Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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Three years later my first trip to Sulawesihere I am back in that part of Indonesia that had made such an impression on me. First step of this new journey: the small island of Bangka, just north of Sulawesi.

Murex Bangka Beach

I just spent a week at Bangka Island. A week to dive and forget the rest of the world.

How can you not let go, in such a beautiful place?

The beach at Murex Resort in Bangka when I arrived ... Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

That's the beach of Murex Bangka Resort, the day of my arrival (not to be confused with their other resort on Sulawesi itself).

When I saw the color of the water and the cute beach, I thought I had very well chosen my base, for a smooth acclimatization ...


There is a handful of simple wooden bungalows (with air conditioning still, provided that the generator deigns to start), a small dive center that houses the equipment, a compressor to fill the bottles, a large room that serves resto and, in the back, the barracks where staffs are housed.

My bungalow at Murex Bangka Resort. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

Calm and voluptuousness

There are only two other guests when I arrive, two young Dutch people very nice.

The staff is very caring, I carry my big bag to the bungalow assigned to me, I just have to ask and savor. Blissfully.

The small white sand beach of Murex Bangka Resort. Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

Everything was very easy to get there. I had arranged things in advance, by exchanging emails with Murex.

A guy was there as expected waiting for me at Manado Airport, with the inevitable little sign in my name with the inevitable foul in it. He took me on a pick-up for about an hour to Surabaya Beach, a black sand beach on the northern tip of Sulawesi.

The time still to load the supplies for the resort on the boat, to get me in, a half-hour crossing, and here ...

I'm glad I opted for Murex, after various opinions gleaned from here and there on the forums of divers and travelers. The dive sites around Bangka are really top (the sub photos arrive in a future post), the reception was great. And it's one of the few dive-centers of the corner (the only one?) held exclusively by Indonesians.

On Bangka itself, there are only two other resorts at the moment, to my knowledge: the Blue Bay Divers (German management) and the Mimpi Indah (where I also planned to spend a week at the end of stay, held by an Indo-Dutch couple).

We are really far from everything. The mobile phone passes, but there is no internet.

In terms of entertainment and distractions, there is just one lousy TV for those who want to follow the World Cup matches. Magazines and books in Dutch, English, German in the small library. And the staff that turns into an orchestra in the evening!


In the evening, the staff of Murex Bangka Resort turns into an orchestra! Sulawesi, Indonesia. July 2010.

I will not be recommending the place for more than a few days to non-divers, who would have gone round in circles on this adorable but tiny beach. There is nothing to do except dive, eat, sleep ...

In short, the perfect place to let go. I loved it!


  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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  1. Memories souvenirs ... It is true that the arrival on Bangka is almost heavenly: the color of the water, the coconut trees, and the disconnection from the modern world ...
    I enjoyed this island and this dive center, but I would have appreciated even more if I had met other divers!

    I am now looking forward to your next post that will talk about dives!

  2. Your story of letting go makes you drool ... I too want to cut myself off from the rest of the world at the other end of my world ... Soon, soon ...
    Anyway, reading you is stimulating 😉

  3. @Malene: There were few people during my stay, but some divers anyway ... Two Dutch at first; Indonesians next, including the owner's son; then a family of Americans settled in London; and finally an older Dutch couple. I feasted with the dives. My new post with small photos sub is online!

    @Luna: Patience ... It is well known, it is the Australians who end up making jealous the Julillettists, once past the great crossover of the summer.

    @David: It's even better in real life !!!

    @Greg: Oh yes ! I enjoy…

    @Lydie: That way you travel a little with me ...

    @Manta: Thank you ! If these few Indonesian news can help you come back smoothly, so much the better !!!

  4. I have been to Sulawesi before, but your story made me want to go to Bangka. Did you go to the Mimpi Indah resort?

  5. @Thierry: Yes, I then went back to Bangka at the Mimpi Indah Resort... But I didn't take the time to make a post on the way back. I'll have to do one, one of these days. Very nice too!!! 🙂

  6. Exactly one month ago, I landed there on this beach, accompanied by my two non-divers... And it's a long way-in-in-innnnn!!! 😥

    Everyone loved it, including the girl-no-regulator, I have rarely seen such an optimized place despite rustic ways.
    For the form, we will grumble about the food, not super-great and a little dubious sometimes 😕 , but whether it is the beach or diving: raaaaahhhh... 😮

    And then on your group photo, I have the pleasure of seeing my friend Aswar, my personal guide. If I could, I would lug it in my luggage all over Indonesia: a good one! 8)

    Regarding the customers and my neighbors of boat, bin:

    - I met a couple of nice and opportunely silvery Japanese, who gave me an idea about my next purchase, "O-Jya, the King of BC", The Zen-style stripped stab should not be 2kgs and dries instantly upon exiting the water, no textiles. The traveler's dream 😀
    1.300€ anyway: "Japanese quality!", my prosperous Japanese friend told me... 😯

    ...and then there was a dreadful family of Italians, whose nippy, vulgar mamma wallowed her Nimar box over the Pontohi pygmies. The most atrocious English accent ever heard: "Gou-dé Af-tairé-nou-né!" she greeted 😡 . The others didn't breathe a word about the stay.

  7. @ Ludovic / Wet & Sea: I, too, adoooored Murex at Bangka. 8)
    Aswar is one of the best guides I have had in Indonesia and as I said in another comment on, he is well known in the area, among other Indonesian divers. It was enough for me to show a picture of him (under the water, with his mask) to the guys with whom I then dived at Mimpi Indah, so that they recognize it immediately: "Oh, but it's Aswar !!! "

    I'm glad your non-divers also enjoyed the stay on the cute beach. I laughed a lot when I read your summary. A very good plan, in my opinion, the Murex resort in Bangka. After that, of course, you have to manage to escape the big-breasted Italian women wallowing on the coral... 😕 😆