Air Asia X. July 2011.
Me, what I like is having free seats next to mine!

The Best Place to Sit on a Plane


  Between Two Journeys

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Sometimes you get to choose your seat on the plane. Dilemma: is it better to sit in the front, middle or back of the plane? What is the best seat in the plane?

Which seat to choose?

I'm going to fly away soon, for another getaway to Southeast Asia !!! The airline I fly with allows you to pre-select online your seat in the aircraft. I looove it !

On the websites of some airlines, you can choose your seat on the plane at the time of booking, or check-in online.
On the website of some airlines, you can choose your place on the plane at the time of booking, or check-in online.

Just tick a small square in the online reservation manager for the desired seat. But here it is, despite my excitement, when I was ready to click, I had some doubts...

So, before I made up my mind, I googled "best seat in a plane". That's clever... Now I don't know which seat to choose at all! 🤔

Window seat : my favorite place to sit on a plane

I mean, yes. Whenever possible, I always take a window. There's no doubt about it: I like to see outside, to watch the take-off, the landing, I like to look at the clouds, the lights of the cities at night, the mosaic of fields, the blue expanse of the oceans.

And then the side corner makes it possible to put a cushion, a pillow, to support your head, to be more comfortable, to soothe your neck. I am a big fan of the window seat.

Breathtaking view... Long live the porthole! (Lion Air. Indonesia. July 2012.)
Unobstructed view & #8230; Long live the porthole & #160;

And when I need to get out of the row, I politely bother my neighbors with a big smile (telling myself, after all, that it's good for everyone to move a bit). If they are asleep, I sometimes dare (only when we are in the middle of the "night" on a long-haul flight and the whole cabin is in the dark) to step over their knees as I climb onto my seat to sneak past them weightlessly from arm to arm in socks... Oftentimes they don't even notice. At the very worst, they open their eyes and watch me do so, a little appalled but not displeased that they didn't have to get up.

Anyway, anyway. The best seat on the plane is a window seat for me.

Of course, seats at emergency exits are the most popular, as there is legroom. But by the time I make my reservation, they're all already taken or pre-empted. Too bad.

View of the porthole in a Lion Air plane. Indonesia, March 2013.
I am a fan of the porthole, if only for the view ...

The best seat in the plane: in the front, in the middle, in the back?

In fact, what I'm wondering about is which window to choose: the front, the middle or the back of the aircraft?

It's strange that I'm concerned about this detail now, when I've already taken dozens and dozens of planes, especially since this is not the first time I've chosen my seat beforehand online. Usually I do it without any qualms. And I'm not prone to being scared in the air.

Though. I invite you to read again a few posts published on this blog :
→ Traffic jams of the sky
→ Effective Prayers on Lion Air
Thirteen takeoffs and thirteen landings
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Say Your Prayers on Lion Air (bis)


In the Air Asia plane.
Where are we best on the plane? Front, middle or back?

So because of GoogleI found a bunch of links to "best seat on the plane." Three things stand out:

1. We would be more likely to survive an air crash if we are placed in the back of the plane. A statistical study, carried out on accidents that have occurred since the 1970s in the United States, says so (see diagram below). Logically, in the event of a collision, it is the front end that takes everything...

2. But the flight is less pleasant (or even more distressing) at the back of the plane, because there is more turbulence. And when landing, we are usually in the last to leave the aircraft. Not ideal, we end up at the end of an endless queue for transit checks or formalities on arrival. Better to sit at the front to save time.

3. The flight is more comfortable in the middle of the plane, at the level of the wing. The jolts are lower in the event of turbulences. But it is also at this area that the fuel tank is located. In the event of a fire or explosion, the worst of all places, therefore (if you like to picture the worst).

