Chart of flights to the TGV station of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport.


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  Between Two Journeys

I will leave again. At the end of June, I fly again towards the Orient. It was enough for me to receive the e-ticket on my mail to feel wings.

At 540 € round trip Paris-Kuala Lumpur, on KLM, I cracked. I will never find the best price for Asia ...

Chart of flights to the TGV station of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport.
Chart of flights to the TGV station of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

The only prospect of a new beginning, concretized by the purchase of this ticket, plunges me into abysses of bliss. To leave, to return, to leave again. The very flavor of existence seems to me entirely suspended from this pendulum movement. Am I normal?

Because of the crisis, the majority of people prefer not to leave. Or do not go far.

The crisis helping, I'm ecstatic when I manage to leave the other side of the world despite everything. By targeting corners where the standard of living allows me to take long weeks without spending too much. Is it indecent?

I spend whole nights on the internet juggling airline schedules, fares and connections. I plunge with delight in the blogs of travelers who resemble me. Those who are not afraid to leave a little room for improvisation, at random, who rely on their lucky stars, who trust. For them, for me, being elsewhere is always exhilarating. By what miracle?

By dint of leaving, I tell myself that one day I could also not return. All these "parentheses" put together end to end for so many years compose a small piece of existence that sometimes seems to me so much more precious than everything else ... Does it make sense?

Sipadan Island, near Borneo, Malaysia. July 2006.
Sipadan Island, Malaysia. July 2006.

I do not know exactly where I'm going to hang out my flip flops in July from Kuala Lumpur. Preparations, but not too much! Only certainty, I'm going to return soaking my fins to Sipadan, off Borneo, accessible from a wing shot with Air Asia. After ... I'm still at the stage where everything is possible.

It's so good to be sure to leave again, soon.


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. I envy you, I will love to go away with my man and my two little guys. No money at the moment, it will be for later. It's not just the crisis but here ... You're right to enjoy it. I will continue to dream watching your blog.

  2. A tip for Sipadan: do not forget your helmet, because the frontal impact with turtles is the most frequent risk in the sector 😆
    Otherwise on Borneo, apart from the area around KK, I did Miri where the dives are not terrible, but where the parks around are nice (Gunung Mulu, Lambir hills ...) although very well equipped and with fewer critters than in Papua

  3. @Cathy: Yes, not easy to move to four. For me, of course, it's easier: no family constraints. I just need to save the ticket price. Once in Asia, I spend much less to eat and stay than if I stayed in France ... Anyway, thank you for your little note, it always touches me a lot to know that I manage to share a little dream through this blog.

    @ Helen: Yes, I can see how lucky we are to be able to go to the other side of the world for our pleasure. I think you should still find a bike or two during your journey to connect, give and take news ... Good preparations!

    @Alimata: Ah, I can not wait to find my girlfriends turtles haunting these fabulous waters! On Borneo, I have the project still a little vague to cross the Indonesian border and to go to the side of Derawan ... (At the latest news, mantas are back around Sangalaki, 😈)
    Then I would make a jump to Alor, returning to Bali on the return ... But I have to study this ambitious project closer (budget / time / links).
    For the rest, I'm not too fan of impenetrable jungles full of critters. The parks "landscaped" that suits me well. We will see.

  4. I have the impression that I could have written the same feeling (less well expressed!) ... it's weird to read his own thoughts written by another ...

    My budget N ° 1: travel and diving ... find good plans ... places where you can enjoy life with a smile for not much ... and leave!
    The rest is incidental ... and then it does not matter, I do not like going to the restaurant, I love pasta, I do not need a classy furniture, a nice car or a large home ... in short all these material aspects do not matter to me, just as to save for an unknown future or for a retirement which could only be illusory ... and if tomorrow one decided to ask elsewhere? I've done it for a few years ... the hard part is not to leave ... but to return ... and if one day we do not return?
    In the meantime, I leave and I come back with a smile, because I'm sure to leave again for new discoveries, adventures and encounters.

    I am aware of having the chance to make this choice and to share it with my partner.
    Crisis? Life is day to day with what we have ... If we have to reduce the travel budget, it will diminish ... but I do not plan to dream any day to leave again!

  5. Do not worry. You are normal. This pendulum that paces your life is beneficial. You are enriched by these trips and if one day you come back less, it is that you will have made the choice. I know people who have come and gone, gone back home and ended up almost never coming back. They have a rich life. It would be a shame if you brake yourself. I'm leaving in August for India. In June, I go to see the Pyramids, it is time that I go to visit these wonders, whenever they would get bogged down ... To each his plunges. 🙄

  6. Derawan ... the dives are quite expensive on the budget side. But if you push until then it is absolutely necessary to do the jellyfish diving on the island of Kakaban! Indescribable…

    For me it's direction the Maldives next week ... 8)

    So I hope the mantas, impatiently! ...

  7. @ Manta: You express very well what I feel too. We have the same philosophy about material things ...

    @ Nono: Ah, it would surprise me a lot that I'm braking! Except big worries of sub ... But here I am reassured. I am normal!!! Besides, you too often leave.

    @ Marie-Ange (A world elsewhere): Yes, I remember well the story you had made of the expedition to Kakaban ... Count on me, if I go there, to try this unusual experience.
    As for accommodation, there is apparently a way to stay cheap in Losmen in Derawan. For the dives themselves, I was given a contact. It will probably be necessary for me to join other divers, to share the fuel costs of the boat ... We'll see. I will take a closer look at the issue these days, send emails. If the outings are expensive, I will do less, that's all!
    In the meantime, I wish you wonderful dives in the Maldives. And I must admit that I envy you. (But I, too, will go, one day!) I am convinced that the mantas will be at the rendezvous! Make the best of it.

  8. I adhere to 500% me too I think one day I will not go back !! We will be on the same side of the globe at the same time, by then a good blog! Sonia

  9. 540 euros? It's going to be missed which will not have been normal. 😉

    "... I'm still at the stage where everything is possible". I like to believe that in travel, anything can happen, especially the best.

    For the rest, do I need to add that I totally understand the state in which you find yourself? 🙂

  10. @ Marie-Julie: It would have surprised me that you do not capture the state of mind that is mine right now ... 😉
    I finally have a few days of rest in front of me, so I'll have a little time to imagine the stages of this new trip.

  11. Hi Corinne!
    Well if you pass by the Perhentians in late June, I should be there until 29 a priori!
    At the time I speak to you, we are 1 month, 6 days, 14 hours, and 32 minutes of departure! It's great these wordpress widgets !!! All that to say that it's too hard to wait !!! How are you doing each time ??? 😡

    Oh yes ... we beat you ... we got them to 530 euros ... aaaaaaahhhh it's good crisis !!!! 😆

    See you soon ! 8)

  12. @Anthony: Ah ... I do not think back through the Perhentian, and then I take off from Paris on June 29, so it might be hard to cross ... 😉
    In fact, I still have not stopped my plans for this next trip. I'm going to start looking at it, and I'll come back to it in a little while. 😀
    One month and six days? Ah there, you hold the good end !!! 8)

  13. I just discovered your blog thanks to a friend on facebook and I love your style, I will regularly follow your projects and watch your videos. I am happy with a few hours of apnea and only film with a Gopro (I am rather a photographer "terrestrial"), but I am desperate to see the perishing of the coral surface, in Thailand and Malaysia ...

    1. @ Stéphane: welcome to my Little Bubbles Elsewhere! Delighted that you like it! 🙂

      Yes, I also noticed, the coral is no longer in very good shape in Thailand and Malaysia, alas ... I'm leaving soon in Indonesia, where we still find beautiful funds. But until when ?

      Good continuation !