At the Rantepao market

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  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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I love hanging out in markets in Asia. During my stay in Sulawesi (Indonesia) last summer, I went to the one in Rantepao, in the heart of Toraja country. Here are some pictures of the atmosphere...

Live eels and pig's head

At the Rantepao market.the pasar (market), everyone welcomes me very nicely. And the merchants, as always, gladly accept the photo. Really nice with the tourists!

Fortunately for you who are browsing this page, the camera only captures the colors, not the smells, particularly aggressive around the stalls of fish and meat.

Two sequences "emotion" came to spice up my little walk to the market of Rantepao ...

(The photos are to be discovered in the image gallery below).

The first in front of the buckets filled with live eels. The guy who sells them breaks their necks with a sharp gesture of the hand, before slipping them into a plastic bag. The noise raises the heart...


An old lady who was next to me, when I took the picture, made me understand with a disgusted grimace that she hated it... But like me, she still stayed to watch.

Second moment, not very ragorous either, but much more fun, on the butchers side. Two young guys behind their stall feel inspired by my camera: one of them grabs the pig's head in front of him and places it in front of his colleague's face.

They laughed at their joke, too happy to admire the result on the screen of my 7D. I leave you with the pictures below...

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010