Survival rates for different parts of the passenger cabin, based on an analysis of all commercial aircraft crashes in the United States since 1971 where detailed seat data were available. (Source: Popular Mechanics, illustration by Gil Ahn, provided by
Survival rates for different parts of the passenger cabin, based on an analysis of all commercial aircraft crashes in the United States since 1971 where detailed seat data were available. (Source : Popular Mechanics(Illustration by Gil Ahn, provided by

I'll give you some interesting links I found on this subject here:
→ Safest Seat on a Plane [Popular Mechanics] (the famous American statistical study, in English)
This is the Safest Place to Sit on a Plane [Time] (similar statistical analysis)
→ How to choose the best seat by plane []
→ Forum "The fear of the plane" []
The safest seat on a plane [HuffPostQuebec]

Choose comfort

Morality: it's not a good idea to ask Google these kinds of questions... 😂  

This story of a seat in the front, middle or back is a false dilemma. Crashes are extremely rare, it's a bit silly to choose one's place in relation to this risk criterion. Actually, when it comes to choosing the best seat in the plane, the real criterion, is your comfort.

Best seat on the plane? It's when there are empty seats next to mine... It leaves plenty of legroom!
Best seat on the plane? It's when there are empty seats next to mine... It leaves plenty of leg room!

Finally, I found another link, which is very interesting to choose the best seat in the plane according to this criterion:

→ the site

This lists all types of aircraft in service on commercial flights, specifying for each seat the disadvantages and advantages in terms of comfort: leg room, proximity to toilets and kitchens, inclination of backrests, position in relation to the collective projection screen or presence of individual screens, etc.

So it's worth checking what type of aircraft you're going to fly and studying its configuration before booking your seat.

The SeatGuru site details the advantages and disadvantages of seats depending on the aircraft. Very useful to find the best seat in the plane.
The SeatGuru site details the advantages and disadvantages of seats depending on the aircraft. Very useful to find the best seat in the plane.

Conclusion: the real best seat in the plane

In short: there's nothing to twist, the real best seat on a plane is obviously the one that allows you to spend the trip as pleasantly (in other words, as comfortably) as possible ...

Naturally, the most ideal thing is to be upgraded and get a taste of the luxury of first or business class seating. I secretly dream about it every time I make a reservation.

Well... The most essential thing is to ensure there is a pilot on the plane!


In the plane of Garuda. Flight Jakarta-Makassar. January 2015.
In a plane of Garuda, the Indonesian national airline.

Get upgraded

UPDATE # 1 → July 2013: it finally happened to me, to taste something other than the relative comfort of economy class: in exchange for extra miles, I was able to travel in business class, on an Emirates flight, between Dubai and Paris! ! ! The big foot. I'll tell you maybe that one day ...

UPDATE # 2 → July 2016 : it ended up happening to me too, to graciously benefit, without asking for anything or trying anything special, from an upgrade in business, on a Qatar Airways flight, between Doha and Jakarta ! ! Even more pleasant, since it was really a surprise... Happiness in the air. I tell it here → How to get a flight upgrade for free.

UPDATE # 3 → July 2018 : I have again managed to get an upgrade at Qatar Airways, on the Doha-Jakarta section ! ! This time, as I had just acquired the higher status in the frequent flyer programme, I was able to present myself for boarding in the priority VIP queue... And while I hadn't even asked for the upgrade yet, the young woman at the ticket office did so immediately when she saw me handing out my boarding-pass. She changed my eco class ticket back to business! Yess ! !

UPDATE # 4 February-March 2019: I became the queen of the upgrade, I benefited from TWO upgrades free, one on the outward journey and the other on the return journey, on the Paris-Doha section. From now on, when boarding, I no longer hesitate to systematically ask if there is a possibility of a free upgrade, always very politely, just in case... You're never safe from a very good surprise.


Getting upgraded on a plane... a chance that doesn't come along every day. But don't hesitate to ask, when boarding the plane. You never know...
Getting upgraded on a plane... a chance that doesn't come along every day. But don't hesitate to ask when you board. You never know...

  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Yes, SeatGuru is really an excellent site that has helped me many times to have a great seat.
    But I learned that sometimes companies tend to sell these places where we are so good or to reserve them to good customers ... tired ...

    Have a nice trip.

  2. "Of course, the seats at the emergency exits are the most popular, because there is room for the legs. "

    For the legs for sure, I measure 1.83 m and I know what it is to have the knees that touch the front passenger seat. However, the seats located near the emergency exits have not only advantages. In general they are located near the toilets and this space is often used as a "waiting room" for those who have a small desire or wish to stretch their legs a little.

