Latest bubbles in Mabul and Sipadan

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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I dropped my last bubbles in Sipadan on Monday. Ultimate and intense underwater emotions in the midst of sharks, turtles and barracuda ...

The abundant reef that protects the island is actually a vertiginous cliff underwater. Which goes down more than 600 meters! Fortunately for us, scuba divers or snorkelers, the show is close to the surface.

If the "big" ensures the show, small creatures are not left behind. For the pleasure of the eyes, here are some of the more modest wonders that one encounters underwater in Mabul and Sipadan.

Of course, I also let go of the nudis ... I do not get tired of these small colorful sea slugs. In Mabul as in Sipadan, it is a festival.

I'll give you the pictures in a future post, "special nudibranchs"!


  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009