Paris-Beijing by the Trans-Siberian. Agnes and Pierre Rosenstiehl. Gallimard, 1981.

Paris-Beijing by the Trans-Siberian

  Between Two Journeys

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Books that make traveling, I love. I just found an illustrated album that was part of my favorite books as a kid: Paris-Beijing by the Trans-Siberian.

The authors are Agnes Rosenstiehl (the mischievous Mimi Cracra) and her husband Pierre, at Gallimard. An exhausted edition, from 1981!

Paris-Beijing by the Trans-Siberian. Agnes and Pierre Rosenstiehl. Gallimard, 1981.

I go back in with delight. And understand better, with my adult eyes, why this book exerted such a fascination on my mind as a dreamy little girl. It's a true travelogue, teeming with encounters, details, anecdotes, a story filled with humor, illustrated by small boxes of comics featuring the journey of two young travelers, Marco and Pierrot. It starts like this:

The Nord-Express
Fire! We left for 10,834 kilometers. Paris-Beijing is simple: just a train change in Moscow. From the Gare du Nord, every day at 17:13, platform 3, the Nord-Express is spreading its wagons all over northern Europe, in Münster, Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhage ...
We board a car very noticed: Russian, with Russian insignia, the only car for Moscow! The car driver asks you in Russian for your passports and tickets. And "Niet, niet! No visitors in the Russian wagon at the Gare du Nord.

I have never taken the Trans-Siberian. But to reach Asia without flying, by land, is an old dream that I intend to achieve one day.

I remembered this book thanks to a message posted a few days ago on Facebook by my fellow Quebecois Marie-Julie Gagnon: his little girl asked for his suitcase Dora, to "play home travel, mom! "

So, I saw myself playing "Trans-Siberian", in my train compartment homemadewith my favorite book on my knees, absorbed in the contemplation of the imaginary landscapes parading through the imaginary window, preparing me seriously for the announced stops: Moscow, Olan-Bator, Beijing ... And then, there was this incredible rise of the spindles slow train schedule.

I then started a search on the Internet, to find "my" book, obviously exhausted. I ended up finding it on the site of used books Abebooks. It was the first time I ordered online at home. Super fast and efficient. Immediately ordered, immediately received! And the book is in good condition, as they indicated.

Paris-Beijing by the Trans-Siberian

It is in this book, too, that I learned how to handle chopsticks ... and I continue today to give this advice, very judicious, to those who have trouble to get used to it: "It stands like two pencils! "

For those who, like me, love to travel virtually through the Internet, know that you can take the Trans-Siberian without leaving your living room: on (a project associating the Russian Railways and Google), there are videos and interactive maps, to complete the journey, step by step, from Moscow to Vladivostok. You have to click on the names in the block located at the bottom right to go from one video to the other.

Finally, because the trip can also be immobile, nourished by readings and dreams, I'm here to pay homage to the poet Baudelaire, always inspiring ...

For the child in love with cards and prints,
The universe is equal to his vast appetite.
Ah! how big the world is to the light of the lamps!
But the real travelers are those who leave
to go ; light hearts, similar to balloons,
From their inevitability they never depart,
And, without knowing why, always say: Come on!
Baudelaire - The trip


  Between Two Journeys