    So from space... it's all relative... since others will come and "steal" it from you 😆

    Finally the ideal is the business class... alas a little too expensive 🙁

  3. Interesting. I used SeatGuru but sometimes it does not match the company's plane which can be arranged slightly differently. I have never seen a free space by booking on the Internet for those emergency exits.

    1. Hello,
      And ... where do you go?
      It's funny I just opened an email to print air tickets that I just ordered (for Djibouti) when I received the alert from your site.
      Have a nice trip and stay in a "wonderland"

  4. Hi Corinne,
    We cats (8)) we always choose the seats of the corridor, because we are altruists. : Mrgreen: We don't mind bothering other people if we need to stretch our legs... And your sock thing works for girls, not for guys if we're 90 kg and 181 cm, it's going to cause us a few problems! Anyway, I avoid looking outside, especially the wings, since an AF Paris Strasbourg flight a few years ago. All along the trip, I had the pleasure to look at a bolt on the right wing that was half unscrewed and finally came off on landing. Can you imagine watching that for about ten hours between Paris and Dubai.... 🙂

  5. "Of course, the seats at the emergency exits are the most popular, because there is room for the legs. For my reservation, they are already all taken. Pity. "

    My theory (not scientific at all 😉 ) is that it is impossible to reserve seats opposite the emergency exits on the internet.

    Airlines would not want to have a 70-year-old couple or a pregnant woman to intervene in an emergency. They prefer to wait at the counter to offer these seats to people who have not already booked and who are physically fit.

    Last year I booked a flight with Ethiopian Airline on Christmas Day. When I arrived on the website to choose my seat, they were absolutely all free except for the emergency exits. Maybe a coincidence but that's the source of my theory! 🙂

    For a long flight that is not full (I inquire when boarding), I always try to locate rows of 2 or 3 free seats. Towards the end of the embarkation I leave my place and I will position myself subtly in the center of the empty row and at the risk of looking stupid when the real owner of the seat arrives to take this place.

    I am usually quite lucky and as soon as I take off (2 gravols later) I go to bed with all my strength on the 3-4 benches that I have stolen.

    4 pillows and 4 blankets I left for a beautiful and long night sleep. I arrive in good shape at destination! On a night flight it's the ideal.

    Thank you again for your article Corinne! Whether you talk about airplane seats or diving is always a pleasure to read!

  6. @RichardTrois: Yes, mine, this SeatGuru! I did not know this site until then, I discovered it during this little research.

    @Americas: Another dilemma: having room for the legs or being in the front row for the toilet show?

    @Yann: It gives at least an indication of the configuration of the aircraft. As for the places of the emergency exits, they seem indeed to be "retained" by the company itself. That would confirm what RichardTrois and Guillaume also say.

    @Max: Sure, the thing to stride people smoothly through the armrests, it's only for girls with a template and light foot ... As for your nut history unscrewed, I hope I never find something like this when of my next flights!

    @David: Mmm ... the goal of the game, during the maneuvering stride, is to be both fast and discreet. I can not see myself perched on an armrest and ask my neighbor to take a picture of me !!!

    @Guillaume: Your theory on the "pre-emption" of the places in front of the emergency exits seems to me quite plausible. Otherwise, me the same, if I have the chance to spot several free seats not far (it is rather rare), I do not hesitate to move to wallow and sleep! It happened to me once or twice, only on long haul flights taking off in the evening. It's magic: you close your eyes and when you open them, not only are you in shape, but in addition, we arrived !!!

  7. Ben,

    Maybe the best thing is still to get invited in first class. 🙂 Or in the cabin on the pilot's lap 😆

  8. in any case, you have to be careful to be far enough away from the toilet. There is too much traffic and after 10 hours of flying, there starts to be unpleasant smells at all 😕

  9. Ah ah ah ah!!! Thank you thank you for this new subject that I savored !!!
    Personally, I prefer the hallway !! My side claustro that I prefer to have a little space on one side, and then, I hate disturbing my neighbors when I want to stretch my legs, which happens to me regularly, because, in fact, I hate long haul !! Stuck on his seat for 12 hours, hell !! However, I have all my panoply of the perfect little traveler, but, as long as I'm not lying, I can not sleep! From 8am, there is hell !! I can not find a comfortable position, I have seen all the movies, and everyone is sleeping around me ...
    In short, I prefer a corridor !! But the worst is to find yourself in the middle row, stuck between 2 people! The big advantage is that you can choose your place, for my part, often traveling in a group ... each time, the hostess at the counter answered me with a smile: "Sorry, we can not put you where you want but you just have to arrange with your group ... "
    GGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! 👿 Except that in our group, well, every man for himself... and I understand, I do the same when by a miracle I have a corridor seat, I don't want to change!!!!
    There you are, what!
    Lots of love!!!

