The best pad Thai at Koh Phi Phi, at Only Noodles. Thailand, February 2011.

The best Koh Phi Phi pad Thai

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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Only Noodles... only noodles. This is the name of a tiny restaurant We loved Koh Phi Phi. On the menu, noodles, exclusively: the famous Thai fried noodles, called Pad-Thai. In my humble opinion, this is the best address to eat a Pad-Thai in Koh Phi Phi!

Only Noodles, the restaurant of pad-thai

This is the other girl, my girlfriend of travel, who pounded net in front of the restaurant. Must say we can not miss it.

The small room is lined with thousands of flying sheets, where guests have left messages, compliments and drawings in the felt. Just for that, we want to settle!

The best pad Thai of Koh Phi Phi! Thailand, February 2011.

Only Noodles, the best pad Thai of Koh Phi Phi! Thailand, February 2011.

The room itself, like all the little street restaurants, does not look good. Four coarse wooden tables, small plastic chairs, chopsticks and spoons available in pots, fans in the corners. A lady noodles noodles in the adjoining kitchen, hidden behind her steaming wok. No plates, the Pad-Thai are served in vulgar plastic trays.

It's full. I hesitate. I have eaten Pad-Thai the day before, already. But the other girl has never tried.

There is a guy all alone, at the first table. Seeing us procrastinate, he invites us to sit down with him. Friendly. Well, well, let's go!

Yum, yum!

The time that our order arrives (a Pad-Thai chicken and a Pad-Thai shrimp), we read the little words, left by the customers who preceded us, in all languages ... What good recommendations!

The best Phi Phi pad Thai is here! Thailand, February 2011.

We are not disappointed, when arrive our pad Thai. In tourist restaurants, noodles are often too fat, a little bland. Here, everything is perfect: appearance, consistency, flavors. We enjoy.

Our portions, washed down with a Singha, Thai beer, are quickly engulfed.

The best pad Thai at Koh Phi Phi, at Only Noodles. Thailand, February 2011.

Only Noodle, the best pad Thai of Koh Phi Phi. Thailand, February 2011.

Once sated, we sigh with ease, despite the heat, vaguely brewed by the fans.

" To try it is to adopt it "

Then we take the felt pens and leaves available to leave a word, we too. We hang our message prominently on the left side of the entrance.

The best pad Thai of Koh Phi Phi! Thailand, February 2011.

We did not break our heads too much: "Excellent pad Thai! ! ! To try it is to adopt it! " The logo underneath, which I've worked hard to design, is a nod to the readers of a major daily newspaper in the West of France who would eventually pass by... 😀

Today, four months later, we wonder if he is still there, our piece of paper ...

Only Noodles, the best pad Thai of Koh Phi Phi! Thailand, February 2011.

And also: the best mango-shake Koh Phi Phi

The good thing is that the noodle lady works with the lady opposite, who runs a small street bar.

The cocktails are famous there. But it's also where I drank the best mango-shake on the island. And I know about mango shakes. I even take pictures of them.

The best mango-shake of Koh Phi Phi! Thailand, February 2011.

The little bar ended up becoming our evening HQ. The welcome is charming, the shakes always fantastic.

Local food market

The restaurant and the bar are easy to find. Both are in the nicest street of the island to eat, the street of "Local food market", marked in blue on the map below.

Map of Koh Phi Phi. Thailand, February 2011.

It is one of the few streets on the island where we find a little semblance of authenticity, in the middle of the tourist village of Ton Sai.

A succession of small stalls and bouibouis, in the Asian fashion, where everything is served: kebabs, fish, fresh fruit, plates of rice, noodle soups, pancakes, etc.

Local food market, Koh Phi Phi. Thailand, February 2011.

Local food market, Koh Phi Phi. Thailand, February 2011.

Yum, yum!

: roll:

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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  1. Et je me suis exercé….mon pad-thai est très bon…dixit yo et les efts.. 🙄

  2. I confirm: the pad-thai was very good; the lady of the noodles is adorable in her kitchen square meter where one does not even know where to put the money of the addition because she has her hands always occupied; crossing the street to sip a delicious "sake" is a divine pleasure.
    J’en salive en y repensant… 🙄
    Mine de rien, les deux dames sont des pros du marketing avec ces bouts de papiers, laissés par les mangeurs et des business women affûtées avec leur fonctionnement à deux, façon joint-venture ! 😉

  3. @ Frédéric Pierson: I do not remember the prices anymore. It did not hit me, I think it was quite reasonable for an island like Phi Phi where prices are exorbitant compared to the rest of Thailand .... I tried myself to make one at home, but I'm not quite satisfied yet ...

    @The other girl: Me too, I'll put it well, here, now ...

    @ Marie-Julie: Well, well, we count on you !!!