A barge on the reefs of Sipadan. May 2006. Photo: Alex Mustard.

The funds of Sipadan damaged by a barge

  Between Two Journeys

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Info unearthed on Plongeur.com. Read the full description in English here on Wetpixel. To sum up, a barge loaded with construction materials destroyed a portion (fortunately limited) of the Sipadan Reef ...

The mythical site of Cousteau! A site called "protected"! Exit the "inviolate piece of art".... But what was this barge doing in Sipadan? I thought it was forbidden to build?

A barge on the reefs of Sipadan. May 2006. Photo: Alex Mustard.

This confirms me in the idea that I should go diving in Sipadan without waiting. In spite of this strange and disastrous incident, the bottom is still preserved, and for sure much more than it will be in a few years...

  Between Two Journeys

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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  1. Ooh there ... yes, hurry up quickly before the sea bottom is devastated !!!

    I can also see that you've put a lot more thought into your itinerary, which you've revised downwards...
    I look forward to your departure so you can follow your journey online and you make me travel and you disguised a little !!!!

  2. Sad news. 💡 Try Derawan on the Indonesian side. You'll be (almost) on your own. From Tarakan or Balikpapan, then Tanjung Redeb. Congratulations on your blog.

  3. The news is no longer very fresh, since it was more than two years ago. Two months after this sad incident, I dived in Sipadan, where fortunately there are still some beautiful, unspoilt spots. It's no exaggeration to say that I had some of the best dives of my life there.

    I haven't seen the damage done to this part of the reef with my own eyes. But it seems to me that all construction projects have been mercifully halted.

    Funny you should mention Derawan... It's a place that's been on my mind for a while. Maybe it'll be my Asian getaway for next summer!

    Thank you in any case for your little message, which allows me to discover Afrase website. I'll take the time to explore it further.