  10. @Richard: If you know the recipe to be upgraded or to be admitted into the cockpit, I'm interested ...

    @Nikos: Yes, it's still a secret ... All I can say is that the final destination is Indonesian and I have never been there yet.

    @RolK: Ah ... the stories of "little corner" traveling, vast subject, is not it? There, I will inquire about 6:30 flight twice, since there is stopover in Dubai. It will limit the inconvenience. But unless I made a mistake by finally checking my places, I should not be near the toilet ...

    @ Helen: I suspected that this subject would evoke a lot of memories ... For my part, I do not like the hallway too much. I need my corner against the porthole to stall at best.

  11. I bet on Flores? I think you've never been there, in any case if you go to Lombok do not hesitate to make a stop on Gili Air, the funds are incredible.

  12. @Nikos: No ... You lose your bet. Florès deserves a longer stay than the 15 days I can leave in March. It will be for another time. As for the Gili Islands off Lombok, I've been there a long time ago.

  13. Easy to know the destination of Corinne:

    She will head to an island somewhere in the south Pacific. On the plane, she will take a seat number in the series: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. Then on the island, she will impersonate the crazy French chick and will broadcast an incomprehensible radio alert signal for 16 years ! In the meantime, she will shoot anybody getting too close to a deer-hunting rifle ...

    Sorry I couldn't help saying my shit tonight 😀 I've been watching the first episodes of "lost" for a few nights now ....

  14. Thanks for the file, but I'm waiting to see the last season (final??) to read it 😀 Seeing here and there an episode of a VF series on TF1, I had never been hooked. Only 10 days ago, while chatting with a friend, who is addicted to it, and then discovering that on Hulu there are all 114 episodes in VOD, I started to watch it from the beginning in VO. So now, I'm at episode No. 20 of season 1. Discovery of the plane, the hatch (??) and Boone's death. The worst thing is that when an episode ends, Hulu asks me to watch the next episode right away !! It takes enormous willpower to stop ! 😯


  15. Wow, take your seat at check-in ... For adults, emergency exits or lanes; for the little ones, portholes! Another tip when you want to sleep: go up last and occupy these famous rows left free (when it is) and then ... sleep!

    Me too I move perhaps in March: if possible Sorong and the Raja Islands, if not Tioman and Malaysian Peninsula ...

    Good flight and good trip!

  16. @Rod: Well, that's it, I finally chose my seat ... The problem at registration is that we do not always get the one we ask. And when the plane is full like an egg, no possibility to wallow on free rows ...
    Have a nice trip too! 🙂

  17. Yes, SeatGuru = unavoidable. You beat me, I was planning to make a ticket on it next month, when we go to NY and I will select the seats (unlike my last trips) ... In business, it is true that is the best. But I also count on luck, no question of paying the big price (and yes, once, I found myself in Business class because my seat had been assigned twice and I arrived the second)! Otherwise, there is always the good old classic to wear a tailor and to be perfectly coiffed / made up! lol
    For my part, what I take away from this post is that you're still going to Asia!!!!! Can't wait to find out exactly where... 😉

  18. Business class is business class. I had a taste of it once a long time ago because I had been "kind enough" to change places to allow a family to be reunited. I had resigned myself to letting go of my window at check-in, not without making a little pout, which turned into a big smile when the hostess offered me this upgrade. 😈
    Too bad that this flight lasted only a few hours: we have room and we do not eat the same thing as in eco!
    All this to say that I have the impression that hostesses and stewards are then often more attentive towards those who are accommodating (another time, because I had accepted to exile myself in the queue, I had the impression that I was entitled to much more attention and peanuts than the other passengers!) 😛
    And, I do not know why, but I tell myself that it's always good to have the hostess or steward in your pocket.

