Des bébés requins apeurés par la lumière de mon flash. (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Babies sharks scared by the light of my flash. (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)

Perhentian: first dives

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, the original and correct version can be found here:

I discover the underwater world of the Perhentian Islands, Peninsular Malaysia ...

Two plots per day

Located in Perhentian Kecil, Matahari Chalet, I connect the dives, since July 1, at a reasonable pace of two per day.

Appointment every morning at 8:30 to the club for the briefing, return to 11am, lunch, new dive around 13h, which then leads me to the nap time, 15h.

I wallow in my hammock, suspended between the pillars of my new bungalow, and I doze off without difficulty.

I asked to move to another "cottage" that was assigned to me when I arrived. My new bungalow is less exposed than the other and far from the noisy TV restaurant, but unfortunately closer to the generator ...

That said, I made myself there, at the buzzing of the generator. And then, who says generator, says electricity, light, fan, reloading the iPod ...

The dives are nice, but not exceptional. A little bit below what I was hoping for ...

I meet the usual tropical fauna of clown fish, angel fish, triggerfish, balloon fish, fusiliers, barracudas, etc. What to have fun, all the same!

Nemo et son papa vous disent bonjour… (Perhentian Kecil, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Nemo and his dad say hello ... (Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia, July 2006)
Détail de l'œil d'un gros poisson-ballon étoilé. (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Detail of the eye of a big starfish. (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)
Gares aux épines de la rascasse volante ! (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Stations to the spines of the lionfish flying! (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)
Un poisson porc-épic à l'œil rond tout étonné. (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
A porcupine fish with a rounded eye all amazed. (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)

But the visibility that I thought was excellent, given the amazing clarity of the water on the beach, is not that extraordinary during our dives ... The fault of a storm of several days, which occurred before my arrival, explained me my dive-master. Runoff from the rain a little disturbed the funds.

Babies sharks

The dive that I prefer at the moment is that of Sugar Wreck, wreckage of a freighter carrying sugar, where a whole fauna has taken up residence.

I put below a video unearthed on YouTube, which restores the atmosphere (the diver who made it was lucky, him, to have a good visibility).

I dive with Erika, Switzerland who runs the dive shop with her husband Yves. They also make the photo (see here their site, Natural Scenes).

And it was thanks to her, who spotted them, that I could see these baby sharks, huddled under one of the debris of the hull.

Des bébés requins apeurés par la lumière de mon flash. (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Babies sharks scared by the light of my flash. (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)
Soupe de poissons... (Îles Perhentian, Malaisie, juillet 2006)
Fish soup ... (Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, July 2006)

An exit in Redang, island near the Perhentians, on a larger boat, is scheduled for 5: it will be spectacular, I was promised ...

I will deliver photos in a future message!

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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  1. There's something to read ... Your articles are longer and longer, and that's good.

    I have just discovered a Swiss writer, a man named Paul Nizon, who, after embarking on a trip to South-East Asia, Sumatra, Indonesia, and part of Malaysia, reports his impressions, seven years later, in a story entitled "Farewell to Europe". You understand why I want to read it. Let's see if tomorrow I can find this book in the corner bookstores.

    To each his flora and fauna, here we have THAT (and it's still too much!) Mimi the mouse, returned from I do not know where, very fat flies heat mad, no mosquitoes, and Minette the Pussy of the neighbor who is mother since yesterday, without forgetting the fish of the aquarium who dream of a better future ...

    With all my tenderness, Lydie.

  2. Oh, a beast !!!! 😆
    Ben, the animals here, it's like in Brittany !!! There is even a guy from "deratex" who came this morning to drop his anti-German cockroach product !!
    Otherwise, it's finally the weekend for me, another 15 days to hold! I can not anymore !!!
    Your descriptions are still realistic, I love it !!! I am at the mercy of your dives, thank you for these moments of escape, it makes me feel good after these days of "hearing" ...
    Big kisses and good luck!

  3. Phew!
    The little person has arrived (Thursday)! It is the most beautiful of Nantes! Suddenly, I lost a little thread; I'm going back to see her today but will be a regular reader again next week.

  4. Long live Nemo!
    If you look like a dull disappointed by your dives, I dream. I come back from Corsica where there really is not much to see at the bottom of the water, even if my ear always prevents me from going down. Your roadmap is always great and fun to read. Holy work. I eagerly await follow-up.

  5. Hello everyone, and a thousand thanks for your respective contributions, I love reading you!

    Here I am now on the island of Tioman, just south of the Malaysian Peninsula. I found an internet connection that works, but the slowness for transmitting photos is exasperating. I'll see if I can find better ...