From the sunflower garden at Changi Airport, there is a breathtaking view of the tarmac ... (Singapore, July 2010)
From the sunflower garden at Changi Airport, there is a breathtaking view of the tarmac ... (Singapore, July 2010)

In transit in Singapore

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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Here I am between two planes, at theSingapore Changi Airport. The top of the top, airport question.

Changi: the No. 1 airport

My flight to Manado (Sulawesi, Indonesia) leaves in two short hours. I spent the night here at Transit Hotel from Singapore airport.

In all, I took three planes to join Sulawesi. Paris-Dubai, then Dubai-Singapore, on Emirates Airlines. Then Singapore-Manado on SilkAir, affiliate Singapore Airlines. I know, it's always too much, but I optimized at best ...

My favorite seat? Side porthole, always ... (July 2010)
My favorite seat? Window side, always... (July 2010)

Singapore Changi Airport remains number 1 in my little personal top airports. (And I prefer not to dwell on the poor services offered, in comparison, that of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle ...)

It's very simple, at Singapore airport, there is everything. Lounges, restaurants and shops everywhere, games for children, change, hotels, cinemas, swimming pool, indoor gardens and mini-jungles, TVs to watch the world cup, free internet, wifi connection, etc. etc. In short, all that can be imagined nice for the comfort of the traveler.

And most importantly, we greet you with a smile at info points when you need information, we help you and guide you with kindness.

At night, from the sunflower garden, there is a spectacular view of the tarmac and the comings and goings of the aircraft.

From the sunflower garden at Changi Airport, there is a breathtaking view of the tarmac ... (Singapore, July 2010)
From the sunflower garden at Changi Airport, there is a breathtaking view of the tarmac ... (Singapore, July 2010)
If, yes, this is an airport ... (Changi Airport, Singapore, July 2010)
If, yes, this is an airport ... (Changi Airport, Singapore, July 2010)

So I leave you just this little word before flying to Indonesia, because will probably not give news before a few days ... There is no internet, I think, at the resort Murex of Bangka Island, where I will settle.

But as soon as I can log on again, you'll be in for a real treat, I promise!!! See you soon!


  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2010

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  1. At the airport of Shangui of Singapore there is a place where we can see full of pavilion. Very zen place 🙂
    We can even lie down and spend several days at this airport 🙂 The top, really!
    Good Sulawesi

  2. they are real sunflowers? not plastic stems stuck in a tray as often in our halls and rooms of not lost? 😉

  3. I know the airport of Singapore ... Yes, very good, but, I do not remember the sunflowers ... by cons, goldfish yes !!! Biz!

  4. Waouhh I must say that it gives envy all these services ... the European airports have work to do!!! All in all enjoy and bring back lots of nice pictures and stories 😀

  5. Hello Corinne,

    and especially good trip, enjoy these wonderful and unforgettable moments that we can spend under water and in the company of the locals who are all what there is of more adorable... 🙂
    As I stopped diving and at the same time sub photography, I take the opportunity to travel a little and take a lot of pictures on the sites of sub globetrotters like you 😉
    For us, this year, it will be Crete. We stay in Europe, we think about our local economy, we are not going to give our currencies to Asians, we... 😆
    Go, meanwhile, have a good trip and lots of beautiful things!


  6. Hello,
    amazing to see you left in Sulawesi ... again I'm excited that I just discovered your blog and I just read your story 2007!

    In your opinion, a late October-November trip to Sulawesi is late for the season? The weather, by and large?

    In any case, I confirm for Singapore airport, it is like home ... the number of times I have slept!

  7. Hello Corinne,

    Have a good trip and enjoy.
    And thank you for all your advice.


  8. @sundance: Not seen the butterflies ... I will try to find them during my stopover back !!!

    @isaetmarco: Your ticket perfectly restores the atmosphere ... I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I have an error page that appears. Never mind. Just for info: to use the wifi at Singapore airport, you have to ask for a login + password at the "information" points. It's free.

    @Lydie: Only nay. A real garden, with real sunflowers, constantly sprayed by mist, all just above the runways for planes. It is also the "smoking area" in this part of the airport.

    @ Helen: Just follow the signs "smoking area" to find the sunflowers ... But maybe only in one terminal? There it was at Terminal 2 or 3, I can not remember.

    @Amandine: Yes, Paris airports would do well to learn from Asian terminals ... Photos and stories arrive very very soon, now that I have an internet connection again!

    @@ lain: Gee, no more diving? 😕
    I'm going to try to make you a little proxy, so ... I have in stock a lot of sub images brought back from Bangka, that I'll post very quickly, now that I have a great connection (for two short days) rest), before flying to the Toraja country.

    @PEPS: Yes, I wanted to come back to Sulawesi !!! Three years later, I'm there again. Great welcome, as always ... For the weather, I do not realize too much. It should be checked. In fact, the island is so vast that it is subject to different climatic influences. In my opinion, you can travel all year, but depending on the month, there are surely more watered corners than others. I believe that for North Sulawesi, it is not ideal to be in December-January-February-March because it is bad. But until October-November it must be good. For other areas of the island, I do not know. You'd have to rummage through the web, or maybe look into the Lonely Planet. I'm going to ask the question around me ... the thing is that nobody says exactly the same thing, depending on which Sulawesi region he's from.

    @Delphine: Thank you !!! New tickets are coming soon.

    @auxBulles: It's coming, it's coming ... The holidays have started very well. I'll be right back to tell you that.