  19. I arrive directly from Bab La Bricoleuse, my heroine jack-of-all ...
    So how to say ...
    No, I do not travel or very little,
    No, I do not have a camera worthy of the name,
    Yes, by visiting this blog, I have the impression that my universe is "shrunk", containing itself with a little piece of garden (it's already good 🙂 )
    Each one his own way, each one his own path, not the one we were hoping for, but fortunately the internet exists to make us discover wonderful blogs and people like this one, which open us to new horizons, without leaving his piece of garden 😉.
    Thank you for all these beautiful bubbles ...
    A, certainly not on a plane but more around the corner, in Rennes 🙂

  20. I just traveled all the way back for my flight from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi (and I was just wondering if cetait + safe or not)

    Indeed I had the impression that it stirred more bp than elsewhere but we really felt a big start at takeoff (and a smaller landing), during the flight nothing very disturbing.

    The side I am next to the kitchen is not bad too, we were served first (then we should have been all last) by I do not know what "luck".

    By cons, try not to be near the door of a toilet; it's pretty boring!

    Bon voyage en tt cas 😉

  21. On a flight of more than 5 hours, I prefer the corridor because I like to move without having to jump armrest armrest .... I'm not very flexible.
    I love to watch the earth from the sky, especially during my last trip between Taba and Marsa Alam, ouah the Gulf of Aqaba, Ras Mohammed ... 1st magic dive in Marsa Alam thanks to a curious dolphin and dugong! On the other hand, the Egyptians allow to scatter the plastic waste that is found under the sea ... it has ruined some dives to put back plastic bags, in addition to excercises because I passed the PADI Advanced!
    I can not wait to find out where your Emirates flight will take you via DXB ... ..
    I'm preparing Malaysia, while I'm sure I want to go to Perhentians or Redang, everyone is talking about Sipadan, what a dilemma !?

  22. @ Marie-Julie: It won't be the first time we have the same inspiration for blog posts... 😉
    As for my next destination, she will be Indonesian, and I will specify where exactly very soon ...

    @Alice: Lucky girl. I too have already "arranged" other travelers. But I have never been rewarded at the height of my soul size by an upgrade to the Vip ... sigh ...

    @ The AcroDuChat: Ah, Bab... inspired blogger and handyman! I remember, her server exploded after I published my little article about her in "Ouest-France" after so many visits... And now I have the honor of seeing my Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs in her blogroll. 🙂
    You can travel without moving, or without necessarily going to the other end of the world. Question of state of mind. For my part, this blog allows me to extend the pleasure of traveling, during the long months when I become Rennes again. Internet is magical, it allows you to discover distant horizons with a click ... I also love to browse other blogs of travelers, who carry me elsewhere, when I'm stuck in my little everyday world.

    @KRISS: Oh yes, that too is the right plan: find the seat where we will be served first at mealtimes. That said, I happened to be disappointed ... Sometimes they attack instead the driveway by the opposite end to go back to the corner cuine. So, you eat last.

    @LiseMet: The Perhentian is nice for lazing around, but for Sipadan dives it's better. Turtles, sharks, barracudas guaranteed and profuse, in addition to the usual tropical fauna. Sipadan, Sipadan, Sipadan ...

  23. Sorry to leave the subject completely but reading the comments of Lisemet, I wondered why you had never tried golf Aqaba, Corinne?

    There is a small village on the edge of the Red Sea in the Sinai desert called Dahab (1h30 drive north of Sharm el SHeik). I am convinced that you would love ... It is a village that contains about thirty Dive Centers, rooms at 3-4 euros per night, the great good food not expensive, a very relaxed atmosphere! Everything is done on foot ... Not to mention a canyon and a "Blue Hole"! ( ) .

    If it was not so far from Canada, I would go there at least once a year. But France! Paris - Sharm el Sheik must be done in 4-5 hours of flight (direct) and for a very reasonable price!

    You can enjoy it for a desert getaway and to visit Bedouin camps.

    I spent 2 years working in Cairo and I spent all my we on the Red Sea. This is where I started to dive and made my certifications to Rescue Diver. Prices, as much diving as for certives are unbeatable!

