches of Malaysia are just perfect ... (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)

I already had a lot of sympathy over the previous days with Liesbeth, a young Belgian, who has been in Asia for 8 months ... She just passed the Open Water, the equivalent of our French Level 1 for diving. She has so much taste that she wants to pass the next level, the Advanced Open Water, in stride.

She is on the expedition to Redang. On the beach, we take the pose together.

Liesbeth et moi. Pose bikini après la baignade. (Redang, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Liesbeth and me. Bikini pose after swimming. (Redang, Malaysia, July 2006)

On the boat, which we share with another diving club, I meet a Frenchman Phuket, in Thailand, came to dive in Malaysia with a Parisian friend on vacation, of Vietnamese origin. Until their departure, two days later, we will have lunch and lunch regularly together, exchanging our respective impressions of Thailand and Malaysia.

We are all delighted with this excursion. Upon arrival at Perhentian Kecilwhile it's been sunny all day long, the rain is falling on us. We all pile up in the tiny protected area at the back. The shower is heavy, but fortunately short-lived.

In the evening, exhausted by these three successive dives, I sleep like a baby ... To return to plunge to jump from bed! No, frankly, I looked a little jaded, in the previous message, but there is really nothing! ! ! Life under the Malaysian coconut trees is very sweet indeed.

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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  1. Geneva. Owl, a new message !!! But, well, I know by your sms that you are in the south now, after a bus trip under the storm!
    Water at 30 or even 31 degrees !! ??? PPfffftttt, too hot ... The lake water must be 15.17 degrees? but, at least, it's refreshing !!!
    Wednesday we leave for Athens, we return on Saturday! Go hot there, and no bathing in the program ... not even a pool in the hotel.
    Biz. Good continuation!!!

  2. So there is Paradise?
    Indeed, you seem much more enthusiastic than before ...
    I will continue to read you until the 19th, the 20th on the road again to a little paradise.
    I take full advantage of my time, free and malleable at will, for many more weeks, and it is a very pleasant prospect. I make progress in computer science, and my i-pod is "filled" without the help of Alain!

  3. Like Helen, I'm going to Greece, but me on the 29th. That's the other big news of the century ... As much as I can tell you that I'm already tagging. Not even ashamed to tell the great traveler in Malaysia without discomfort. You seem to have a good time. Here I am reassured too! Continue like this!

  4. What new! Between one who joins the club of flying ants and the other who fills his iPod without needing any more help, I am bluffed ...

    I pause in the update of the blog, because of hyper slow connection on my beach, here in Tioman. And only two self-service computers, taken by storm.
    The only fast connection is at Tekek village, and they close at 17h. As it takes about 3/4 of an hour to get there and the dives ended late in recent days because of an engine failure on the boat, I broke my nose on the closed door ...

    In answer to Helene: here, I come out of every refrigerated dive, the water is ONLY 25-27 DEGREES !!!!! It's way too cold. I'm stacking top tank and t-shirt under my jumpsuit, I'm blue and I snap when I resurface, I assure you.

    Fresh news on the island of Tioman and photos in the coming days ...