A monkey seen on the way ... (Tioman, Malaysia)
A monkey seen on the way ... (Tioman, Malaysia)

Friday in Tioman, day of rest and ride

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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The Tioman jungle, in the southeast of Peninsular Malaysia, is a protected natural park. Dense, almost impenetrable, it covers most of the island.

Let's hope that the airport opened by the hotel company Berjaya and the status of "duty free" zone recently granted to Tioman will not upset the situation too much... But I am not very optimistic about this.

Strange noises come out of the jungle, on the other side of the path. Sizzling, unknown bird songs, unidentified screams and whistles... (Tioman, Malaysia)

This Friday, I decide to do as the Muslims do and to rest. After three days of non-stop diving, I want to dry off a bit!

So I rent a bike to go to the village of Tekek, where live most of the real islanders, the families of fishermen and small merchants in majority.

To leave "my" beach, we have to cross a mini hill via a small staircase. Carrying the bike over these few steps is not a big effort, but it is enough to make me swim. Malaysia, the country where you never get dry...


Under the cover of the trees that shade the path at this place, marauding monkeys observe me approaching. Slowly I put down the bike to take out the camera.

But they are wary and return illico to hide in the branches.

A monkey seen on the way ... (Tioman, Malaysia)
A monkey seen on the way ... (Tioman, Malaysia)

The day of my arrival in Tioman, I was amazed by my encounter, on the way to the beach, with two huge monitor lizards. When I say huge, I am not exaggerating: those of Perhentian Kecil are small lizards of nothing at all, compared to these mastodons with the appearance of crocodiles which fled in front of me with a surprising agility for their clumsy gait of antediluvian batrachians.

I didn't have time to take pictures of them. But the monkeys, once perched on their branches, are less shy, and I managed to take some pictures.

  Malaysia: Peninsula and Borneo - July 2006

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  1. Hello!!!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing all your photos, they're a delight. They help me recover from this long, hard day in Geneva...
    More than 4 days of work on my side, I hold the good end !!!

    Big kisses and attention to tsunamis ...

  2. Congratulations for the text and photos, I am very impressed, despite the distance, by the monitor! Yes Yes!!

    I even feel a little ridiculous, since all I have to offer is my indecrottable (with or without pun intended) Mimi the mouse, who mocks us openly, eats her daily piece of luxury cheese (refuses the crusts) but never gets caught in the trap. And yet Alain attaches a small piece of iron to the Gruyère to force it to pull and trigger the mechanism, but it never does! So much for my personal zoo.

    Evidently Alain laughs at me, and throws himself into his African memories populated with big lizards, caimans, bats, monkeys, etc. Like father like daughter!

    Just one more day to go before departure for the South.
    Take care of yourself, mil besos, hasta pronto,