    I don't know if it's French or just Quebecois, but we have an expression that says: "Make a sales pitch". I just made my sales pitch on the Red Sea 😉

  24. @Guillaume To: Excellent pitch. I am often asked why I will never dive in the Red Sea and always in Asia. How to say ... it's not just a matter of price or distance to dive into exceptional sites.
    When I leave, I do not just go "diving". I like to enjoy the pleasures of land between two ploufs and Southeast Asia offers me everything I love. The freedom to come and go as I wish without being embarrassed, the splendor of tropical landscapes with infinite shades of green which I love above all, a mentality made globally of tolerance, of respect, even towards a woman traveling alone without " chaperon 'male.
    I probably have silly prejudices towards Egypt and its neighboring countries, but I sense that as a single girl, I would not have the same freedom as in Asia. And maybe I could love the desert and its arid beauty ... But I'm not sure I like to find myself locked in a place where everything revolves around diving, despite the beauty of the underwater sites.
    As for the legendary "blue-hole", it's not for me that prefers "cushy" dives with minimal risks. I can not see myself trying to reach the famous arch in -50m for the excitement of having done ...
    But who knows, I could revise all my prejudices the day I went to soak my fins in the area. This is not excluded. One day, perhaps ... But the fact is, that, for the moment, Asia exerts on me an attraction superior to any other destination. I do not know why. It's as if it's anchored in me, deep down. I feel like home, over there ...

  25. @Max: I have never been to Egypt, that's why I say that I may have some "prejudices" ... But the picture you are portraying corresponds to other testimonies and stories told to me. done, and that do not make me the enticing destination, indeed.
    (And cheer up for Lost, you're not at the end of your troubles... 😀 )

  26. @Corinne: I think you are right not to go to Egypt, since you are looking for more than diving in your travels. Sinai, I do not know, but the surroundings of Hurghada, Safaga and Marsa Alam are filthy: the desert beside the roads is reduced to a dumping of plastic bags and garbage of all kinds. Same scenario for the beaches outside the hotels, that is to say the beaches frequented by the Egyptians (male of course !!). The towns and villages outside the hotels are really very ugly, very poor and uninteresting, if not for sociologists. That's why in the last 4-5 years I only went to Egypt in a diving cruise, especially to have the least possible contact with the depressing Egyptian coast. Frankly, apart from well-organized activities, such as diving or visiting museums, Egypt is not a country for the tourist alone. In addition, since the terrorist attacks and threats of the past years, you have no freedom of movement, because the Egyptian army (a miserable and corrupt army!) Controls access to archaeological sites and manages the transport on its own. major tourist routes. For example, to go from Hurghada to Luxor, one is obliged to go in convoy of minibus supervised by this same army.

    I'm in the fourth season and the "crazy french chick" just came down, a few minutes before his daughter ... What a horror ...

  27.  "The best seat on the plane is the one that will get you to your destination." Confucius 😆
    Have a nice trip Corinne!

  28. And for the return, you take what place ❓
    Cause you're gonna have a new choice to make 😯.
    After Porthole vs. Corridor, Front vs. Back and Escape route vs. Middle, there is now Top vs. Bottom 😆
    As I will also take the "gronavion" to go to Asia (I won't tell you where, nananère!!), but in April and via Singapore, if someone among your honourable readers could advise me on this point, I would be very grateful 😀.

  29. @Richard: Fortunately, Confucius is here to help me out of this dilemma ...

    @Alimata: For the return, I found a place porthole in the big navion where you do not have unfortunate in front of you + room for the legs (row just behind that of the emergency exits). It must be the "ground floor". It seems to me that only Vip of the upper classes have access to the floor ... (But where are you going ??? What unbearable suspense!)

    @Malene: You are really too strong. If I had T-shirts "Little Bubbles Elsewhere" to win, you would receive a lot of ten gratos! Congratulations for your insight.

  30. As Richard says, the best place on the plane is the one that will lead safely ... But I also prefer those near the porthole, I love to look at the "landscape" and recognize the regions, countries, islands that pass below.
    As for the destination of Corinne, I'm going for my little prognosis, and I bet on Pulau Weh.

