Funeral ceremony in Bori. Toraja Country, Sulawesi, July 2010.

Funeral Toraja: the video

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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I bring you back to Toraja Country, Sulawesi (Indonesia). After the pictures of the traditional funeral ceremony I attended, in the village of Bori, here is a small video that gives a good idea of the atmosphere.

Atmosphere in Toraja Country

Sensitive souls and animal lovers, be careful before watching this little film... Pigs and buffaloes are sacrificed and skinned during funerals: these images can be offensive.

This video was made with my Canon Eos 7D. The image quality is really fantastic, compared to what I did on the same theme in 2007, in another village of Sulawesi, with my little Powershot A95.

Toraja Ceremony: the photos

The pictures are at the end of this link:
→ Tana Toraja, I'm back

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010