Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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Since the time I've been talking about it (Air Asia here, Air Asia by then), this time, it's done! I finally tested the brand new Air Asia X route, from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. The route was launched by the Malaysian lowcost airline in February 2011.

January 13, 2012. Small update : too bad, Air Asia flights to and from Europe will stop from the end of March 2012...
Read: Air Asia X abandons flights from Paris and London

Airbus red and white

As I have written in other posts, Air Asia is probably the airline I flew the most often, because it allows to fly everywhere in South-East Asia, for cheap. Low cost is good...

But to fly 12 hours on this brand new long-haul route from Paris, stamped "X", is another matter. So I boarded the plane this Sunday, July 3rd, asking myself a few questions...

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

I was worried about being a little cramped and in the end, it was fine. I didn't measure the spacing between the seats, but they seemed comparable to any other airplane seat.

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

The plane looked new, or almost new. A red and white Airbus, in the company's colors.

Two pigeons perched on the cockpit, while I was waiting in the boarding room. It seemed like a good omen for the trip...

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.


For the extra services, you have to pay: it's the principle of the lowcost companies. So I bought my meals in advance, as well as my "comfort kit" and the extra luggage.

The "comfort kit" consists of a red cover containing a blanket, an airbag and an eye mask. You can keep everything afterwards, but I didn't bother with that...

Comfort Kit. Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

Impossible to load more. As for the extra kilos, with my diving equipment and all my bardas for underwater photography, I now put in the hold... 27kg!


As for the food, the portions are not huge, but it was enough for me. I think I was right to choose the Asian menu, with a little spicy rice, as I like. The "western" dishes of my neighbors seemed to me much less appetizing.

Tray-meals. Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

The prepaid meal is divided into two services: you get a tray with a small bottle of water a little after takeoff, then another one three hours before landing. If you want some extra stuff, you have to buy it when the hostesses pass by with their carts.

I refrained from renting a small screen to watch movies, really not essential, saw the turnips on the program, even to kill time.

The thing I missed, in fact, is the famous flight parameters that most regular airlines display on their long-haul screens: altitude, elapsed time, countries flown over, local time at destination, etc.


The paid options I took cost me, all taxes included, 100€ (50€ on the outbound trip, 50€ on the return trip). This amount should be added to the 287€ of the initial round trip ticket. Total: 387€.

Fare more than correct, in my humble opinion, to reach Asia... I had managed to get this ticket at a low price in November, during the great launch promo.

Since then, I have looked at the fares on the Air Asia website. And, frankly, except for promotions, they are not much more interesting than what some regular airlines can offer, very competitive on destinations like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore...

Check-in. Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

Paris - Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia X.

All the same, Air Asia X offers a Premium class which is worth it: there, you have a real bed to spend the 12 hours of flight time comfortably, almost all services, and the fare remains accessible, compared to the seats in First or Business Class of regular airlines.

At the check-in, I was a little envious of a bunch of young people who went to put their backpacks at the Premium counter... Lucky kids who must have managed to get their seat during the famous November promo, I guess.

Final destination?.

Well, that's not all... Flying is not the most exciting part of a trip.

I only passed through the airport LCCT from Kuala Lumpur. To board immediately, on another flight, this time of Air Asia Indonesia. Heading for Denpasar (Bali). Short trip of less than 3 hours.

Bali, I stayed there only one night. In a very charming hotel that I recommend, the Bali Hotel Pearl. A French-run resort with a small pool and a pretty quiet garden, ideally located on the edge of Legian and Kuta, just steps from the beach.

We are obviously not in the business of rates backpackersBut the place is still affordable. Ideal to recover from the jet lag and the tiredness of the trip when arriving...

Pearl Hotel, Legian, Bali.

Pearl Hotel, Legian, Bali.

I took another plane the next morning. Batavia Airthis time. A domestic Indonesian company, which is no longer on the famous "black list" of companies considered dubious ... Nevertheless, the plane was quite old and the pilot too daring for my taste. Anyway, I arrived at my destination.

Where to?

AT Flores. Still in Indonesia. A long island, east of Bali, after Lombok and Sumbawa, for those who know. Flores is part of what is called "the small islands of the Sunda".

I am there, there. Vaulted on the terrace of my little bungalow, facing the sea.


The view from my terrace, in Flores ... Indonesia, July 2011.

I enjoy my first step "farniente and diving", not far from the city of Maumere. I will say more in a next post, if I manage to reconnect...

Here, wifi is capricious and power cuts are frequent!


  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. @Christelle: For lots more details, there's a review of the Air Asia X flight, very comprehensive, by a guy who even tested the Premium, here :

    @Corinne: Congratulations, you have the floor price, say so! Frankly, at that price, no hesitation ...

    @Charly: Hold on, the real news from Indonesia is coming soon... Right now, it was just practical teasing. Good luck with the work, departure's coming !!!

  2. Ah! Nice little news from Indonesia. I see you've made it to your destination... while others are slaving away on their computers 😉 But be patient, Laos is approaching from my side 🙂 Anyway, thanks for this test, very useful for future trips to Southeast Asia. Have a good stay, enjoy the bubbles!

  3. @Martinoo: Yes, I know, they sent me an e-mail to say "Optiontown"... So I signed up for the return flight, which is a night flight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a Premium seat will become available. But I won't be informed until the very last moment. We'll just have to see!

    @Alimata: Hey, hey... It's really crazy, isn't it? When it comes to savagery, I'm doing well, even though I've got wifi in my bungalow on the beach... Komodo is obviously on the program. Monsieur is a connoisseur, isn't he?

    @Alex: Thank you !!! For Air Asia X, no, no link yet from Montreal. But for domestic routes in Southeast Asia, it's really worth it. Good preparations!