  31. It was easy: a corner where you haven't been, interesting on the land side, and under water with big, medium, small and weird... You have to go there one of these days... Besides, it suits me, because it's one of my projects. I'll be able to take advantage of your pipes! 😈

  32. Pulau Weh ??? Do not know, too much Pulau in Southeast Asia ... And Pulau Layang-Layang then ??? You have not gone yet Corinne, why?
    I just reread your travels in Malaysia with photos of nudibranchs and yellow and black striped hippocampus species with a beautiful red tail? Sipadan, I dream then SIPADAN, SIPADAN ...

  33. @Malene: That's what I said: you're really too strong ...

    @LiseMet: I'll do a little topo on Pulau Weh very soon, so you'll know everything !!!
    As for Layang Layang, it's still too expensive for my scholarship, and there's only one resort to choose from, unless I'm mistaken, and you have to take a plane chartered by them to get there. And it seems even more expensive when you're a "solo" traveller like me, since there's an extra single supplement for those who have the audacity to be more than two. 👿 And then, once there, not easy to combine with earthly pleasures, which I enjoy so much between two splashes. There's nothing there but the resort. As for the cruises that offer Layang Layang, it's even more expensive... But I'll go, one day!!!!
    As for Sipadan, it remains the top, question dive, in my eyes, among all the sites that I discovered in Asia (sharks, turtles, barracudas everywhere, in addition to the usual tropical fauna). And then it's easy to get there (and economical, with the AirAsia flight KL-Tawau), and then on the spot, there are offers for all categories of divers (luxury, standard, backpacker). I will go back again, for sure.

  34. My last flight on Emirates (Christmas past, Paris KL, I had chosen seats in the middle, to the wing, and I wondered if it were not places noisier than elsewhere. no reactors by the?

    Upgrade... twice, I was lucky enough to be upgraded on the Dubai-Paris... 😀
    I never knew why. It seemed to be a little random at the time of boarding.
    I like Emirates for the comfort, but in business class it's fabulous. 😛

    Have a nice stay in Pulau Weh. It seems that it's really good. I hate to read on this article.

    And congratulations for this blog. I am not a diver but a fan of Indonesia, with a particular fondness for Sumatra.

  35. @Mariba: For these flights Emirates via Dubai to KL (I boarded this Saturday, March 6, evening), I finally chose to be in the middle slightly backwards, near the kitchens (emergency exits in the back , so no neighbor behind to bang in your seat). I did not notice that it was noisier than at another place, but it is true that we are not far from the reactors. As for the first or business seats, I went before boarding, it's dream, they are quasi-beds!

    There, I'm waiting for my Air Asia flight for Banda Aceh, at LCCT KL. I am going to discover Sumatra for the first time. It will be a small glimpse, since I'm happy for this time of a stay oriented "diving" in Pulau Weh. You are not the first to tell me that you had a crush on Sumatra ... And on this blog, I make sure not to talk about diving, but to share as my impressions of travel . Delighted that you find yourself there too !!!

  36. Hum, Business I tested several times and on different companies, often outclassed because traveling alone while the planes were overbooked. It was on long flights, so I obviously appreciated.

    I believe that even in Eco on the Emirates A380 you should not have to complain nevertheless. There are companies that know how to take into consideration that an Eco traveler is also entitled to a minimum of comfort (or call it decency for others who abuse!) ...

    As for Flores I confirm that you will need more than 15 days to fully appreciate (departure visits to Komodo too, and under the water is ... how to describe? ...).

    For the seats I always choose portholes, to enjoy the trip and not only have the nape of other travelers or the seat back in front of me to contemplate for hours. And then it offers + space to curl up and sleep a little while leaning on the porthole (and it avoids falling stupidly on the shoulder of the neighbor). On the long mail I always have a small bottle of water with me and a cereal bar to fill emergencies when I shunned the meal tray, it allows not to need to move to drink. To move without disturbing, cat technique, like you!

    By cons I avoid seats in the last stretch of the device: far too many comings and goings to my taste to the toilet and kitchen, passengers also go there to stretch their legs and chat. The kids love to meet there. And the flight crew can be noisy (I'm going to be fooled there!) When he stows. In the front we often place cradles for babies ... So I prefer the front or the middle of the device. On the side of the wings but if possible just behind, to see anyway and have less turbulence.

