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  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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Excellent choice, the Perhentian, for a gentle "putting back on the flippers". Shallow dives, generally without too much current. And lots of little critters nice to flicker around with.

Some underwater photos

Nothing new for me, which is a bit of a "spoiled child" when it comes to diving... But these peaceful underwater walks have allowed me to get my hands on the camera again, while waiting for Sipadan.




Bamboo sharks


A sea serpent on the boat!

Two "funny" incidents spiced up our outings yesterday. On the programme were two superb wrecks, Fish Heaven, reputed to be "secret", and Sugar Wreck, better known.

When we arrived at the first site, a "knitted-striped" snake came up from the depths, while Anke, the person in charge of the centre Watercolors went to the water to hang our end to the buoy, immersed.

Not intimidated at all, the beast approached the boat, waving on the surface, to better us zurter. Then all of a sudden, the snake snuck into the engine, for a small inspection. He stayed there for a moment, coming out his little head now and again.


We all rushed to the back of the boat, excited, fearing a bit even when he emboldened himself and decided to get on board. But no, he ended up going back to the water. And we did the same.

Police Control at Fish Heaven

I did not know this wreck, nicknamed Fish Heaven. A simple barge returned, but it is spectacular. Literally covered with fish, in so dense banks, that it takes a moment, before distinguishing what is underneath.


Then we thought we were going directly to the second site ... It was without counting on the zealous cops of the sea, who appeared in their big black canoe, marked POLIS, screaming siren, beckoning us to stop.

I'm sorry I could not take pictures up close, but the guys were not too engaging and beckoned me to tidy up my camera (while they did not feel deprived, on their side, of strafe our boat and girls in jerseys, from all angles).

There were ten of them, all dressed in black, including their lifejackets, which made them look like Robocop. Papers please ...


Only here is, our boat, he didn't have his papers (new boat or almost new, paperwork in progress). Result: we had to return to the dive center under good escort, disembark and re-embark in two smaller motor boats. This little forced return trip took up a good part of the afternoon...

Mike, the Malaysian responsible for Watercolors with Anke came to talk, in his nice orange life jacket, and he even got away without a fine, because he and the chief of police had the same initials... Sic!

Mike and Anke

The bottom line is that we were able to dive on Sugar Wreck anyway.

Sugar Wreck

Visi was rotten, alas, when we went down. But Sugar Wreck, whatever the conditions, remains a dive full of atmosphere.

Atmosphere a little fanomatic, in mashed peas where arise strange shadows ...

In spite of the "snow" that scatters the photos, I managed to shoot some bugs. Star balloon fish, flying scorpion fish.

Balloon fish

Red Lionfish

At the end of the dive, when we are at the landing, in the blue, the batfish flutter around our small group, for a final salute.


It's so good to be underwater again!


  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. Ah ah! Que de bons souvenirs 😆 Je vois que tu t’éclates bien !
    J’étais sur ces deux épaves il y a à peine quelques jours… gros coup de blues à cause de toi !!! 😥
    They are superb, for the secret wreck, it was very strange ... super visi up to 18m, then suddenly, the fog, loaded with plankton and very cold water ... 27 °!
    Enfin bon… tu verra ça dans les posts qui arrivent petits à petits… 9 plongées, heureusement que j’ai écrit sur papier entre temps 🙄

    Well I wish you again wonderful dives ... you may know it but must make Tokong Laut!
    Alors au fait, tu as trouvé la Nadine ! 😛 Ils sont tous géniaux au Watercolours, Peter le boss est excellent !

    Allez Bonnes bulles, j’attend la suite avec impatience ! 😀

  2. L’avant dernière bestiole me plaît bien. Ses nageoires en éventail sont merveilleusement assorties aux rayures dorsales. Très chic! 😉

  3. @ N @ me: Well no, to dive, I do not waste time ... And then my stay at the Perhentian is already coming to an end. I take the plane tomorrow, for Borneo!

    @Anthony: Yes, I already did Tokong Laut three years ago, and we dipped with Watercolours, of course. At the "secret" wreck, we had the same phenomenon as you: fabulous sight on descent, on one side, then thermocline-fog on the other side. But I did not notice a marked drop in temperature.
    Otherwise, I did not have the opportunity to meet Nadine, the others told me she was on leave these days. I, for one, dipped with Sarah and Kate. But I took care of telling Watercolours' staff all the good you thought of them. I'll have to settle my note just now (yes, already my last day here), and I'll remind them of the good appreciation of French divers !!!

    @ Marie-Julie: Thank you, Marieju! But for my part, with my perfectionist side, I am only moderately satisfied with these first images ... No matter, this is just the beginning!

    @Nono: Yes, are still very photogenic, the "lion-fishes" (flying scorpion fish). I have lots and lots in stock in my photos sub (it's a very common species in tropical waters), but I had to take a picture, to get my hands back. Glad you like it!

