The Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

What to do in Kuala Lumpur?

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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A day to lose in Kuala Lumpur, before flying back home? Good... Because in KL (everyone says "KL", it's more trendy), there are a lot of cool things to do...

Be careful, it's humor and the uth degree, of course. (Note how positive I am, to counter the spleen at the end of the trip, I will miss Malaysia ...)

The Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

For example, we can:

👉 Admire the evolution of the latest urban construction sites in progress between two buildings, from his room on the 15th floor:


???? Read, after jumping out of bed, after a fat recovery mat, the news of Straits Times...slipped under the door by a discreet hand:


👉 Shopping with George Clooney in the mega-malls of Bukit Bintang, in the "Golden Triangle", at the foot of the Twin Towers :


👉 Photographing passers-by and ladies in black from Arab countries who only show their eyes:


???? Take pictures of her feet, pecked by small fish cleaners in the aquarium of a fish spa :

👉 Sing the best of the best marshmallow Asian hits with your friends in a glass karaoke booth:



Otherwise, for "real" activities in Kuala Lumpur, there is plenty to choose from and you will find plenty of information in all the good guides about Malaysia.

I am embarking earlier for more than twelve hours of flight ... I console myself the spleen of the return to the airport of KL, engulfing an ultimate roti canai (a kind of crepe to soak in curry), while strumming on the web thanks to the wifi.

I'll be back soon to tell you about Derawan and Kakaban, and then Sangalaki and Sipadan again ... (sigh)

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. Already the end! Good luck for your return because 12h by plane is long! I loved watching the rays from time to time. It was great thanks for this nice trip.

  2. Ahhh the fish, what horror! I could not leave my feet to his stupid little ones!
    Have a good trip and come and tell us all about it when you return.

  3. @Sandrine: Already the end, yes ... But I still have plenty to tell you, and full of images and videos to show. I'm going to extend the trip here, on this blog (as soon as I get my jetlag, because now that I'm back home, I've had a soft spot ... twelve hours by plane, it was a long time , indeed).
    @ Marie-Julie: I was tempted to test, but as I have small sores, left foot in particular (remember the stingray), I did not really want those damn fish cleaners dig the wound again while she is well closed and healed. So, I just took a picture of the Asian tourist who took a picture of his feet and go shopping with George Clooney ...

    @Manta: Thank you, I'm back!

    @RolK: Yes, I can understand ... The fish-cleaners, I appreciate moderately natural, diving. (But if I did not have on my foot my little protective crusts post-injury that I prefer to keep, I would have been curious to test anyway the effect pedicure.) I spoke already here, in a previous post :

  4. @Thib: What a pity, it would have been the perfect opportunity to get to know "in real life" !!! Well, I still offered a roti canai to console me from the start ...

  5. I imagine that you will use this Saturday in the rain to see and see all your photos?
    finally long live the rain, you'll be able to continue your reports 😉 and let us enjoy them 🙂

  6. @Laurence: Well seen ... I'm right in the ranking and sorting photos. Indeed, given the rotten weather today in Rennes, I like to stay home! And I'm delivering new articles very soon ... Patience!

  7. Welcome back to the base!
    The city of KL seems much less exciting than in the high flying movie! Although, the death of Mr. Teoh must have been pretty interesting to make the front page of the Stait Times 😀 Yes, Saturday it was raining in St. Malo too, but I did two nice dives there anyway, the Walter Darré in the morning and the Fletard in the afternoon (it was raining like crazy!). Which proves that you don't need to travel 5000 km to have fun 😆 😀 And besides the water was warm, 18 C at the bottom....

  8. @Max: I'm not a fan of KL, I must say ... I think I much prefer Bangkok, in the big Asian city kind.
    Of course, we don't need to travel thousands of kilometers to have fun, but to say that the water is warm at 18°C, don't kid yourself (well, OK, warm for Saint-Malo... 😆 ).
    But, I can't help it, I prefer 29°C water (below that, I come out blue). 😛