    As for knowing which is the least exposed place in case of crash ... there are so few survivors in case of crash that I prefer to privilege my immediate comfort than to bet on the fact of surviving or not. If I survive, will I still be able to travel after? ... I doubt it a little.

  37. @A World Elsewhere: Pfff, I too often travel alone, but never again I was over ... you're lucky, Marie-Angel!
    As for the place on the plane, I ended up opting like you, at the level of the wings, a hair back, side porthole, for the same reasons. I will test the A380 back, it will console me for spleen post-holiday.

  38. I also choose a porthole, I "fill" the space between the seat and the porthole with my warm clothes (like the jacket or the second fleece that I have on me when I leave), a pillow at the top, and presto do a support ... and to get up, it's right after the meal and just before breakfast so as not to disturb too much. If I have to move, I try to climb discreetly on the armrests and go over my neighbors!
    Generally, I avoid the front (children ... the only time I was at the beginning of the section on a plane, I was served!) And the back (as Marie Angel says, too much movement and noise ... often, there are also noisy groups grouped on the bottom seats!)

    Regarding the A380, I found that downstairs there was more space between the seat and the porthole ... a larger hollow to fill, but more space!

    For next time in November, I chose places upstairs, there are fewer people and only 2 people on the rows porthole. We lose the chance of not having a neighbor (I found that free places were increasingly rare!), But when you travel to 2, we are lucky not to have a 3rd disturb and that no one is stuck between 2 others!
    I don't know if these seats are more or less pleasant, I wonder what it feels like to see the wing one floor above... What is certain is that you have to get there pretty early to choose them on the website, 3 months before the flight I take tomorrow they were already unavailable! 😳

  39. @Manta: We should found the porthole enthusiasts' club, with Marie-Ange... 😆
    Well, well, I'll see all this on the return, for the A380. It seems to me that at the time of the reservation, I had the choice only on one floor.

  40. OoooOOOhh nice 🙂 : Pulau Weh, a destination I don't know - yet - and that I had booked for a next time.
    Don't be surprised if one day I ask you some advice about Gapang and others... I never understood the climatic regime of the area and the monsoons to which it was subjected, it seems from some readings that it is more particular than for the Andamans or the West Coast of Thailand. 😕

    As far as seats are concerned... well, when I'm outclassed (quite often 😛 ) I'm not very observant... but why did they invent the intermediate classes this year 😡 ... more way to go in the 180° business seats 😥

    By the way, I just came back from Sipadan 😀 walls of barracudas and jacks at each dive 😯 ... it was even better than the last two times! 😆 (you know where to read the CR 😉 )

  41. @ Wet & Sea / Ludovic: Don't hesitate, if you need information... 😉 For the seasons, it's not very clear. Apparently, it's diveable all year round, with no clear season.
    Delighted that you still have fun in Sipadan !!! If, in addition, you manage to be outclassed, it's the foot!

  42. I leave again in Indo and I hesitate to take Singapore Airlines, because of the A380.
    Given the number of passengers, is there not too much waiting for luggage at CDG? And the queues for formalities ...
    How did that happen to you?

  43. @Phylos: On this trip, I took the Emirates Airlines A380 and only returned, in fact, between Dubai and Paris. I do not really remember, but I have not remembered endless queues or anything ...

    Singapore Airlines is an excellent company, we rarely have unpleasant surprises. And I think you can even pre-register your luggage online with them, which avoids the long queues at the conventional check-in.


  44. Personally I prefer porthole at the back of the device. I like to save my luggage last to be entitled to his places there: less crowds (the last time I had the row for me), so I can even go to bed, and as I'm in the last meal trays I have the right to the "remains" of the first classes. And the hostesses are often not far and suddenly they always offer me more drinks see desserts when there is more and we have no second meal planned.
    These are little perks I like in the back of the plane. 🙂

    1. @ O'drey: yes, I'm converting to the back, too. There are often fewer people, it is calmer (people with children are generally found in the front, where there is possibility of mini-beds for babies on the walls), there are free places even , sometimes, allowing to wallow ... And it is true that we are closer to the "corner" of the hostesses and stewards.