  4. Hello!

    Super your blog, it's really well structured ;) I've added your site to my blogroll.

    Thanks for the post, we are leaving for Bangkok in January and I will consider Air Asia for internal flights. I do not think it's possible to fly with this line from Montreal ...


  5. Maumere? Just a stone's throw from Alor, where we spent a dream 15 days... 7 bungalows on a beautiful beach, superb diving sites. What more could you ask for. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact me, or have a look at the article and photos about this stay with Alor Divers:

    Enjoy your dives and your stay in this wonderful country 😀

  6. I was just wondering what it would be like on long-haul routes. Tested on courts, and approved, I no longer have any doubts...
    Thank you and have a good trip!

  7. I'll have to try it out... at first, I thought the article was about a company... let's say... olé olé what ^^

  8. @isaM: I know, I had already seen your post... 😉 I hesitated to include Alor in this trip, but it was a hair short, I would have needed a little more week... I will go, I think, on a future trip!!!!

    @Ye Lili: Bah... It's nothing extraordinary, it's obviously not as good as a company like Emirates, but it's very reasonable for the price I paid...

    @Piotr: Yes, I almost made a joke about it. But I refrained, thinking that a commentator would be sure to do so...

  9. Hi Corinne,

    I've heard a lot about this company, so I'm glad to find a "feedback" article. 387€ round trip, it's almost cheap. I looked at the prices for my stay, and they weren't necessarily cheaper than other companies.

    Enjoy your trip and good luck. 8)


  10. Flores, just great to dive, you'll love it !!!

    The Komodo park is top from Labuanbajo (seen last year), too full of good spots with so many fish, sharks and mantas in shambles 🙂

    I'm there at the end of August to... dive.

    Good bubbles and a +

  11. "excluding promotions, they are hardly more attractive than what some regular airlines can offer".

    That was true, but because of the Icelandic volcano last year, the rise in oil prices, etc., fares on some of the world's top airlines like Etihad and Qatar Airways have since doubled. It's simple: I went to Asia at the end of 2009 with Qatar Airways: return ticket London-Bangkok around 430 euros. In 2007, I flew round-trip Paris-Mumbai for around 540 euros with the same airline (which I love).
    London-Bangkok, or leaving from Paris at the beginning of the year to leave in autumn: over 800 euros minimum! Finally, I also took an Air Asia ticket to leave (like you, for Indonesia; then Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, for a little over 4 months) in September, for a total of around 550 euros.
    I'm going to dive Pulau Weh, then maybe Bali (sounds expensive) and then Flores. I'll be following your blog...
    I don't know if you've heard of it, but there's a very interesting mini sports camera for diving, the GoPro HD. I've just ordered one, so I can enjoy my dives while filming them.

  12. Forget the GoPro, I just saw that you have an Ikelite... I also have a 7D, but the housing remains a sweet dream...

  13. @Vincent: Yes, it looks nice, the GoPro, and all light. But my 7D does some nice things, both on land and underwater:

    @David: Yes, keep an eye out. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you'll be kept up to date on their special offers.

    @Annabelle: You'll see, Indonesia's really nice... The more I go back, the more I like it.

  14. I too have tested the company several times, but not yet on this type of long-haul...When you manage to get the lowest prices, it's pretty amazing, lucky girl 🙂


  15. @NowMadNow: Likewise, it was my first long-haul flight on Air Asia. At the price I managed to get, it's clear that there's no need to hesitate.

  16. Hello,
    Thank you for this article, which answers many of the questions I had about Air Asia X, especially about comfort.
    On the other hand, I agree with you that prices aren't all that attractive, and that you can pay almost the same to reach Asia via the Emirates.
    For the final destination, of course it's dreaming ...
    See you soon.

  17. Hello Sandrine,

    The comfort kit is really not too much I think! How much should you add?
    I remember flying from Bangkok to Sydney on Air Asia and freezing during the 6-hour trip because the air conditioning was on full blast... I regretted my little blanket! 😛
    Thank you for sharing anyway, and I remain in sleep to find good rates for an Asian travel project!
    See you soon

  18. Hello Corinne
    The comfort kit is indeed very useful over long distances. I remember a Bangkok / Sydney flight on Air Asia where I was cold for 6 hours because the air conditioning was on full blast... 😆
    Thank you for sharing anyway and see you soon

  19. coucou! this company seems really nice but I'm on the website and I don't see any departures from Paris? is there a trick?
    thank you for this great site
    See you soon

    1. @obscur: you should have read the little update I made at the beginning of the article, at the very top, in the grey box, explaining that Air Asia X flights from Paris (and London) were going to be cancelled. I'm reposting it below...

      ➡ January 13th, 2012. Update: damage, Air Asia flights to and from Europe will stop from the end of March 2012 ...
      See :

      So these flights from Europe have not existed for several months... 🙁

  20. Hi, I came across your blog while looking for information on the Lesser Sunda Islands, where we'd like to go next May: I'm stunned! I'm also a travel and diving fanatic, but I've never been to Indonesia before, but after this I can't wait! I've just read all your articles on this trip and I can see that I didn't choose the wrong destination. It's a very complete trip, with diving, lounging and magnificent walks. Bravo, your blog is really superb. What's more, I totally share your love of Mantas. I've been dreaming about them for a long time, and I only came across one in Madagascar near Nosy Be, but I'm not about to forget it! And I can't wait to do it again: I can't wait for Komodo! Thanks again for these beautiful images!

    1. @Laure: Oh my! Yes, the Lesser Sunda Islands and Indonesia in general are a fantastic destination... I'm delighted to have confirmed your desire to go there with my Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs. And you'll probably get a taste for it and want to go back...

      I cross my fingers so that you meet the rays-mantas in Komodo !!! Bon voyage and good bubbles !!!