  4. Ah les Perhentian…!!! Tu as ravivé mes souvenirs de 2006 🙄 , à l’époque je n’avais pas plongé mais depuis que tu m’as redonné l’envie de plonger, je pense que je reviendrai volontiers là-bas.

    Your photos are always very beautiful. Have you changed devices?
    For my part, I come back from the Philippines with my AOW, it was not bad either.

    Bon périple et à bientôt 😉


  5. @Siratus: Delighted to be able to share with you the pleasures of this beginning of the trip! See you soon on Little Bubbles Elsewhere!

    @Alain: Me too, my discovery of Perhentian dates from 2006 ... I'm glad to be back. The diving here is worth it! As for the Philippines, I intend to return too!
    Otherwise, I have not "changed" the camera: I still have the Canon Powershot A95, but this is the case "tinkered" with two devices, Koh Lipe ... May I succeed to invest in gear worthy of the name for the next trip? In any case, I hope that it will hold without whim until the end.

  6. 😥 Je suis de retour… Et à peine rentrée, je fais quoi??? Je me rue sur mes mails et ton blog pour prendre de tes nouvelles et continuer à rêver de plongées, mer chaude, soleil…
    😉 Je te souhaite d’excellentes vacances !

  7. I was on these islands at the same time as you and yes I love! Well I still have to train under the water to compete in photos with you :-)

    Good continuation!


  8. Waouwww !!!

    I discovered this site which is really beautiful and full of info! You get to share the amenities of great destinations especially when you know some of the places and that trips to Asia are temporarily no longer on the program (girl <1 year). Make the best of it !

    In connection with a post on diver.com, I look forward to your return on the state of the reef of the island of maratua:?:. You will understand my impatience to read an article at the end of writing. I can let you know before others (an email address?).

    Bertran aka (super) grouper from divers.com

  9. Hi Corinee and thanks for choosing to dive with us. I’m working away on the French version of our website – and will upload it in a couple of weeks… THANKS AGAIN!!! 🙂

  10. @Fabrice: If it is, we crossed on the beach or in the water without knowing it!
    @Bertran: Hello Super Grouper, glad to meet you here! You can write to me directly at the following address:
    Otherwise, I will hardly be able to enlighten you on the reef of Maratua itself, except by telling you what I was told, because I only plunged to Sangalaki, Kakaban and Derawan. But we will recausera of all that by email and / or on Plongeur.com. Thank you for the "waaaaouww", which touches me a lot, sincerely. I love sharing my impressions of travel and diving and I hope to continue for a long time!

    @To fart: It was a pleasure to dive with Watercolors. Many thanks for the link on your blog. And let me know when the french version is ready! Good luck for your next projects.

  11. I dream of Malaysia for 3 years ... after Cuba, the Caribbean and Mayotte I will finally set the course for Asia in May 2010 with a great promo MH flights 410 euros A / R KUL TTC!
    Obviously I'm going to dive but in 2006 you seemed more excited about the Redang dives compared to the Perhentians ... what about today after your recent stay? I know, since you did the best sites of Borneo but hey, I have only 15 days of vacation!
    I'm a fan of your photos, I stay in Paris all summer while escaping thanks to your blog.
    Thanks to you

  12. @LiseMet: Ooh, interesting, this promo !!! I will rush to the site of Malaysia Airlines coming home !!!
    The Perhentians are always very friendly and rather easy, which makes the outings always very pleasant. But since I did not dive on the Redang sites this time, it's hard to give you a more "cool" comparison. I kept the memory of sites more "abundant" on the side of Redang, indeed. But frankly, there, after returning to Sipadan, this is the island that remains the top of the top in my little personal ranking ... (sigh)
    Finally a thousand thanks for your little message, which makes me very happy. Bringing a little escape is the goal of these "Little Bubbles Elsewhere" ... But you have already gone for a walk on the side of Cuba, the Caribbean and Mayotte? Ah, there, it is you who gives me new travel desires !!!!

  13. There may be new MH promos in this price range but the time for reflection was short, a week to buy the ticket, since the price has risen to 750 euros ....
    It's crazy to imagine that you are answering on the other side of the planet right now. Me I'm not a pro of the computer, the internet so when I go far I'm disconnected, no such, no emails.
    I'll be mad at you if I saw seahorses and beautiful nudibranchs in Dominica in October.
    Mayotte is a paradise lagoon, turtles are my friends and whales also from July to October.
    Good bubbles to follow ...

  14. @LiseMet: Ah ... the magic of the internet! I just love it. For me, it adds to the pleasure of the trip, to deliver my impressions in near-direct, from the other end of the planet.
    Now that I'm back, I'll continue to monitor flight prices while dreaming about future trips ... Good bubbles too !!!